Planned Parenthood and NARAL didn’t have much to say while the Kermit Gosnell trial was underway, but once the jury found Gosnell guilty of murdering three babies fetuses removed from their mothers, abortion advocates were quick to celebrate the verdict. After all, with rogue bad guy Gosnell behind bars, abortion will be safe, legal and affordable again. Hooray abortion!

Last we checked, abortion is legal in Pennsylvania, and Gosnell reportedly offered a sliding scale of rates and would even perform abortions without anesthesia to save patients a buck. In fact, Gosnell was found not guilty in the murder of Baby E, described here by LifeNews:

Baby E was estimated to be at least 23 weeks gestation and maybe more. After Baby E was delivered, teen Ashley Baldwin heard the baby cry and called Kareema Cross for help. Cross described the baby’s cry as a “whine.” Baldwin said that Gosnell when into the room then came out with the baby — which now had an incision in its neck — and tossed it into the waste bin.

Even the jury that convicted Gosnell on the other charges agreed that the abortion of Baby E was legal — not to mention the countless other abortions performed at Gosnell’s clinic over the course of decades. Those were legal and affordable.

  • xristosdomini

    So… to prevent someone from working legally in the system again, we need to not change the system? GENIUS!

  • ceemack

    Her picture looks a lot more threatening than David Sirota’s. I’ll bet she can throw a better punch.

    • stellatruman

      I have no idea who she is but she makes a good looking man

    • mdtljt

      What is it with the lib/prog point & punch avatars? Is it the Secret Sign that signifies they’re members of the He Man Woman Haters Club??? The just look like smug morons to me…

  • nc

    Note how “safe, legal and rare” has now become “safe, legal and affordable.”

    • grais

      The goal is: ‘legal, unregulated, and taxpayer-funded’

      • dwsmokin

        Funny how “affordable” healthcare for everyone has proven to be anything but, yet abortion must remain “affordable.” Is this fu#$ed up or what?

        • jeazette

          Affordable? How much money did Gosnell take in annually? 1.8 million? Sounds like these women were paying big bucks as opposed to the cost of a pill or condom OR, here’s a thought…not having sex.

          • stillinthe60s

            Gotta a feeling taxpayers were funding a good share of those aborts. Just a feeling…just saying.

  • RblDiver

    I thought he WAS their definition of “Safe, affordable, and legal” …

  • ceemack

    Parroting a pro-abortion talking point is irrelevant to the Gosnell case.

    There’s only one rational take-away from Gosnell: Abortion is the snuffing out of a human life. It is merciless and utterly inhuman.

    But rationality and Sally Kohn are perfect strangers.

  • Stupid Republic

    Meanwhile, nitwit liberals insist on making a Constitutional right “safe” — bearing arms — by taxing, regulating and beating the hell out of it.

  • BlahBlah

    I don’t want an abortion you stupid idiot. Also why do you care when you’re a man? Well you look like an airbrushed man. Or something. I don’t watch Ellen.

  • BlahBlah

    Partial abortion. It makes my skin crawl when I hear that. Is that like “a little bit dead”?

    • Clayton Grant

      Or a little bit pregnant?

    • LinTaylor

      Partial-birth abortion puts me in mind of a killer who waits for his victim to step outside his house, then grabs and suffocates him before the poor guy knows what’s happening.

      • BlahBlah

        If I just partially stab Kohn in the eye then it’s OK yes?

  • Pablo

    This map demolishes that asinine argument.

    • pinkelephant22

      Liberal response to the map:
      “Um Hmm.. but there ain’t enough on da south side of 295”

    • Jason Call

      Worth 1000 words, my man. Totally brilliant.

    • mickeyco

      Very nice. Thanks.

    • Seriously?

      Oh dear God wow. I had no idea. Thanks for that.

    • ceemack

      Dear God. Think of all of the abortions that must be happening, day in and day out, for all of those “clinics” to remain open. And that’s just in one city. So much for “safe, legal and RARE.”

    • $24647834

      How many of them take cash payment? How many offer anything later than a 12 week procedure.

      It’s strange you think a map showing women’s clinics without context MEANS anything.

      Also, note to the nice folks below, all clinics do NOT provide abortion services (mainly because of people like Pablo, who care so much for the unborn he is willing to use government resources to ensure no abortion is ever provided)

      For example, the Elizabeth Blackwell Center from John’s map, says this about their services

      That depends on the services and testing you get, your age, and your financial situation. This is only an estimate; your price will be based upon services received at your visit. It’s rarely more than the listed prices and most people qualify for discounts, up to as much as 100% of the cost.

      Birth Control Consult: up to $96, including one cycle of birth control
      Sexually Transmitted Diseases screening/Problem: up to $135 + medication if necessary
      Pregnancy Testing: up to $67
      Annual GYN Exam: up to $247 (including labs and STI testing)
      Emergency Contraception (Plan B or “Morning After Pill): 17 and older: $35 over-the-counter
      Emergency Contraception (generic): up to $56 including visit, medication and approval for one year.

      Same with the Far Northeast Health Center and most of the rest of them. Why don’t you people actually click on the links provided by Pablo?

      After all, this is a man who claims that freedom demands that a woman be forced to give birth to a child, but doesn’t want to do anything which might stop that child from being murdered by a gun fetishist at school 6 years later. He is not gifted

  • Spatial Awareness

    #FIFY ==> “.@sallykohn Lets kill MORE babies & make it CHEAP!!!” #99CentAbortionStore

  • chrissypoo6

    With all the photos of “choice” out there on the web, they still think it’s okay! I am sure the bleeding heart libs would be the first to condemn puppy killers!

    • Clete Torres

      …and march in protest of capital punishment.

  • daPenguin

    if we just made murder legal it would stop it right?

  • waterytart

    Geez Mr. Kohn, I’d say “paid for by the taxpayer” is pretty GD affordable here in tartland.

    Abortion is to “women’s health” like a fifth of Jack is to an “alcoholic’s health”, both are CHOICES for the most part.

  • pinkelephant22

    Abortions at Gosnell’s clinic were much more expensive than standard/Planned Parenthood prices. Her comment makes no sense.

    • SandiinMaine

      I’ve been thinking the same thing….people are talking about these women being poor, but their abortions were $1k – $2k, in cash no less. How is that poor?

      • pinkelephant22

        Evidence showed that Gosnell charged anywhere from $1000-$3000. An abortion w/PlannedParenthood, albeit a standard one, is about $395.

        But of course, everything is upside down in the Liberal Looney Tune world

  • mickeyco

    It says right on her Google bio that she’s a liberal, LESBIAN political commentator. What’s the big deal to her?

    • mwill

      1/2 of the aborted babies are male

    • ICOYAR

      You actually needed to Google to figure that out?

      She looks like an ugly middle aged lesbian to begin with.

      • mickeyco

        That’s why I googled her: just to confirm what I thought I knew. I do try to check stuff out.

  • Karl Winrich

    What’s really sickening in this whole case is that they blame the pro-lifer’s when in reality it was a newly elected DEMOCRATIC Governor and Senate in PA that made the decision to halt routine inspections of abortion facilities because they felt that it “would create a barrier to women seeking these services”.

    The whole mess was created by the pro-choice group and they continue to lie about it till this day. And the big lie has been told so many times that a large percentage of Americans actually believe it.

  • CatHerder

    Folks, I am just sick. I can’t go on any more. I have to work, which means I have to quit puking at this crap, sorry. Old man signing off.

  • BoscoBolt

    The “poor … minority” women who went to Gosnell to have their babies murdered were “paying” top dollar (most likely with their taxpayer-funded EBT cards). The “atrocities” committed by Gosnell are typical of those committed by every abortionist – affordability is not an issue – and making abortions more “affordable” will not improve conditions – because all abortion shops are the same.

    Gosnell’s actual ‘Price List’ –

  • mwill

    earliest premature birth to survive is 22 weeks my twin grandsons were born at 27 weeks. this guy routinely killed older babies.

  • oneword

    Is she really that dumb? does she not even know what she said?

  • Rich

    Are they not all Gosnells in one way or another?

  • waterytart

    And, sorry, gotta go there, looking at Sally’s pic, MAN HANDS. That is all.


    Why didn’t Sally Kohn get aborted?

  • Junie3

    Just not enough dead babies for them yet. Need more. Disgusting.

  • Jeremy

    just another lefty nutjob she reminds me of that hag Maddow.

  • Garth Haycock

    Like she’s ever going to need that procedure.

    If regressives really want to prevent another Gosnell, they need to stop f***ing indiscriminately, as the vast majority of abortions are not to save the life of the mother or to terminate a pregnancy from rape or incest.

    It really is that simple.

  • Gallatin

    Sally Kohn
    How do we prevent future criminal atrocities like #Gosnell? Keep abortion safe, legal & affordable for ALL women EVERYWHERE!

    1. Abortion LEGAL in Pennsylvania? Yes.
    2. Abortion AFFORDABLE in Pennsylvania? Yes since Hoosier tax dollars help pay for it.
    3. Abortion SAFE in Pennsylvania? Apparently not. Why? Because it is a government funded and supported “healthcare” initiative.

    Makes you think twice about obowmao care doesn’t it? What future ATROCITIES are in all our futures?

    • Clete Torres

      Hoosier? Isn’t that Indiana?
      I’m confused.

      • Gallatin

        It is Indiana and my Federal tax dollars pay for abortions where ever they done any where in the United States.

  • Jennifer

    Megyn Kelly just said on FOX that there was a Planned Parenthood clinic 2.3 miles away from Gosnell’s office. Guess Sally’s take on the problem isn’t the correct one…

  • Tantalus XVI

    Abortion should be even more free! Because its not just Ahmadinejad that would like to incite the wrath of God. #DNC2016Slogans @sallykohn

  • camnpat

    “Keep abortion safe…” Let’s leave the evident and ultimate demise of a baby out of the equation for a moment. It amazes me that, in their zeal to advocate for abortions, these activists convince themselves that abortions are no worse than a dermatologist removing a wart. Abortions ARE an invasive procedure after all and just like every procedure involving someone meddling with your inside there is an inherent risk toit no matter how much they look away.

    “… legal…” Wait: if it is already legal (and must be “kept” that way) then why these people keep advocating for “legalization” and go aghast when someone criticizes Roe v. Wade?

    “… & affordable for ALL…” Funny- I thought that public subsidies in the form of Federal, State, and local governments was for that purpose.

    Unsurprisingly Kohn’s message contradicts itself in its attempt to sound topical: if abortion must be kept as is (safe, legal, and cheap), then Gosnell was not an aberration. If Gosnell happened during the “normal” just imagine if it becomes the ‘normal-normal’.

    • Cindy Nowicki

      It’s Infanticide, but they won’t admit it…Another name for murder!

  • lonestar

    Gosnell was affordable. And lesbians really ought to keep their mouth shut about unwanted pregnancies.

  • CrossHugger

    What is it with liberal men, I mean woman….she looks like a guy….no wonder bill clinton had to mess with the interns…you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig

  • Steve_J

    Gosnell’s abortion mill was affordable and legal you twit. BTW, how about that PP office that had to call the paramedics three times in one day.

  • GUalbanian

    I’ll go a step further and apply second level thinking…Make oral contraceptives accessible over-the-counter and on demand like abortion…

    • Clete Torres

      Isn’t Plan B already OTC? That should negate the majority of abortions right there.

      • GUalbanian

        That too, but to nip it in the bud the American Society of OB-GYN is looking at making oral contraceptives OTC. Team it up with the Plan B and you get fewer Ab’s…People like Sally Kohn are so obsessed with the procedure of Ab. and Drs. like Gosnell are empowered knowing this. Affordable = cheap = unsafe = Dr. Gosnell = illegal.

    • JR48

      Just as long as you remove the patient’s ability to sue anyone in case they experience life threatening side effects. Like if they smoke and have a stroke, that sort of thing.

  • reddecaesari

    poor pitiful sally. as delusional as they come. she honestly believes that her tweets impart wisdom. if i want an opinion on the butcher of philly, sally, the activist lesbian, ain’t it.

  • MrApple

    Maybe we could prevent more Gosnells by severely limiting who gets an abortion and stopping certain people from using abortion as birth control.

  • notenoughtime

    Enough already! Let’s respect human life first and foremost and not find additional ways that will lead to another Gosnell.

  • Clete Torres

    Affordable equals tax-dollar subsidized in the minds of liberals.

  • neoface

    Kohn should have been aborted, it would have saved her from her gender confusion. OK, I’m bad.

  • Silenttype78

    Ugly,bitter lesbians hate anything produced by heterosexual relations. It makes them feel…..unequal.

    • Joe

      now that just made me laugh right there! 😀

  • sandyaz

    I always find it interesting when a lesbian gets her shorts in a wad over abortion. What’s the point?

  • JR48

    Let’s help prevent more Gosnells by telling people the truth: You’re a moron if you’re an adult and you don’t know how birth control works or think that you need to use it. Oh and regulate the **** out of abortion mills.

  • KansasGirl

    Sally, I’ll tell you how WE prevent future atrocities…go get some FREE birth control.

    • sharinite

      Gee, I think Sally is gay so birth control isn’t in the cards!

      • Tertullus

        Remember the Kansas “sperm donor” guy that got sued by a lesbian couple for child support, even though he signed a contract accepting no parental responsibilities ?
        Unbelievably, he lost. Whenever LGBT is involved thinking goes out the window. I’m sure I would help raise funds for permanent birth control where Sally is concerned. [As much as I detest abortion, perhaps Democrats ought to practice it more often].

        • sharinite

          This is Progressive ideology: “we get what we want…you guys get ZERO” and that includes the entire USA population not on the take!!

      • KansasGirl

        You think Sally is a homosexual, or is it a fact?
        Either way, I consider infanticide murder.

  • EastValleyConservative

    Typical spin from the Occupy Goon. This is how this woman earned her “activist” stripes and no one should be giving her a spotlight, not even Twitchy. She is raging moron.

  • GTJessop

    That’s rich coming from a woman who will never get pregnant… #amirite

  • TocksNedlog

    Question for Sally Kohn:
    WHAT was ‘unsafe’ about Gosnell’s place? Women went there to have their babies killed, and Gosnell killed them.

  • Tanker74

    She’s as big a monster as Gosnell. Typical abortion holocaust denier.

  • tessaprn

    She is as dumb as feces. I thought abortion were legal in PA. What no Planned Parenthood in the area to get an abortion free paid for by the taxpayers. This murderer killed babies that were viable. What point is she attempting to make here? she wants affordable abortions and I no longer even have affordable health insurance. How about teaching some morals and how to keep ones pants up or legs crossed. Too many forms of birth control to be stupid and get one’s self pregnant. It’s affordable too and the taxpayer doesn’t have to fund those with morals.

  • therantinggeek

    The Left never ceases to amaze me.

    According to an article on (, pro-choice advocates were quoted thusly:

    “‘The tragedy here,’ [Exec. Dir. of Women’s Law Project in Philadelphia Carol] Tracy said, ‘is that these women felt they had no other choice but to go to a doctor who turned out to be a butcher.’ If anything, Tracy said, Gosnell’s clinic was a reminder of how dangerous it is to continue thwarting women’s attempts to end unwanted pregnancies. ‘Gosnell represents what life was like before Roe v. Wade and he represents the future if any of these attempts to overturn Roe succeed,’ Tracy said.”

    “Vicki Saporta, president and CEO of the National Abortion Federation, described Gosnell as a ‘rogue provider’ and said that the organization – which had rejected his application for membership in 2010 after reviewing the appalling conditions in his clinic – had repeatedly condemned his practices. ‘The important thing to remember is that Gosnell’s practices are not representative of the quality abortion care available from the vast majority of abortion providers in this country,’ she said.”

    Then you have people like Sally Kohn making the bold proclamation that someone like Dr Gosnell was a “criminal atrocity”, and even Planned Parenthood and NARAL got in on the act. Basically, it’s their way of throwing one of their own under the bus just to protect the rest of their group.


  • Bill Board

    It’s too bad Sally Kohn’s mother didn’t visit Dr. Gosnell.

  • keyboard jockey

    There was a Planned Parenthood clinic 2 and half miles from Gosnell’s house of horrors. Sally’s talking out of her @#$# Women who ended up at Gosnell didn’t want safe, legal abortions. Bill Clinton, Abortions should be Safe, Legal and Rare. Today they are only Legal.

  • Joe

    There they go – confusing murder with ‘healthcare’ again. Scary that under the guise of medical practitioners, serial killers are allowed to practice. Gosnell will pay his dues now thank God but what about Carhart in MD (and NE) and God knows how many others are still practicing?

  • Bemani Dog

    Who does he think he is? David Sirota?

  • lillymckim

    These idiots like Fluke & Kohn are stuck in the 50s’.
    As far as I know abortion is “still legal” and how affordable compared to an abortion can free birth control pills be? Sandra?Kohn?

  • Just Another Guy

    Want to not have more Gosnells? Keep your legs crossed! Or use birth control of some sort…


  • Glen Hull

    Man, Kohn looks like a young James spader.