“America the Beautiful” brought tears to more than a few eyes during tonight’s World Series game, and it wasn’t due to James Taylor’s stirring performance. Now we know what he had planned with that false start earlier: a rendition with survivors and heroes of the Boston Marathon bombing taking the field in a display of Boston Strong.

Some of the survivors reportedly walked out onto the field on their own for the first time since the bombing.

Truly awesome indeed:

  • Maxx

    I’ve been a Red Sox fan since ’67 but that put it all into perspective right there. Win or lose, there are some things, not many mind you, but some…that are even more important than baseball in October.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Isn’t it wonderful when music and sports come together to bring out the best in people?

  • rssllue

    They will not have to water the grass tomorrow with all the emotion that invoked. Sweet! Part of the real and ideal America right there! God bless the USA!

  • Hannah

    Wow. That’s truly America the Beautiful.