It’s the question we’re sorry anyone had to ask, but we’re thankful to Fox News’ Brit Hume for bringing it up. Americans ended up playing a bit of a hide-and-seek game with Secretary of State John Kerry Wednesday and Thursday, as that 3 a.m. phone call came in again, this time from Egypt. Whether Kerry could deal with the situation effectively from his yacht is open to discussion, but his actual physical whereabouts shouldn’t be up for debate.

While the State Department today “corrected” its initial claim that sightings of Kerry on a boat were “completely inaccurate” after presented with photographic evidence, would the department have bothered with the truth otherwise?

Exactly: why even lie about something like that? Even the most cynical would think they’d try to build up some reserve of credibility for when they really do need a lie to stick.

At least we have the media to keep the administration honest, right? “Kerry Focused on Egypt Despite Yacht Visit” is all we need to know, really.

  • arttie

    Maybe John “Where in the World is Waldo” Kerry should have to wear a red and white striped shirt when out and about so the public can play in the game too.

  • logicrules

    Hume has latenty proven himself singularly willing and able to ask real questions while his peers sip the lemonade.

    I resolve myself to remember this … Will you?

  • NY199827


    • Saar

      Even to a dumbwit low info voter.. if they see this story; if they were willing to lie for something so little then continue lying, then they must obviously be lying about bigger stuff, and on a grander scale.

  • The Penguin

    I’m sorry, the ability for stating the obvious is not impressive. This sh*t is just exasperating at this point. In Egypt, the people spoke, and effected change. We piss, moan, and wine. Then go play video games. What say we America? Enough already?

  • descolada9

    I just wish we had another dozen real journalists like Brit Hume.

  • FaithColeridge33

    All I know is I’m taking all my YouTube videos down. I don’t want to be blamed for this.

    • CoastalMaineBird

      I think it was “White House Down” that inflamed the Muslims this time…

  • 3seven77

    Kerry was playing on his yacht, Hillary was drunk, and Obama was nowhere. Typical.

  • Level999

    I thought Kerry was in Benghazi.

    • Michael E Rupp

      What difference, at this point, does it make what the definition of “is” is? State didn’t lie; they said Kerry was “hard at work” from “the minute his plane landed in Washington”. They never implied, nor did they want anyone to infer, that Kerry was ON the plane! Stop making stuff up for your conservative website.

  • Exodus2011

    so after first LYING to the American People, the CORRUPT Obama Regime has to admit that Clutch was indeed out yachting … hmmm

    Good to see the *esteemed Brit* on the same page as Gov Sarah Palin this time ..

    Madame Steel Spine applied the Night Stick with aplomb to this
    CORRUPT Obama Regime yet again … LOL … they must be gettin sore in
    the rear end **__**

    “The State Department categorically denied Kerry was on
    his boat. Yet CBS had pictures to prove it. Goodness. There is no need
    to lie, even on such a “little” thing as the location of a government
    leader during a military confrontation happening in real time.
    (Benghazi? Ring a bell? There still isn’t anyone in the media who’ll
    find out where our Commander-in-Chief was that night.) Come on, Obama
    Administration! It’s no big darn deal that Kerry was on his boat! We
    expect, and deserve, to assume that our highest ranking public servants
    to whom We the People have given the most responsibility are always
    working – even when they’re clearing their heads and breathing in some
    fresh air on a yacht, or sweating away stress on a basketball court, or
    yukking it up with pals on the fairway… let’s trust they’re always
    preparing for the proverbial 3:00 AM phone call.

    Being on his boat isn’t the issue. Blatantly deceiving the American people is the issue.”

    It really does seem as if the default mode for this CORRUPT Obama Regime is to LIE

    LIE first ,…and then only admit the truth ..if we absolutely *have to* … later ..


  • Scorpion

    John has an explanation. He didn’t hear the 3 AM phone call because it was 9 AM on the east coast. As for the yacht, he was out of the yacht before he was in it.

  • j p

    The Audacity of Truth