America dodged a bullet last year by rejecting the dark occult powers of “math witch” Paul Ryan in favor of rocket scientist and shotgun aficionado Joe “Three Letter Word” Biden. Voters in Massachusetts are facing a similar dilemma this year, as Democratic Rep. Ed Markey, fending off a challenge by Republican Gabriel Gomez, wowed the audience at tonight’s debate but showing off his own math skills.

Sorry, it’s not math, it’s just arithmetic, which is not as complicated as math.

Let’s go to the video to clear things up.

Maybe this diagram will help.

To be fair, when it comes to Congress, all you need to know is addition.

  • Avniel

    ♫ He say one and one and one is three ♫

  • J.N. Ashby

    It is simple arithmetic though. If I have…say…2 billion dollars and I spend 6 billion dollars, how much do I need to raise taxes?

    • GaryTheBrave

      57 trillion. A trillion from each state.

      • J.N. Ashby

        I left out part of the question “on ‘ONLY’ the wealthy”

      • TexSizzle

        What about the other 3 states, the ones he didn’t visit?

  • Danny Wheeler



    If Markey somehow has to debate Joe Biden, then it’ll be nothing but a sh!tstorm of utter stupidity.

    • Jeremy

      yeah what a mess that would be.

  • Jeremy
    • jukin

      Sorry that makes far too much sense.

      Leftist math: 1+1=POTATO.

      • Jeremy

        ha ha

    • OLLPOH # UnBanHana!!!!!!!

      Verrrrrrry Priceless to OGovt…Extremeeeelllly Costly To TaxPayers.

  • Steve_J

    Government budgeting isn’t either math or aritmetic, it’s what gets people in the private sector sent to prison.

    • Guest

      If the Dems understood math, we wouldn’t be nearly $17T in debt.

  • John LaRosa

    It’s not Massengil, it’s Summer’s Eve.

  • waltermitty2012

    “It’s not deficit spending, it’s a stimulus.”

    • OLLPOH # UnBanHana!!!!!!!

      Yep, We don have a spending problem.

      We have a paying for it problem…
      Ends justify the means.
      Means justify the ends.

      Code worded.
      Word coded.

  • Rulz

    Go Gomez!

  • Jeremy
  • Jeremy
  • KateNE


  • Ramone Love

    Good lord. Markey will be a fitting colleague of Elizabeth Warren.

  • Jeremy
  • Kristine

    Umm… “mathematics” and “arithmetic” aren’t interchangeable. They do actually mean something different.

    People may have wanted to actually double check that before tweeting.

    • JMC

      While there is more to math than just arithmetic, arithmetic is a type of math. So it’s false for him to say “it’s really not math.”

    •!/_DWRobinson Koozebane

      a·rith·me·tic (n)
      1. the method or process of computation with figures:** the most elementary branch of mathematics.**

    • Kristine

      …and they are still not interchangeable. Someone needs to find something far more solid to take a crack at.

      •!/_DWRobinson Koozebane

        Says the goober overruling a dictionary.

        • Kristine

          Really? Name-calling? Classy. Sorry, your dictionary actually supports what I said. The two words are not interchangeable. Arithmetic is a BRANCH of mathematics. It is not mathematics.

          •!/_DWRobinson Koozebane

            Name calling would be more like calling you a nitpicking idiot.

            There, now you can really get offended and continue this worthless discussion all by yourself.

          • Kristine

            Not offended. It’s pretty clear that you fall back on juvenile constructs because you have zero to offer. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence doesn’t need to call people names.

            Sure, I’ll post to myself. Obviously you’d run away when all you have in your arsenal is name-calling.

            Oh, and by calling me “nitpicking” you’ve completely conceded that you were wrong. It’s all good. 😀

      • alanstorm

        Are you seriously suggesting that Markey knows the difference? Or anything about math above the level of arithmetic?

        Judging from his record, the answer is no. He made a stupid statement. Live with it.

        • Kristine

          It’s not so much about him knowing the difference. It’s about posters/tweeters not fact-checking before they decide to attack someone. Looking something up for accuracy is a good idea.

          As for him, you’re probably right, he probably didn’t know the difference. I don’t expect him to be intelligent–I expect people here to be intelligent.

          I don’t have to “live with” inaccuracy. We should have higher expectations, not rock bottom expectations.

          And damn, people around here are hostile. Relax. 😀

          • alanstorm

            “And damn, people around here are hostile.”

            Markey, for one, has earned it.

    • Beowulfe

      It sure is amazing the mental acrobatics progressives are capable of in order to defend the supidity of their ideology.

    • sandylouwho

      They were interchangeable all the way through my public schooling when the term arithmetic was the name of the course, yet it was always called math class, by everyone.

    • jb

      Let’s see: Arithmetic is a subset of mathematics. So, ALL of arithmetic is mathematics; but not all mathematics is arithmetic. Let’s grant Markey a little slack and say he didn’t mean just counting with fingers and say he meant to include adding, subtracting, mult., and div. So, all of the actuary and accounting statements and projections as well as interest accrual only involve only adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing? Really???? That’s even more of a stupid thing to say and implies he knows jack-shit about finance.

      • Mauro Crosignani

        When you are discussing a budget you don’t get into time value of money. Those calculations aren’t there. It is more about nominal incoming money and nominal expenditures… you don’t use money value at present date. I guess that is what he was trying to tell.

    • gary4205

      Yes troll, they are “interchangeable” in your speak. Markey is the typical un-American democrat, nothing new to see here!

    • Fungi2bewith

      Trust me: Or do your own research please.
      Markey is as free from brains as I am money.

  • Lara (LAIR-A)

    Yogi Berra, is that you?

  •!/_DWRobinson Koozebane

    That’s not music! It’s a quarter note!

  • MaMa1 Abbott and Costello can explain everything

  • Sue Brown

    Hw is right. There is a difference between math & arithmetic. You people are not smart enough to understand the difference.

    • thebigguy128

      It’s a difference without distinction. Arithmetic is a subset of mathematics. All arithmetic is math. Not all math is arithmetic. To call arithmetic math is correct. To call calculus math is correct. To call arithmetic calculus would be an error.

  • Red Fred

    NEVER let math and arithmetic meet! LIke bleach + ammonia, VERY DANGEROUS.

  • OLLPOH # UnBanHana!!!!!!!

    Your arithmetic is all about making up some unnecessary bill so you can get your fingers on the taxpayers money…

  • JR48

    How can anyone bear to vote for someone that stupid?

  • OLLPOH # UnBanHana!!!!!!!

    Markey’s inner child lookin’ fer a wittle ‘ention… don’t you think? Giv’ me’ more, Giv’ me’ more… On-The-Dole-R-Us.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Democratic Rep. Ed Markey isn’t an idiot, he’s just stupid.

    People like this are running this country and we have the audacity to question why things are so bad. SMH.

  • Fungi2bewith

    I’m old enough to remember wen Markey went to Washington. Back then it was clear the ex-ice cream truck driver was as DUMB AS A POST. At least we know he’s not just senile.
    Term Limits is this countrys’ last hope.

  • Fungi2bewith

    It’s not deficit spending. It’s investment in our future.

    It’s not confiscatory taxes. It’s revenue enhancement and a matter of fairness.