It says a lot that “just a blogger” Katie Pavlich was named blogger of the year today at CPAC. Pavlich, author of “Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up,” provided much needed coverage of a scandal that the mainstream media did everything it could to ignore.

In a brief and emotional acceptance speech, Pavlich thanked the late Andrew Breitbart.

  • Scott Carroll

    Eh, best looking blogger maybe, but I think Ace was robbed.

  • $35072932

    Speaking of Obama’s Guns for Gangsters Operation:

    House panel tells judge: Justice’s offer in Fast & Furious settlement a ‘grave disappointment’

    President Barack Obama has invoked executive privilege and Attorney General Eric Holder has been found in contempt of the House for refusing to turn over records that might explain what led the Justice Department to reverse course, after initially denying to Congress that federal agents had used a controversial tactic called gun-walking in the failed law enforcement operation.

    The department has already turned over 7,600 pages of documents on the operation itself. The continuing dispute is over documents describing how the department responded to the congressional investigation of the operation.

  • nc

    So many worthy warrior contenders, thank God. Congratulations to Katie!

  • mdtljt

    Katie rocks!!! Awesome warrior against the lib/prog #WarOnWomen!! Keep showing ’em how a REAL WOMAN fights for what’s right!!! Congratulations!!!

  • John_Frank

    Congratulations Katie Pavlich!

  • rwm043

    You do your country proud, Katie. Keep up the good work… we’ve got your back.

  • Miss Clairee

    Another smart, beautiful conservative woman with CLASS! WTG Katie!

  • KansasGirl

    Well done young lady.

  • DisqusReply2

    cpac now is in charge of this? WTF

  • DisqusReply2

    maybe in their little world

  • Maxx

    What few liberals heads that had not yet exploded over Sarah’s CPAC speech probably did so when Katie accepted her well-earned award.

    To no great surprise, Katie’s appearance reminds us there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of attractive, intelligent, conservative women in this great nation. Come to think of it, maybe THAT is what drives liberal women so bat crap crazy. They know in secret, liberal men pine for conservative women and what makes liberal men so angry is they know when it comes time to step up to the plate, an opening line “Hi, my name is Larry and I believe in a woman’s right to end the life of a human being” ain’t going to get ‘er done.

    Ah yes…
    Somewhere conservative men are laughing, and everywhere liberal men pout
    Because there is no joy in Mudville– the “not so mighty” Liberal has struck out.

  • radjahshelduck

    First thought upon watching this: congratulations to Katie. Second thought: I miss Brooks and Dunn.

  • Pat Arnold

    So well deserved. Katie gets better ever week

  • lowandslow

    Anybody ever read her crap? Most the times she can’t get even basic facts right and her analysis of issues borders on retarded.
    Between Ed Morrissey and her it’s hard to figure who’s more of an embarrassment to the conservative cause.

    Let’s give them awards.

    • KhadijahMuhammad

      Ironic, after we just had an election based on leftist lies about Romney. Suddenly the left is interested in accuracy? LOL.

  • michael s

    Is Katie going to apologize for her Agent Ivie article,the one that made people believe Ivie was killed with a fast and furious gun?