Thousands across the nation gathered today to mark Day of Resistance, an event sparked by President Obama’s signing in December of 23 executive actions on “gun violence reduction.” The president and his staff hand-picked four children to join him on stage to plead their case, but as more and more legislators at the state and national levels push for extensive restrictions on gun ownership, plenty of Americans would like to have their say as well, even if they have to brave the elements to do it.

Forgive us if we don’t wait for crowd estimates from the evening network news broadcasts.

In the interest of balance, we’ll let actor Adam Baldwin act as correspondent for the opposition rally.

  • Kingofthehill

    at least 1500 today in Bakersfield!

    • Jane Davis

      so happy, too old to attend but my thoughts are there with you

      • GranAnn

        I’m in the same boat with you Jane. Oh, how I do wish I could go to some of these rallies. We should have these every month or six weeks! Maybe in the spring, I can talk my family to take me in a wheelchair.

        • Frank Newlin

          Ann you may not of been their in person but your sprit was there.

    • Frank Newlin

      I’ll bet their where some KNIGHTS MC there as well ride on Brothers.

    • Jer

      The official crowd counter counted over 1,700 but there were people coming in before she got there. There were easily 2,000, but the local TV stations reported it as “in the hundreds,” of course. And the local excuse for a newspaper completely ignored it. I there had been any crimes committed or the slightest problem or opposition, they’d have been all over it. If one person had open-carried (none did) or counter-protested, or littered, a picture of them would have been on the front page.

      • Alex Garino

        Sadly the “news’ is bought and paid for by the government .. and thus reports only what BO’s admin wants them too ..

  • Matthew Koch

    Viva la Revolucion!

  • Catchance

    Love the one sign: “If firearms cause crime my guns are defective”.

    • Tangchung

      Liked that one also

    • Doree McCutcheon

      loved that one too!!

  • Maxx

    No Glock has ever been read its Miranda rights.

    The fight to reduce gun violence in this country must begin with “criminal control,” not this perverse liberal obsession with blaming acts of violence on inanimate objects.

    The fight continues. Well done Patriots.

    • Bigpharmamonsters

      And the real criminals seem to be in Washington and several state capitals, traitors to the Constitution they’ve sworn to protect and uphold.

      • TheOneVoice

        Well Said

      • Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr

        Yes sir! These are the very types of tyrannical government “officials” that the Framers of our Constitution warned the people about!

      • Rocky Santangelo

        Get rid of Obama and his cabinet and all our problems will vanish people! You shouldn’t have elected him just for freebies to begin with! Buy your own food and cell phones! Duh..

        • Jazzee


        • ESQ

          My Liberal Neighbors who also get crazy checks, freebies, phones,food stamps and who knows what; all got around $7,000 back on there Income Tax returns! They seem to love freebies and man do they know how to work the system! And oh!, they are all white and are Racist.I think most don’t know GOD! This shows the decline of America!

        • cusfo

          This will not do (get rid of obama and his cabinet). Also Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Durbin, and almost three hundred more in Congress alone.

      • Jazzee

        amen amen amen

    • BlueGood

      The view from the Great White North is coldly clear my Conservative friends. Mr. Brakky Bama has essentially given you the cause to unite ALL of your Right Minded people to retain the house & take the Senate in 2014, leading to a major upset in 2016 for the W.H.

      Leftist Governments all over the planet have been disarming their citizens, including up here in Canada, all of them in LOCKSTEP with the U.N. policy of one world Gov’t.

      Russia & China are salivating….with O’blamo’s efforts on their behalf.

      It will not be easy, and you will have to get involved more to ensure victory at the polls but NEVER NEVER NEVER Give UP!

      I applaud your dedication & heart to reign in the Tyrants of the Left.

      (btw…yesterday was 68 Anniversary of Iwo Jima..I didn’t know that until I saw this vid below, but what is weird, I had just rented “Flags of Our Fathers” Thursday night, plan to watch it again tonight)!

      SEMPER FI!

      • Frank Newlin

        It is a great film and I have been saying for years that it is time WE THE PEOPLE take back our country and try those in the democrat party for treason and either in prison or hang them.

        • BlueGood

          Do many people know it was Produced & Directed by Clint Eastwood?

          Clint’s work on this epic is outstanding!

        • Richard B. Aggen

          Dead on Frank! Couldn’t have said it better.

        • Alex Garino

          I would rather them hang, then we don’t have to pay for them to have 3 hots and a cot!

    • JoJo58

      You’re right. It was on the news that 94% of the crimes committed with a gun in Chicago are not prosecuted. Gee, what message does THAT send? Also, the city doesn’t even keep records of the crimes committed by guns. They seem to feel it isn’t necessary. It’s obvious when you don’t have records, it’s easier to make crap up.

      • Alex Garino

        It’s also easier to say they need gun control laws because they have no “proof” the problem comes from the criminals .. :)

    • Jazzee

      amen MAX criminal control golly gee email that to the dumb GOP who has remained silent ……………losers all of them

    • ESQ

      Adam with out Guns there is no loving your Children!

  • BeautifulAmerica

    I am so glad to see my fellow freedom-lovers out there showing flags & signs today…neither rain, snow, sleet, nor sun can stop ’em.
    Thank You Everyone! From those of us who couldn’t make it.

  • Deborah Hallsted

    “We the people”…now, will someone listen?

    • v.l.

      There are too many people that even if they listened they will hear nothing. Just check out the front pages of the MSM.

    • TheOneVoice

      Only if these types of meetings are bigger and more frequent and catch on like a fire across America.

    • Doree McCutcheon

      Amen Deborah 😉

    • Jazzee

      I doubt it
      where are the leaders either party to defend 2nd amendment?????????????????????????????????????????

      • Alex Garino

        Following Obama and his socialist friends, absolute power corrupts absolutely! Just like in the time of Rome and every empire that has fallen before us, the ones in “power” follow the one they think we give them riches and keep them alive. They fear death and being poor more than anything else and will do whatever it takes to keep that from happening.

  • drkangel

    As soon as you put stipulations on the guns we can own and the number of round a magizine can hold you infringe on the 2nd Amendment. Politicians, military, law enforcement, etc swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America of which the 2nd Amendment is part. If you mess with the 2nd Amendment in any way you commit treason. The oath we swore to has no expiration date. If the government keeps messing with the constitution it is our sworn duty to invoke the 2nd Amendment to protect our rights and America from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Don’t ever back down from the tyrants in government. The only power the government has is that which we allow them to have. If we stand up to them and refuse to obey and comply with their illegal and unconstitutional laws and executive orders, they have no power.

    • GranAnn

      Well said, John Darchangelo!

    • Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr

      Do you understand this Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland?! You are an enemy of the U.S. Constitution!

    • Richard B. Aggen

      I couldn’t agree more. It is time to rise up and take back our country from the slime in the Whitehouse!

      • Jazzee


    • ebboone

      In the words of the Second Amendment, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms”, there exists no limiting description for the size, type, style, color, caliber or other feature of the arms “the people” have a constitutionally protected “right to keep and bear.”
      The Second Amendment is part and parcel of the Constitution. The only constitutionally viable means through which limits may be lawfully imposed against the right of the people to keep and bear arms is through a constitutional amendment or convention.

      • Alex Garino

        Without the 2nd there is no 1st ..

    • Alex Garino

      The problem, NWO, the UN making it a One Government World. There has always been key players doing their “part” to bring NWO about. There is a reason certain people never make it to top government positions, or how suddenly people keep dying. These are the people who would resist and defend the Constitution. There is no doubt in my mind that JFK was killed by our own “government”, just like all the other assassinations and attempted assassinations. All of those men were against NWO. Sad to say our country has become filled with lazy rats that feel they are entitled to the money of those that bust their arses working. I see it were I live, a women gets food stamps, medical assistance and a few other programs but yet her hair, nails and tan are always perfect. She has expensive clothes, shoes and bags. If you can afford that crap that you shouldn’t be on government assistance. Obama’s first campaign was about change, now it’s moving forward .. he wants to change us to no longer being a free people, he started it in his first term now he’s moving forward in disarming the people.

  • ripsi
  • Jan Wiese

    I support the 2nd amendment and want no infringement of my rights. I fear that the government is trying to take all guns away, slowly and over time, so that we will no longer be free. I am thankful to everyone of the people who went to the Resistance Rallies all over. We must group up and fight this before it is too late. We need a leader to lead us in this fight for our lives and our freedoms.

    • TheOneVoice

      Natures Law and doing whats right should lead us ALL to fight as one people for the cause of FREEDOM.

      • Chris Harkins

        unfortunately there seem to be more and more willing to give up their FREEDOM so they no longer have to take personal responsibility…that is the saddest fact of all!

        • Alex Garino

          you are absolutely right, and it makes me sick. I get the whole love peace thing, but WTF happened it went from that to people not wanting to take responsibility .. whatever happened to disciplining your kids and teaching them right from wrong as well as manners, respect and a crap ton more that would make them productive members of society instead of people like Snookie .. I don’t watch that garbage only know about her from what I saw on yahoo news a few times.

    • Alex Garino

      first it was limiting the number of bullets and banning semi’s .. now there is talk of banning hand guns in certain parts of the country .. they will not stop unless we stop them

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    Lawmakers, be warned. You vote to restrict my rights, and I will do all that I can to oppose you including financial support to your opponents.

  • Teresa

    Good show. Now tomorrow is gas boycott day. Let’s all stay away from the gas pump tomorrow

  • paul derrow

    After some thought on the gun control issue I have come to the conclusion that obaama doesn’t need to take our guns. If you go to the web and try to find ammunition or reloading equipment you will find that it just isn’t available any where sense around December. So if you can not find bullets or reloading products , all your gun is any good for is a club.I think obaama is already working on that very thing. God help the ones that come for my guns , for they will get the business end of it till I am either dead or out of bullets. Just a V-N. disabled vet telling it the way it is.

    • RavenWing71

      You may have a point. How much of those massive orders for ammunition by the DHS were for their use and how much was to depleate the supply channels to the American people?

      • Jer

        Not just DHS, either. Social Security and Education for **** sake.

      • Alex Garino

        They need to make sure they are “supplied” for when “shit hits the fan” .. either way you are right they want it for themselves but at the same time want to keep it from us. The massive orders of ammunition have been going on since Clinton was president. Most people never realized what was going on ..

    • Frank Newlin

      Paul I also am a Vet and that is the way I look at it as well if all of us vets and those serving now were to get together to uphold the oath we took when we joined we could take our country back.

    • Alex Garino

      Obama under estimates the Vets of this country. We all fought to keep our freedoms and to keep others from being enslaved. Right or wrong weather we agreed with the wars or not we fought for our country. We are the patriots. We are the ones that will lead the war against the tyrants of our own government.

  • YoloCalVet

    700+ at Sacramento Rally

  • kim

    There will be thousands soon!

  • Brad

    It’s about the potential to fight our own gov’t should they become tyrannical. That means changing the meaning and clear intent of the constitution. It’s not about hunting. They are very close to crossing that line too far. It’s already been crossed but the people are patient. Mr Baldwin I suggest you read Patrick Henry’s speech before the revolutionary war began. Remember they were traitors to their own country but fought for what was right. Listen to your brother who is a Christian andante you’ll understand a little.

  • David Wilson

    and the politicans are taking our rights away a piecet at time and I say to them beware because we will fight back with rocks if we have too and some will suffer

  • David Wilson

    Those buying up of guns by the obama adminstration will not stop us from coming to washington so run and hide politocans we will prevail

  • Joseph Wilson

    No one contacted me here in Georgia as I asked . I would have loved to have been there to show my support

    • Tony Houston

      We missed you. Perhaps next time take the initiative to find out. It was after all, all over the net.

  • Joseph Wilson

    This not about gun control but people control , Think about how their using the words .

    • Alex Garino

      Not just that, take a look at history. EVERY single person in history that has been in a position of “power” and has imposed gun control was doing nothing more than controlling the people and keeping them enslaved. History can teach us a lot, sadly too many people don’t care and now history is repeating itself. My children and grandchildren will not have the same freedoms that I grew up with. Even if we stand up and fight it will not be the same and our county is not forever changed. Once a stone is thrown across the pond water, the pond is forever changed even though the water once again becomes still.

  • jollymon

    Mr Baldwin, Who are you to tell me what I need? There are 80,000,000+ gun owners. A drunk driving killer is removed from the road and put in prison. You don’t take the cars from 80,000,000 people. You evaluate the drivers and ensure they are qualified to drive. I don’t even know you. Don’t tread on me!

  • Doubleace

    They can take my guns (maybe) but they can’t take my spirit. I can always get another gun even if I have to act like the criminals do and steal one. If it comes to it I know where to find plenty of guns. We all know how ineffective the government is with management of our assets. Should be easy to find a weapons storage with a sleeping guard on duty, or one who loves money more than his country.

    • guamjeff

      Maybe a guard who actually “loves his country” and lets the guns out to patriots.

  • IHateGVT

    Kinsman, Ohio Day of Resistance Rally.

  • Tigre57

    Have you all heard that many firearms and ammunition manufacturers are refusing to sell anything to local and Federal govt that the govt bans from it’s citizens. What a great move! I hope they all catch on and all do it. 😀

    • Alex Garino

      One can only hope considering the amount of ammunition the government has been buying up for the past several years. They say we don’t need that much so then why the hell are they buying it .. I know why and that’s what scares me. A war is coming and only God knows the outcome.


    (Freedom,)……… this is whats at stake, GOD and guns built this nation, the democrats, liberals don’t want either, they don’t want this nation to exist. They want to be ran by the U.N. They are for perversion, pot, and illegal immigrants no praying in school and for government rule, not for by the people, and for the people, they want to put JESUS in the closet, and perverts as the leaders in our government, and the boy scouts. What made this country great will keep it great. The next thing they are going to do is tell us we can’t have GOD in church or prayer because it might offend someone, and you will go to jail for preaching against sodomy. They are against everything that our nation stands for. AMERICA, ONE NATION UNDER GOD, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!!!!

    • Doree McCutcheon

      well said Charles 😉

    • Patriot

      Good one Charles!

    • Alex Garino

      They are removing both God and guns from our country .. that should speak volumes but sadly half the country would rather get freebies and not be responsible for there own actions than do what is right. They have removed “In God We Trust” off the face of the new $1 coin, it is on the side of the coin which pretty much means they put it there to keep from getting yelled at too much. They should never have removed it from the face of the coin to begin with. But I think it was a test to see how we would react or if we would even notice. They were testing the waters to change the rest of our money.

  • Nicky Martin

    Just remember next election who voted to remove our rights and let’s send ’em packin’. Who needs ’em.

  • Paul Citro

    If we don’t fight for freedom, we will surely loose it. In SMALL STEPS.

  • Ed Harry

    Why is it that the Federal Government seems hell bent on doing things backwards?  Gun control Shouldn’t happened, beyond that it should start with controlling the Criminals who use them against us, yet the Federal Governments doesn’t enforce the laws on our books that they don’t agree with, acting instead as though they are superior or smarter then those they are to represent and our Founding Fathers.  Then figure they can just change these laws even if we the people don’t agree!  How about supporting and enforcing our laws in the mean time? If laws are broken or need fixed, continue enforcing them until such time as WE have changed them.  Perhaps that in itself might reduce the number of Criminals in Gun restricted areas using guns, and perhaps Illegals crossing the boarder.  I don’t believe most of us have any problem with those who come here legally, but as a nation we are telling them that they are foolish to do so, just to get in line behind those who come illegally and get Obama/or the present Administration to let them in and don’t consider this “first” Illegal action should make everything they do afterwards as illegal.  Stop giving them our Social Security, Drivers licenses and Welfare unless the are meeting the same requirements all of the Rest of legal US citizens are required to meet!  Stop providing other Governments monies we are borrowing, especially those who don’t like us in the first place. Cut ALL the Pork, and remove all perks for Congress, Senate and ALL Federal Goverment employees that give them a different deal then they are making for the rest of us!  Then. Perhaps when we are all treated equal they will see that we can and will work together without fear that all those issues that really matter, are being made behind closed doors with just those within their own party and forced upon the rest of the Citizens of the United States.  And finally, if you do not Support and Enforce the laws and Constitution of the United States of America, as you had sworn to do, you should be tried for Crimes against our Country, Up to and including the POTUS. 

  • Robert Kozik

    Where is the evidence that the government will take our guns?

    I need to ask a simple question: How do you know there is a political ploy afoot by anyone, any group or political party to disarm law-abiding citizens? How do you know?

    I read and watch a lot of news from both sides and in the middle, so I thought I was very informed. But I have never heard or seen any indelible proof that we all may be in danger of having someone eventually show up at our door demanding we surrender our firearms. I can’t imagine why anyone would want my weapons? So please tell me, tell all of us: What valid news source, person or tea leaves do you use to obtain the indisputable information that the Sandy Hook tragedy is being “used as a focal point of a political ploy to disarm law-abiding citizens?”

    Please enlighten us all.

    • Scott Quillen

      Just look at Feinstein’s bill…if THAT isn’t proof enough, then I’m not sure what else might convince you. She said (when the first assault weapons ban passed) that if she’d gotten “51 votes, they would’ve gone door to door saying “turn them in, Mr and Ms. America” “. Cuomo said “confiscation is an option”. There are PLENTY of other politicians that share that view. Rather than getting tough on crime, they want to get tough on law-abiding gun owners. The only thing they fail to realize is that law abiding gun owners will get tough right back. So called “assault weapons” are NOT the problem…more people are killed annually with hammers than assault weapons. They’re only starting with “assault weapons” to get the “confiscation” ball rolling. Of course, Feinstein’s bill starts with a LOT more than that!

      • Robert Kozik

        Even the conservative demigod Ronald Reagan agreed with my sentiments, stating at his 78th birthday party celebration on Feb. 6, 1989 that “I do not believe in taking away the right of the citizen for sporting, for hunting and so forth, or for home defense. But I do believe that an AK-47, a machine gun, is not a sporting weapon or needed for defense of a home.”

        The bill includes a number of exemptions: It exempts more than 2,200 hunting and sporting weapons; any gun manually operated by a bolt, pump, lever or slide action; any weapons used by government officials and law enforcement; and any weapons legally owned as of the date of the bill’s enactment. Read more here:

        PROOF! I ask for proof and you provide what appears to be the ramblings of a Teabagging/Republican madman!

        • tomstur

          What part of shall not infringe do you not comprehend. Socialists return to your roots. Get the hell out of America. You won,t leave yet will exploit your socialist leaning agenda. We fled this ideology over 200 years ago. If you enjoy entitlements and lack the back bone to prosper in a free nation see if a communist country is for you and arrange to travel to your utopian mental state of sheep herding compliant nation of your choice. Oh you choose America then respect its founding principals. We the people. Not we the Europeans .Freagan dip stick progressive bowel spewing wimp. See Ya

          • Robert Kozik

            I comprehend a lot more then you obviously and can trace my roots back to before any of you Europeans were even here. In every recorded generation of my family tree several members have served this country to keep it free for all. There is not one of you that deserve that gift if the best answer you can give for a polite request for information is “We don’t know. But we suspect. The evidence is there, and it’s growing.” So brave and full of spit when your on the other side of a keyboard!

        • Frank Newlin

          you know what they wouldn’t post my comment to you but I will try again you liberal idiot you can’t read or else you don’t want too so I suggest you go to another site where they enjoy your liberal ramblings.

      • Bill Mcdonald

        You are debating with an idiot!.. Motherjones? Get real!

    • Jim Denney

      You cite “Motherjones” and claim to seek enlightenment? LOL

      • Robert Kozik

        You offer no source for your claims other then a quick childish quip and expect respect for your opinion?

        • Philip Bloxam

          better to be a teabagging madman than a simpleton like you Kozak…I have zero respect for your views or opinions as well. ..

        • Jim Denney

          I didn’t make a claim, I made an observation.
          Now for another; it’s obvious nobody can enlighten you, since you were obviously born with an Al Gore approved dim bulb in your cranial cavity.

    • Frank Newlin

      that is easy as far as Sandy Hook goes check HS page and you will see how they did Sandy Hook and if you look at the photos of when the muslim was there 2 days after the shooting you will see the one little girl who w2as supposed to be killed in it sitting on Obam’s knee wow you can believe everything the main stream news tells you or you can research this and you will see plenty of news where they are threating to take our guns didn’t you see in the news where the asshole muslim posted 23 Executive orders to do just that or do you just have liberal vision.

    • Michael Greenwood

      do your research on some place other than msnbc, there is already some states that are trying to pass laws to do just that, our gov in new york cumo has already proposed confication in the ny safe act , which was watered down to the law that was signed, plus if you look around the world to places like Britain and Australia were they have took their guns,
      sorry i just dont trust this bunch in power and i dont need absolute proof to tell someone to not think about taking my rights.

    • Combaticron

      We don’t know. But we suspect. The evidence is there, and it’s growing. Note that the new guns laws are not aimed at criminals, but at law abiding citizens. (It’s easier that way, on account of our tendency to obey the law.)

  • ken Belisle

    And yet, there was no “day of resistance” in Washington, DC where the original Tea Party march took place on 09/12/2009……….what happened??

  • Charles Renfro

    Starting in Lexington we ran the Brits off with single shot wepons Under the circumstances 50 round mags seem fair

  • a8mark

    go over the laws passed and everyone thats against the constitution and give them a free ticket out of washington. the only problem with this country is that more people are on welfare to get a garbage collector elected. there are 11 states right now that have more on welfare then working.they should be not be allowed to vote they get everything from the states or government already. they should be drug tested. and if u look at the welfare states the have alot of deligates that are just gunna vote for the person thats gunna keep giving it to them

  • Rocky Santangelo

    Americans need to get off that chair by their computers and walk outside into reality and have a Nationwide Protest of mammoth proportions regarding infringements on our freedom, Obama Care (he actually doesn’t) and our Second Amendment rights! Come on America.. they’re telling us what to eat, how to act and who we must like!! Get real!

  • Willy Rho

    Write your congressman and the speaker of the House and ask for Impeachment of Barack Obama, AKA Barry Soebarkah, Barry Soetoro; this Kenyan born ILLEGAL ALIEN and Unlawful president.

    • Willy Rho

      His real name is NOT Barack H Obama. His official Name at last revelation was Barry Soebarkah, that was when his name was removed from his Mother’s Passport when she took him off of it because he was no longer a USA ciitzen.

  • Willy Rho

    Leave a message…

    To see the REAL Hawaiian Registration of Obama’s Birth in
    Kenya visit weblink:

  • Willy Rho

    The name of Barack Obama was changed to Barry Soetoro when he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro. He became an Indonesian Citizen. Find his “Assisi School Registration in Indonesia and it lists “Obama” as Barry Soetoro, Indonesian Citizen and Muslim.

  • $35072932

    Coburn: Any proposal that keeps a record of legit gun owners will ‘kill’ Senate bill

    Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn said Sunday any Senate legislation on gun control that includes a national registry of firearms owners will be a deal breaker.

    “There absolutely will not be record-keeping of legitimate gun owners,” Coburn told “Fox News Sunday.” “That will kill this bill.”

    The potential deal on background checks was reported Saturday by The Washington Post.

    “I don’t think we’re that close,” Coburn also said.

  • Raymie Connolly

    the fight to reduce gun violence starts with removing the power of the state and feds to carry firearms on American soil…no standing armies but we the people..

  • liberalssuck

    At this point, I was one of the Vets up on the steps when the Denver picture was taken. I say come get them. We have to take this country back. How the hell did we let it get so stupid?

  • Dana Preston

    “We the People WANT ‘Criminal Control’ NOT ‘Gun Control’ you Fascist, Muslim, Communist idiots in Washigton. RINOS and Debtocrats – BOTH are Guitly for the DESTRUCTION of AMERICA!

  • Patriot

    Oh adam….You’re just another hollywierd liberal,not living in the real world.
    What you need to to is get out (without your body guards) and just see what it’s like.
    I don’t think we have to concern ourselves much with that because “sir” I submit You’re a useless coward hiding behind your communist family’s money.
    You’d be worth about two bucks an hour in the real world. What actual skills do you posess? can you even change your own tire? I doubt it. Don’t tread on me or give the talk until you walk the walk. Oh I notice the gun you have in your little cartoon…lol Which end is the mussel fool?

    • Combaticron

      You obviously know nothing about Adam Baldwin. Or sarcasm. Or sessile marine animals. I recommend following his Twitter feed. Adam’s, I mean. Not the mussel’s.

  • $11150124

    A weapon has it,s purpose,the present government with a fraud in the White House serves no purpose,get rid of the tyrant and restore America,this is not Kenya and it never will be.

  • azbear166

    We went to the gun show and then went by the capital was so crowded we didn’t stay!! but did excercize our 2nd ammendment!!!

  • Bill Mcdonald

    I’m trying to define a compromise that will stop this madness in it’s footsteps. It seems that the weakest stand we have and their strongest point is the National Registry. I’m all agin it for sure.. that just gives the government a “target” list when the time comes. How about we propose that the government be responsible for the creation of a list that are NOT to be allowed to purchase guns/ammunition legally. When you go to a gun shop to purchase, you provide your photo ID.. The clerk then enters only a portion of your name and the computer request 200 names before yours and 200 after yours to be downloaded to the store. The clerk would then know you’re not on the banned list. In my example, the clerk would type in Mcc. (name is mcdonald).. All names on the banned list STARTING with Mcb would be downloaded until 500 are passed. If the list didn’t go past my McD name,, i.e. McE, the clerk would ask for 500 more and continue until it’s shown that I’m not on a restricted list. If I DID come up as restricted, another form could be requested to invoke a challenge for it’s presence on the list.! One that our Federal government would have 30 days to validate or removal of the entry.

    It’s just off the top of my head but a starting point for debate and development of a counter proposal. (Plus setting it up would buy us at least 2 years!) Thoughts on improvement or outright discrediting?

  • bbtdgfan882

    So more police training is unconstitutional? Improvement of mental health care is unconstitutional? Allowing the ATF to actually do its job an allowing it to be the first to be set free from the NRA’s stranglehold is unconstitutional? Banning assault rifles while allowing shotguns and pistols makes Obama the reincarnated Hitler? The guns that you need for the purposes you claim they’re for will still be allowed. You can still use normal rifles and shotguns to shoot deer. You can still carry a pistol for protection. You don’t need an assault rifle. If you need an assault weapon to bag a deer anyways, the only gun that anyone should ever trust you with has a bright orange tip on it.

    • Combaticron

      Non-sequiturs and strawmen galore. It’s not a question of “need.” And if it were, who decides? The same people who would then decide you don’t need a car that goes more than 55 mph or gets less than 35 mpg?

  • Combaticron

    I think the Day of Resistance is fantastic, but shouldn’t it be held on a day when legislatures are in session? You know, so they’re actually aware of it?

  • e111w

    Want to hear something really disgusting? “Anti freedom forces use souls of murdered children to justify removal of rights from an entire citizenry”. Now if that isn’t nefarious, tell me what is.

  • Warfighter

    It’s quite obvious that these IDIOTS in D.C. FAILED English class miserably, since they clearly demonstrate a TOTAL LACK of COMPREHENSION when it comes to the Second Amendment! What part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” do these INCOMPETENTS NOT UNDERSTAND?? It’s QUITE SIMPLE really…NO MEANS NO!! SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED means their ILLEGAL LEGISLATION is NULL AND VOID..PERIOD!!!






    God Bless, Protect and Restore the Sovereign Republic of Texas!

  • Emily Shelton

    Boone Co. KY had 1100 by the time it ended! Unbelievable day. Unbelievable crowd.

    • Mark Hallenberg

      The scene was a powerful statement that men and women love this country. Kalil and Massie rocked along with our sheriffs.

  • Ardell Simon
  • Ardell Simon

    Feinstein Introduces Massive Semi-Auto Firearm and Magazine Ban

  • Ardell Simon
  • Jer

    This was America, not that moronic circle jerk called the Oscars.

  • John Martin

    FLASH!!!!!!……JUST IN!!!!

    LEAKED MEMO!!!!!!…….



    Under no circumstance are you to fire upon or return fire on the crazy broad on the balcony with the shot gun!

  • Randy O’Neal

    1100 people attended the Boone County Kentucky Day of Resistance rally. My wife and I were proud to be there!

  • Jim Gwyn

    What should worry the Libs is the Patriots you don’t see. We are there in spirit and will stand with the Patriots all across America.

  • IMSweetOlBob

    I agree with everyone who protested against the destruction of our 2nd amendment. But historically, there were over a MILLION people gathered in D.C. to protest Obamacare and his atitude. Obama claimed not to have seen them and referred to the tea party gathering as “a few people waving tea bags around”.
    The media was just a little lax in their coverge of “thousands” of people etc. etc.
    Obama won’t notice any protest until the famous torch and pitchfork gathering from the movie Frakenstein storms the white house. Then the press will call it a candle light vigil by farmers.

  • Lyndsay
  • auhunter

    Thanks to the many Patriots who joined in at the rally in Phoenix, AZ. I met a lot of people I hadn’t seen in awhile and made a few new friends.

  • Wayne

    Hey Adam, how come a rally of gun owners is so peaceful, yet a rally of peaceful occupiers always turns violent? Makes you wonder who is correct on this one, doesn’t it crap for brains.