In the opening monologue of his show “Huckabee” Saturday night, Mike Huckabee began to backpedal on his support for the Common Core curriculum, saying that he doesn’t support “what Common Core has become in many states or school districts.” He also encouraged the retirement of the “toxic” term Common Core, which he says has been hijacked.

So, has Huckabee truly done a 180 degree turn on his support for Common Core, or has he just begun to backpedal with an eye on 2016?

Only one thing is certain.

  • Maximum Booger

    Mike Huckabee has always had a whiff of vinegar and water about him.

    • sanfordandsons

      He’s always waiting to check the air before he commits, that is the “preacher” in him.

      • Republicanvet

        Well, his checking the air is rather late. Michelle Malkin has been pointing out the crap that is Common Core for quite some time now. If it takes Schmuckabee this long to figure out he’s being played, then he’s too naive for higher office.

        • CHHR

          oh boy do I agree with that. If you can’t be informed ONCE a week for a ONE HOUR show, that impacts your personal ratings, how the hell can you be informed enough to make 24/7 decisions that impact 340 million lives?

          • Jay Stevens

            Works for Obama. After all, he does not know of stuff before he reads it in the papers.

    • GrindingMills

      He’s not a conservative. He’s a progressive in “compassionate conservative” clothes. He thinks we’re dumb and can confuse Christianity with conservatism.

  • H50 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Mr Huckabee you dont impress me much. CC was not hijacked, it “has become” what it was always meant to be. The fact that you dont understand that and are trying to say you were hoodwinked, drives that out of touch point painfully home.

    • V the K

      You have to be pretty dense not to realize that any Federal education run by liberals program is going to be hijacked to service a left-wing agenda.

      • H50 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I agree with everything but the hijack part. CC is working exactly as designed at the onset. As with any program designed by progs, it starts out at an arguable level, so that you can demean your detractors. Then gets worse as the program grows and is gradually accepted.
        As tends to be the case, the progs blew their wad too soon and went full boar indoctrination after they bought out the textbook mfg. and before the public was willing to accept this “new way of educating Americas youth with uniform standards.”

        • Jack

          never hijacked..just read Animal Farm

        • Wendy Fink

          The Common Core Standards were written by David Coleman of the College Board. I have no idea of his politics, but he is a businessman first, not an educator. Also, the project was by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief state School Officers, the idea being to develop a rigorous, job and college-ready curriculum that would have standards the same everywhere. Those groups are bipartisan. It generally came out of the accountability movement, which was a right-wing movement, but the right is balking because anything federally managed is suspected of being socialistic and bad, end of story. The left dislikes it also, because it is not educationally sound; it fails to take into account developmental differences, relies too much on testing, and twists the concept of education into “preparation”, a subtle but incredibly important distinction.

      • CHHR

        I think he’s been inundated with examples of his precious CC… like for example: “Sally wants to give all the students in her class balloons, she doesn’t know if she needs to buy 4 or 5 bags… how many bags does Sally need to buy so there are no balloons left over?”
        No reasoning, no math computations, just free reign answers… how many kids? how many balloons in a bag? Both obvious questions a critically thinking person would ask to compute a reasonable answer… yet unmistakably missing from the word problem.

        • H50 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          Not to mention all the history rewriting and race propaganda.

          • CHHR

            ah ha! Friend of mine told me the name “Sally” is a common name in the south for a black woman… I have no idea… just passing it along. Sooooo just may be it’s that “you’re racist but don’t realize you are” thingy?

          • H50 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


          • CHHR

            Oh don’t tell me you don’t remember the talking point at the end of the last election cycle… you’re racist, you just don’t realize it yet… often touted by the hacks on none other than Obama’s approve state TV… MSNBC
            The hidden message in everything is you’re racist, trust us…

          • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

            me too… never heard that one..

          • Mead

            Your friend is having a jolly at your expense

          • CHHR

            May be someone was having a “jolly” but I doubt it was at my expense, since it’s she who’s black & grew up with the nick name… she thought it was a term of endearment, used it on another friend & was schooled. So, if someone was having a “jolly,” my friend, not me, was the butt of the joke.

          • ToyZebra

            Is your friend living fifty years in the past? I can’t remember the last time I met a Sally, black, white or otherwise.

          • Kadja2

            …and the “sensitivity” to one religion at the expense of all others which is something that is unconstitutional.

        • CaptDMO

          “….how many bags does Sally need to buy so there are no balloons left over?”
          Easy. Zero.
          But failing to realize this, why would Sally even have to buy them herself?
          Isn’t there an education/HHS program for that?

  • sanfordandsons

    I would hope so Huck-a-buck. You are so pro moral values why wouldn’t you be against Common Stupidity. After all, everybody trusts the government.

  • kch50428

    Huck is said to be pulling the plug on his radio gig soon in preparation for yet another presidential run…

  • AwakenNow

    Next will Huckabee backtrack on Amnesty for illegals? He has been PRO-Amnesty since he was Governor of Arkansas — home of Walmart.

  • CHHR

    While I appreciate his updated understanding of the progressive evolution of Common Core, I sure wish he had been better informed before the left took his original chastisement of us who opposed it for a victory ride.

  • Steve__Jacobson

    What it’s become? That’s a small effort at face saving.

  • froggy19510

    Just another RINO that should sail off into the sunset.

    • Kadja2

      The term we should scrap is “RINO” because people view it as a joke but when you tell them there are Progressive Republicans that need to go AND Progressive Democrats then they understand that the two entities are in bed together on this.

  • Maxx

    I’m not a big fan of Huckabee but I won’t hold it against him that he’s finally come around to what CC truly has been all along. As conservatives, one of our goals is to convince others the benefits of conservatism, which CC certainly attacks. I don’t think it serves us well to ridicule those who ultimately discover the right path, as Huckabee apparently has done.

    Now, if only liberals would realize how destructive CC actually is.

    • Mustang

      Thanks Maxx, for stating what so frustrates me. People on both sides of the aisle (and most in the aisle) seem to think that you must exit the womb with a given set of ideals to be legit. Reasonably thinking people are so named for a reason. We think, ponder, cipher. Some of us actually arrive at our conclusions based on research and introspection, not because some ‘leader’ tells us it should be so. Sound familiar?

  • Derfallbright

    It is not my intent to be rude, but there seem to be a lot of posts here made by people who just don’t know the history of ‘common core” as it was originally discussed by the National Governors Association. I remember reading the proposed ideas in education journals some years ago. There was no involvement of Federal standards or the Federal Government in any way.

    As I recall the the idea had not gotten much beyond the talking stage and was as Mike Huckabee described Certain teachers unions were not embracing the idea because they generally object to any plan that would hold their members accountable to any standard.

    I retired from education a couple of year ago and frankly do not fully understand when or how the Feds got involved. My guess is they have more money than the states and they ‘hijacked’ a plan with a good name.

    What I have seen about ‘common core’ is it lots of left wing garbage. You need to fully understand that most activist teachers are very left wing by their nature, so it doesn’t surprise me that it took this direction. Remember when a development team of teachers that are left wing to start with, came up with something that seemed perfectly normal to them.

    Now some of the ideas are logical. Math should be standard, it’s a science, there is little room for differences. The biggest problem I have seen are the ‘word problems’ that use leftest examples when they were not necessary.

    My guess is Huckabee had no idea what had become of the program he and his fellow Governors had favored. I don’t think anyone knew until they started to read the text books that were developed for this program.

    • aboutdat
      • Derfallbright

        It is still not clear that the movement or idea from the Governors had anything to do with what was proposed by Obama and his fellow travelers.

        However it is possible the Governors were gullible enough to ‘fall for the idea’ without understanding the full story. After all the idea that a student in Utah and one in Florida should meet the same basic standards for a HS diploma is logical, particularly when it comes to core scientific knowledge.

        Thank you for pointing our the Brieitbart article, it’s clear that ‘parts’ of the common core standards would be used as a ‘Trojan horse’.

  • aboutdat

    Huck has always seemed like a prog re-pube, but tonight he out-ted himself big time

    like a gay cowboy who forgot to wear his chaps, or pants. No offense to my gay friends, libs or not.

    The info is out (on BREITBART) that CC had its starting roots in 1990s with commie group (how embarrassing for Jeb Bush?), O-blame-o and Billy Ayers. Whaaaat?, Reaaaaalllly?
    Seems Glenn Beck was right all along ….go figure, and Huck, don’t forget to wipe since you just pooped you panties.

    Somebody should have vetted these guys, MSM???
    Can you say wheels coming off?
    Can’t wait for the attack commercial, Rove, no. can’t, you support CC? jeezzz….REINCE???? you too????

    So many excuses, it was really sad to watch him back peddle like the fake conservative we all knew he was/is. I think he was just pushing CC a few weeks ago?

    I like the man but he is just too big GOV (prog) for me,

  • kim

    yet another hypocrite wanting to change the name of something so they can all pretend it is something different. I won’t be forgetting his slams on conservatives over the Obama/’Reid shutdown

  • radicallyalyssa

    We need to make our school tests and curriculum more difficult, and I completely support doing that, but Common Core is just awful.

  • FlatFoot

    It’s got its meat hooks in the schools and kids already. Good luck getting them out now.

  • forgetyoutooo

    The last time I took Huckabee seriously was when I heard him berate an outspoken opponent of Common Core.

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      For me, it was his criminally lax standards for pardons as Governor.. when one of his supposed “innocent” men later went on to commit other murders, Huck still wouldn’t admit he was wrong and should have listened to the parole boards request he NOT pardon the guy..

      Seems all a convict had to do to earn a Huckabee pardon, was claim he was born again Christian… I should think jailhouse conversions would get a tighter look than “hey, works for me”…

      poor judgement… leads with his chin, heart..

      Not a bad man, just not a very intellectually honest one.

  • David Mackey

    Glen Beck has been on this for years.

  • beebop1952

    John Kerry has nothing on Huckabee …

  • arttie

    Call it something else because the term was hijacked? So a rose by any other name …. I prefer a pile of manure by any other name still smells like a pile of fecal matter.

  • Ruth

    Please, Huckabee isn’t conservative. He’s just looking at 2016. He loved big government when he was governor.

  • Lindakl

    My husband, a retired police officer, cannot stand Huckabee and I am beginning to feel like he is a little weasley.

    • DizzyMissL

      You are just beginning to feel like he is weasley?

      Where have you been?

      • Lindakl

        I guess I am just late to the party.

  • Red Fred

    Huckabee released a rapist from prison who raped and killed two more women. His son lynched a dog, and the Governor used his power to cover up the investigation, enriched himself with campaign money, upon leaving office destroyed $335,000. worth of state computer equipment. Huckabee talks a good talk, but walks a crooked walk.

  • Jon

    Huckabee vs. Club for Growth was a big battle during the 2008 election cycle, over his tax policies while governor of Arkansas.

    Huck’s problem is he’s not really against big government, but simply believes the wrong people are running it right now, and if you get the right guy in the Oval Office — like Mike Huckabee — everything will be fixed. Same deal with Common Core. Huckabee’s opposed to it now because the Obama acolytes are running it, but he couldn’t figure out before now that given the national education infrastructure that Obama acolytes would be running it because he has faith big government will do the right thing.

  • Andrew Layton

    Huckabee is a progressive. He is for centralized power whether it’s for weighing your kids at school,Common Core, or whatever else. The guy is a nanny stater like Bloomberg and nothing will change that. Under no circumstances should he ever be in office.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Mike Huckabee, doing a song-and-dance on why in theory he originally favored something that was far too ambitious of a plan in any event, and now he opposes it in practice. Here’s a dance he should know– when his polls sink down low:

  • Jerry Anderson

    History in the digital age is a fluid thing and can be changed with ease by whomever controls the repository of that history. People have to think about this for themselves because you will never get truth form what politicians say, you must look into it for yourself ! Villains can become heroes and vice versa. George Orwell was right, he was just a bit too early in his prediction as to the date!

  • NotaLemming

    He needs his Fox Walking papers handed to him and sent packing.
    Which way the wind blows Huckabee knows

  • Screaming Eagle

    Huckabee’s attempt to put the camouflage back on his rhinoceros horn.

  • Karen Braun

    If he has backpedaled on Common core great welcome to the fight. This may help us defeat this. But if he is hoping this endears himself to me, as a conservative, in preparation for a run for higher office, it’s not going to happen. I don’t trust him one bit.

    Mike Huckabee has always been about Mike Huckabee. Now that he’s taking some heat, and being for CCSS is becoming a problem, he back pedals. I’m sorry
    if that sounds cynical, but that’s how I feel. But having watched his behavior for many years, Huckabee’s FOR you until he is AGAINST you.

    As for his assertion that Common Core as it was “designed” had nothing to do with the federal government, is just not supported by the facts.

    Consider what Mike Cohen, President of Achieve, said In 2007,

    “What is conventionally thought of as national standards-that is, the federal government leads, it picks somebody to write them, and it puts it out there for states to use-I’m increasingly unconvinced that that’s the way to get there,”

    Cohen was Clinton’s education advisor and tried to implement Goals 2000. The objective of Goals 2000 was federally controlled national standards. When Cohen failed getting fed-led national standards through a direct approach under Clinton left, he went to Achieve and made the idea look “state led. Same goal different method.

    For those who are unaware, Huckebee was with the NGA and working with Achieve to make these national standards happen. That means he was working with Cohen or his people at Achieve. Cohen’s goal was to get “there” meaning federally controlled national standards If Huckabee claims that the Common Core was designed to have nothing to do with the federal government, he is either lying or a naive blind follower just going along with whatever sounds good at the moment and helps him the most. My guess, it is the later.

    Welcome to the fight Mr. Huckabee but you’ll never be one of us. True Conservatives stick to principles and are not tossed about by the political winds.

  • lcky9

    I like Huckabee as a performer but didn’t support him when he ran for president.. while he’s mostly conservative he has NO CLUE on some matters like COMMON CORE.. and doesn’t himself or have his staff research things BEFORE he opens his mouth.. MOST people were trying to tell him WHAT common core was and he STILL didn’t listen.. NOT President material .. a President has to listen to ALL the people and be able to investigate (or have his staff) the FACTS as they are implemented which can and usually are quite different from the way things are written at the onset ..

  • cbenoistd

    Don’t tell his heart, his Akin breakin’ heart.

  • jwmiller

    Whatta ya mean “Has become”? Was never a moment n question what @CommonCore is. The continued dumbing down of our kids & profiling their life’s work. Most will b ‘Good Workers’ assigned 2 whatever Govnt. deems.

  • gary4205
  • Aaron

    good for huck

  • ToyZebra

    It’s not the name, it’s the nonsense they are teaching. But if he is turning against it, great.

  • $24698634

    “it is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it”, Upton Sinclair.