It’s sad to think the best way for a journalist to distinguish himself these days is to actually ask questions that aren’t on the pre-approved topics list, but ABC’s Jake Tapper has been doing that a bit lately. Only yesterday he drew the ire of the president by asking where’s he’s been for the last four years on the issue of guns, and he’s one of the few outside of Fox News who bothered to address Benghazigate (albeit a little late, but better late than never). And today he treated us to a peek inside his “Press Secretary-to-English Dictionary.”

So is it any surprise that Tapper has announced he’s leaving ABC News for the more conservative … CNN?

An anchor position? That would explain the move. CNN says he’ll also serve as CNN’s chief Washington correspondent. We were getting to like Tapper in the White House briefing room, where in August he had the guts to zing the president with the line, “Don’t be a stranger,” after Obama left the podium following a rare appearance before the press.

The news of Tapper’s departure was said to be a sobering development for some at ABC.

Many say the move is good for CNN and whatever viewers the network has left. Tapper will anchor his own show on weekdays, and followers have some suggestions for juggling CNN’s schedule.

  • rinodino

    Sounds good, like Jake, glad he didn’t go to that hack network (xof swen)

  • sqeptiq

    Conservatives won’t exploit Tapper’s gun violence question to POTUS because they oppose addressing it at the federal level.

  • LoriGirl

    Tapper moving to CNN: Dump Piers Morgan and I might just watch. MIGHT.

  • Cuz Grandma Says

    I guess Obama had the last straw with a correspondent asking him tough questions that weren’t on the approved question list. I am surprised he lasted this long. Don’t question the messiah err King ah anointed one. Cause he sure isn’t a President.

    • Tami Lockhart Owen


  • beebop1952

    Guess Jake wants to be seen by fewer viewers?

  • FlatFoot

    I’m shocked that it took this long for President Barack Hussein Obama to punish journalist Jake Tapper for asking questions that were not pre-approved.

    I guess yesterday was the last straw and Preezy of the United Steezy finally decided to force ABC to fire him from the White House press pool.

    Go figure.

    It’s an Obamanation.