Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin, who just last week spoke of the power of social media to tellĀ suppressedĀ narratives, was among those driving yet another Twitter rally to sound the alarm on the Common Core State Standards Initiative, which aims to impose a “one-size-fits-none” set of education standards nationwide. FreedomWorks calls it simply the “government takeover of education.”

That something with such a massive reach, both across the nation and forward through generations, could manage to fly beneath the radar is astounding, but concerned parents have found each other online and continue to search for answers, share information and demand accountability.

The #StopCommonCore effort has found in foothold in government in the form of Sen. Ted Cruz and a handful of his colleagues, but it will take pressure from citizens to give the movement legs.

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Update: A lot of people are getting an education on Common Core tonight.

The top trending topic in the United States is an amazing victory for the grass roots, but the fight to stop Common Core isn’t over. Here are some resources to keep the education of the public going, along with some homework from Truth in American Education (@TruthInAmEd), Parent-Led Reform (@ParentLEDReform) and the rally panelists: Emmett McGroarty,executive director of the Preserve Innocence Imitative with American Principles Project (@approject); Joy Pullmann (@joypullmann), editor of School Reform News; Ben DeGrow (@ediswatching) education policy analyst at the Independence Institute; James Shuls (@shulsie), education policy analyst at the Show-Me Institute; and Shane Vander Hart (@shanevanderhart) editor-in-chief of (@CaffThoughts).

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    Homeschooling my 11yo next year. I have two grown children 24 & 21 so I have seen first-hand the decline of public education over the last 25 years

    • Emily B

      We started homeschooling this year after several years at a Christian school. We love it. Every day I find reasons to be thankful that my kids do not go to public school!

  • nc

    Reading that “Bill Ayers Approved” Group Identity worksheet above was infuriating. No wonder so many kids leave school not knowing much, when they have to cram this junk into them.

    As a Jewish child attending public school in the 50’s and 60’s, I was immersed in a culture (particularly at Christmastime) that was “ethnically different” than my own. Did I care? Not a whit. We had much more in common than we had differences. Singing Christmas carols had zero impact on my sense of who I was.

    This CommonCore junk has been going on for awhile now, I’m afraid, but this is the libs’ attempt to seal it in stone. Scary stuff.

    • mickeyco

      I’m the same age. About 1/3 of my jr./ sr. high school was Jewish. Same experience as yours. School was closed for Christian holidays, but Jewish kids took off their holidays with no penalty. (Of course, we were jealous because they got more days off.) We had Christmas concerts and all of us sang Christmas carols. The girls, my junior & senior years, used to get together at lunch and do the hora. I got really good. We all managed to get along just fine. Miss it.

      • $29561723

        everything’s hyphenated to celebrate “diversity.” Older people like us remember that things were fine until Progressives started dividing people by race, class & gender to win votes.

  • Rightturn

    People need to stop claiming a ‘Tailored Trends’ listing as the “top trending topic in the United States.” It’s either dishonest or ignorant. As if all of the top trends in the entire nation were political- two of which from MSNBC, get real.

  • trixiewoobeans

    Common Core = Rotten to the Core

  • Jillane Kent

    Common core, auspiciously created to increase mathematical and scientific understanding to meet rising technological demand, actually has the opposite effect. Topics tackled within the guidelines are, at the very least, a year behind homeschooled and charter educated students. I am particularly concerned about the delayed date to begin higher order math. This will make it, frankly, impossible for many children to reach the calculus level by the end of high school. Rather than being a step forward, this will be a huge leap backward when it comes time to apply to Ivy League or top 50 universities.

  • Linda http://omega57.wordpress

    CCCS is a bandaid and will not “fix” the education system in any state. It will produce reams of papers filled with regulations. At minimum this is a waste of paper. At maximum it further lowers education standards and increase costs unnecessarily.

  • Gary Freeman

    I’m glad I’m out of school. I’m glad that I have no plans to bring children into this world, because I’d be pissed to have my kids come home spewing left-wing Anti-American garbage.

  • redheadgrl

    Rochelle Porto @Roportm

    #stopcommoncore ties teacher salary to passing the common core testing – this idea is untested and has no merit to judge what teacher did

    Just take a look at the Atlanta Public School cheating scandal around the CRCTs. Teachers bullied and threatened to cheat or they would lose their jobs. Lots of indictments recently. 56 schools, 178 teachers. 35 indictments. Sounds like Common Core could lead to the same.

  • KayGee

    No Child Left Behind is still cool though, right?


    Common Core has to be stopped, Not tomorrow, Now!
    Regardless of Politics of D, R, I., or
    Local, City, County or State!

  • G.

    Common Core is a disservice to American children and their futures; another attack by the Left to destroy Americas’ future. All teachers’ union should be disbanded and common sense and love for America put back in the classrooms.