A spokesman for his family is reporting that former president George H.W. Bush is in guarded condition tonight at Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, where he has been admitted to the intensive care unit.

As Twitchy reported, Bush was hospitalized the day after Thanksgiving for treatment for bronchitis and a lingering cough. He was expected at the time to have been released that week, but a persistent fever has doctors being extremely cautious.

Our best wishes to the former president for a speedy recovery.


  • imme

    H.W. was a very underrated President who would have had a second term if a) it wasn’t for Ross Perot and b) didn’t box himself into a corner with the no new taxes pledge. Hope he gets better.

    • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

      I’ll thumb that up today.

  • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

    I’d take him over what we have now, that’s a given.

  • tredglx

    GHW Bush in hospital fighting for his life, yet Jimmy Carter is in perfect health and acting the a s s everywhere he goes.
    Cruel irony.

  • tredglx

    Double post. Thanks, Disqus…

  • journogal

    Is it a lot worse than what’s being reported? I caught CNN’s tweet above, and wondered why is President Obama being made aware of Bush’s condition. Perhaps there is more than is being released? I hope not. I truly hope Bush pulls through.