Now that authorities and the media have turned their attention from the mistakenly identified Ryan Lanza to his younger brother Adam, neighbors and classmates who knew the alleged Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter are sharing their memories and impressions. Unnamed officials have said that Ryan described his brother as having a “personality disorder,” a description that others seem to back up.

Those who claim to have known Adam Lanza say they’re not terribly surprised by the news.

Personality disorder or not, there’s no sympathy to be found here:


Dangerous: Media outlets falsely linked Facebook profile to alleged Newtown shooter; Update: Media may have incorrectly reported gunman’s name

  • coachanthony

    Was Adam Lanza on any drugs like Ritalin or other prescriptions for psychological issues? And how about any of the other previous massacre shooters: were they on any meds?

    • TwitWit

      that’s what i’ve been asking. seems like we are getting the first results of what behavior control medications have done to kids after being fed to them, for half of their lives. just to add irony… teachers are required to fill out behavior monitoring charts for all students that have parents seeking Dr. prescribed behavior modifying medication.

    • Zanshi

      Ritalin doesn’t help for Autism. Even mild forms like Asperger’s is extremely hard to treat. Most autistics, however, do NOT do crap like this!

      • redheadgrl

        Yeah, Asperger’s don’t really feel/relate to emotion, so it would be very rare for an Aspy to commit this kind of violence. They wouldn’t feel the hate or need for revenge.

        • Taxpayer1234

          True. Makes me wonder if he didn’t have a secondary illness like schizophrenia, which CAN make one violent.

          • Jillane Kent

            Autism and schizophrenia are not illnesses. The are disorders.

          • Michael Rice

            Yeah and a bunch of people, kids are still dead. Seriously, that is all you have to comment wasn’t meant as deroggatory in any way..just a slip tha tmost people use as interchangeable.

          • Taxpayer1234

            O rly? Bodily malfunction is the definition of illness. Diabetes is the malfunction of the pancreas. Cancer is a malfunction of cells. Those aren’t “disorders” any more than schizophrenia or autism. Have you seen brain MRIs of autistics and schizophrenics? Their brains malfunction. Ergo, illness.

        • DDay

          Asperger’s do kill. Lincoln Sudbury High in MA a few years ago, an Asperger’s 15 year old stabbed a classmate to death in the bathroom for no reason at all. I don’t think they even knew each other. He just murdered for no reason like CT.

          • annoyinglittletwerp

            NTs(aka Neuro-typicals aka ‘Normals’) kill too. And?

          • alvin691

            Maybe the kid was just an a-hole

          • Jillane Kent

            Do neuro typical individuals not engage in senseless acts of violence?

        • Mary in South Jersey

          My son has Aspgerger’s. He has feelings and gets angry, happy, sad, just like you and me. Having that DX would not preclude them from the ability to commit such crimes. It is possible that this man was incorrectly dx’d and suffered from a much more severe issue as split personality disorder or manic depression which would have caused him to appear socially inept. I will say this. While we are boo hooing the mom’s death, we need to ask why, if she was caring for an adult son with issues, were her multiple handguns accessible?

          • Alisha Youch

            “Split personality” (Dissociative Identity Disorder) is exceptionally rare and very unlikely.

          • MacFad

            Not to mention non-existent. (eyes-rolling at these ridiculous made-up maladies.)

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Trauma-based DID doesn’t exist? Are you sure about that? There’s a few projects you might want to check out. How many of the children who witnessed this will ‘wall off’ the memory? Adults? A split is a split.

          • $36544368

            Which ones are made up?

          • redheadgrl

            Thanks for the clarification.

        • Jillane Kent

          That is not my experience, both on a personal basis and in the classroom. Many-if not most- of these children do have empathy, but do not display empathy in a manner that would be consider typical. They have every emotion any other “normal” child or adult has.

          • redheadgrl

            thanks for the clarification

      • cgraham77

        Actually, schizophrenics tend to not be violent, any more than the general population. That’s a myth. Their sickness does not *make* them violent. It’s just that when they DO become violent, it tends to be highly publicized. But the rate of violence amongst schizophrenics is exactly the same as the rate of violence amongst the general population.

        • Michael Bayne

          As someone who studied, psychology, I can tell you that is false. Statistics show that they are both more likely to act violently and–ironically–to be victims of violence than members of the general population. However, they are not nearly as likely to do so as people with anti-social personality disorder.

          • cgraham77

            @Michael- As someone who’s studied psychology?

            I’m a Ph.D. In Psychology and I work as a clinician. I’ve TREATED schizophrenics! And I TEACH psychology to both undergrads and graduate students. So I could give a crap that you “studied” psychology.

            You are wrong. Google is your friend. And stop spreading misinformation.

        • Debbie

          Not true..I was a psychology student in college. Schizophrenics are VERY likely to act out violent “visions”, “voices telling them to do things”, etc..Not as bad as likely as a sociopath…but the threat DEFINITELY is real~

          • Guest

            That is a Paranoid Schizophrenic. Not so with the other subtypes.

          • Alisha Youch

            Debbie, did you ever study the other types of Schizophrenia – Undifferentiated, Disorganized and Catatonic? (You could include Residual Type, as well.) Only the Paranoid Schizophrenics have hallucinations and delusions. They other types tend to have mostly negative symptoms – flattened affect, lack of social interaction, lack of energy, etc. These are the people who don’t leave their houses, stare into space, waste away from not eating, etc. The Paranoids get all the attention because they can be loud and intrusive when floridly psychotic and agitated. I have been assaulted by a Paranoid Schizophrenia patient in my psych ER in the throes of florid psychosis, so I know the risk firsthand. But to broadly state that Schizophrenics are “likely” to act out violently is simply inaccurate. Personality Disordered patients, those in a manic phase of Bipolar Disorder and those with comorbid substance abuse are MUCH more likely to become violent.

          • cgraham77

            Good for you, you took Psychology in college.

            I’m a Ph.D. In Psychology. I work as a clinician. And I TEACH psychology to college students!

        • Alisha Youch

          There are different types of Schizophrenia. Violence rates vary depending on the subtype. For some subtypes, the violence rate is lower than average, while for other subtypes it is slightly higher than average. When you average all the subtypes together, the violence rate is actually roughly the same as the general population. Michael is right, though. People with ASPD are much MUCH more likely to be violent.

          • cgraham77

            Yes, there are different types of schizophrenia, but I was speaking generally, for one: because the comments section is not the most conducive place to get into in-depth lectures on topics. Two, because I was responding to stigmas already placed on people who (as a whole) are marginalized and misunderstood…and stereotyped.

            Obviously Antisocial Personality Disordered people are more likely to be dangerous. This has nothing to do with schizophrenics. They’re not even on the same Axis of diagnosis. So that point Michael was making is a non-sequitur.

      • annoyinglittletwerp

        I have Asperger’s. I’m not being ‘treated’ because my Asperger’s is a DIFFERENCE-not a disorder. I’m happily married with a son in college. I’m also a strong supporter of the second amendment.

        • Zanshi

          Pardon my ignorance. Didn’t mean to offend, or imply that people with Asperger’s can’t live normal lives. That wasn’t my intent. 😡

      • LizzieFiles (D)

        I agree, Autism, Asperger’s DOES NOT make a person do this type of horrific act….but there are meds that do cause this type of homicidal rampage…..

    • GTFOBigGovt

      Alot of them were at one time or another, and in the care of shrinks.

    • jewtwo

      you mean was he on SSRI’s (antidepressants)

  • Rachel

    There are always clues the mass murderer was unstable. But what are we to do… Institutionalize all unstable people? Well, that would get most of the leftwingers off the streets and that can’t be bad!

    • Rella

      If we could at least get Chrisssy Tingles Mathews locked up that would be good.

      • Rachel

        LOL…he’s definitely unstable and should be put in a home.

      • Bud-Kathy Jones

        Was that a thrill up his leg or something else?

      • Robert Patrick Moscato

        What about (Sargent)Ed Schultz??? He’s WAAAAYYYY off his rocker.

    • Debbie

      Good idea but we’d have no liberals left to pick on! HAHAHAHA! However, be careful… Look at U.S. history, we used to lock up and institutionalize the mentally retarded, unstable people, or those with emotional disturbances or disorders. They were treated like animals. Even new moms were treated like criminals and called crazy when they got post-par-tum depression. We know more about mental illness than ever before. It’s too bad we still don’t treat mental illness appropriately. Doctors prescribe “fad” drugs (the drugs are unstable themselves and cause birth defects, suicide and homicidal actions) instead of sticking with the classic tried and true safe medications like lithium. Something has gone terribly wrong with this picture, I pray a solution can be found to truly treat the mentally ill, so that hopefully more tragedies can be prevented. One thing we could do.. stop diagnosing so many kids as ADHD, call them what they are: hyper normal kids, stop drugging them into zombies. Those drugs are damaging their emotional development and attachments.

      • Rachel

        Totally agree about the drugs. It’s ridiculous how many kids are on drugs today. Another form of Govt control.

        • edwahzj_one

          Teenagers are so impressionable some movies and music should be rated x for violence Many teenagers don’t need drugs just puberty can set them off. With many, if you put them on restriction or keep them from dating they go berserk. Have you heard some of the rappers and the words they say, plain devilish, and teenagers stroll down the street praising these loose screws; then when one of them act out like this they scratch their pitiful heads

          • gen_nathanbforrest

            Rap is a religion with many of our pop culture brethren

      • ANITA


        • old_ogre

          Hey, your cap-locks are stuck on…

      • mtngma

        I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he was on the same stuff at Dylan Klebold etal from many a school shooting. Ever since Geraldo Rivera waved a hidden camera through Willowbrook Asylum in the early ”70s they emtied them and stuck all the folks out on the street. Now you have to have someone’s hands around your neck to call the cops! Yes, we need to institutionalize a lot more than we do, for sure. These people need help. I had a friend whose brother was coming home and strangling her mom and threatening her. Broke all the mirrors in the house. The mom had to move away from him. I told her he should be able to get Social Security and help w/housing, her mom didn’t need to live like that. They did eventually get him help to live alone. Thank God. But he was a menace to society and himself. Went crazy after a divorce. So we need some place to house these people, we can’t just wait for them to act out!

      • Yvonne Philbert Self

        Unfortunately sometimes meds really do not work. Or they may work for a time, then stop. And, patients may hide the fact they are not taking their meds. I feel for all parents who have a child who is mentally ill. It is a terrible responsibility.

      • Guest

        If you know anything about ADHD medications, you would know giving them to kids without ADHD makes their behavior go off the deep end – absolutely nuts. So, if you give a child ADHD medications and the behavior of the child improves, you know you’re on the right track. Before dismissing this disorder as over-diagnosed or made-up, please do some research. It falls under the umbrella of “Pervasive Developmental Disorders” along with Autism. They are also discovering a number of children who have ADHD and Autism. With these disorders, often come anxiety disorders, depression, and OCD among others. Please don’t dismiss these issues lightly. If you really feel this way about it, research all you can – pro and con – see what the facts tell you. I do agree that some doctors are TOO ready to try the “latest & greatest” drugs on the market. Like any other service provider, you may have to shop around for a doctor that meets your specific needs (including using safe, time-tested medications).

        • Guest

          That is not true. Your referencing an old study based on nothing but a theory by some incompetents PhD’s. ADHD drugs are stimulants and work on everyone. That’s why they’re huge sellers in high school and college. They’re like new and improved coffee. No one should take them, and they shouldn’t be prescribed to children as no one is sure of the affects on their developing brains.

        • nell

          Well, the drug companies reward the Drs/ with kick-backs to prescribe their drugs and they all get rich, except the poor person who has their lives messed up!!!!!

          • Dennis

            There is no such thing as a kick-back to doctors with pharmaceuticals. But you can chose to live in your fantasy world if it works for you.

          • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

            Yes there is a form of a kickback – The doctor loads people up on drugs thus helping the pharmaceuticals sell drugs and it guarantees repeat patients coming back regularly for office visits and check-ups and refills on the meds. If the doc don’t prescribe meds, then no guarantee the patient will be back for office visits charges and lab tests charges. You want to ensure a patient will come back in a few weeks or a month, give them a prescription that will require a refill in 30 days and a office visit to get the refill.

          • Lisa Dean

            I take it you work in a doctors office or a doctor yourself @facebook-555417518:disqus . I’ve worked in a doctors office and I can assure you there’s nothing that resembles a kick back to doctors for prescribing medicine. Also, I hate to break it to you but most physicians write prescriptions for 90 days now unless it’s a medication that needs to be adjusted to get the correct dosage.

          • gator

            Over prescribed would be an understatement. 90% of all prescriptions for add or adhd are written in the u.s. You look at at as either the rest of the world needs to prescribe more or we are over prescribing.

          • Lisa Dean

            @facebook-1352974216:disqus ~ doctors do not receive kick backs from drug companies. I’ve worked in a doctors office and I can assure you there’s no “get rich quick” scheme going on between drug companies and physicians. Please don’t spread false rumors about something like that.

        • Rachel

          It’s the drugs that is causing this behavior. Otherwise why wasn’t this crap going on when most of us were kids? We had kids who got into trouble…but nothing like this. The difference? Ritalin and all these drugs the AMA is pushing. Mankind survived and thrived without all this ADHD bullsh_t. Excuses to keep kids easy to control in school, since the teachers are no longer allowed to discipline them. And the parents get arrested for spanking now! We live in a sick society..nothing is working and the “experts” are idiots who make things worse.

          • Meshell

            While I agree that sometimes people are to quick to diagnose a misbehaving child with ADHD when what they really need is a good pop on the behind and made to behave- ADHD and medications cannot be completely dismissed. It is not a brand new diagnosis and is not just recently been treated with Ritalin. My cousin was diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder almost forty years ago and has been on Ritalin for a good 35 of those years- Ritialin is what helps him keep a job and maintain a life- without this medication he cannot stay still long enough to concentrate on any one thing long enough to be able to finish a task. Oh and by the way I am also a health care provider and deal with children with behavioral problems. Both those that have problems because their parent cannot be consistent or care to take the time to make them behave, as well as those whose parents do everything they can to find a solution to their child’s inability to concentrate and focus (including altering the entire family’s diet and routine). Please don’t just dismiss the diagnosis of adhd and the use of stimulants as bad parenting and pharmaceutical companies out to make money and that is the cause of the evils of this society- it cannot easily be wrapped in one small package with a tidy bow- it is far too complex a problem.

          • Meshell

            While I agree that sometimes people are to quick to diagnose a misbehaving child with ADHD when what they really need is a good pop on the behind and made to behave- ADHD and medications cannot be completely dismissed. It is not a brand new diagnosis and is not just recently been treated with Ritalin. My cousin was diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder almost forty years ago and has been on Ritalin for a good 35 of those years- Ritialin is what helps him keep a job and maintain a life- without this medication he cannot stay still long enough to concentrate on any one thing long enough to be able to finish a task. Oh and by the way I am also a health care provider and deal with children with behavioral problems. Both those that have problems because their parent cannot be consistent or care to take the time to make them behave, as well as those whose parents do everything they can to find a solution to their child’s inability to concentrate and focus (including altering the entire family’s diet and routine). Please don’t just dismiss the diagnosis of adhd and the use of stimulants as bad parenting and pharmaceutical companies out to make money and that is the cause of the evils of this society- it cannot easily be wrapped in one small package with a tidy bow- it is far too complex a problem.

      • $22900494

        The mentally ill have rights and unless they are a danger to themselves or to others, sadly, there is little anyone can do. The irony is that you have to wait for them to do something and then it’s usually too late.

        • edwahzj_one

          Most of the comments are ignoring illegal drugs teens live by. If they haven’t had their daily does they go to such lengths to lie and steal and get pregnant and give birth to these mentally handicap; but hey its easy to create a splinter in the Doctors eye and ignore the beam in their own, isn’t it? What’s funny is when you give birth to a mentally challenged child you protect “YOUR OWN ” right? But with the children of others your tongue and head wag into hypocrisy. This matter is not private it involves everyone

      • old_ogre

        They would use “mental disorder” to lock up everyone who opposes Obama and the socialist America they want! (us…)

      • old_ogre

        Have you ever read the warning MANUALS that come with some of the new drugs? Not the warnings they print on the packages, but the huge list they include inside? Yikes!!

      • Corby Sloan

        Government instead of God, Drugs instead of Discipline….what do we as a Nation expect to happen?

      • Nicholas Palmerico

        Lithium is by no means a true safe method. It has been linked to depression, murder, and suicide. It is also perscribed alot more often than it should to people who dont need it and the end results are very bad for that person. Mental disorders are not cured by drugs it just supresses and festers them until you miss a dose and are ten times worse than before.

    • Sumibraxis Dei

      as a ‘left winger’ the answer is yes…. I for one, completely agree with eugenics.

      • Sandy Pfaff

        Where is the father of Adam in all this?

        • askmieke

          I think he was also killed, in his home.

          • Judith Cain

            No not dead, he lives in NJ and is talking to police.

      • Mark Paquette

        I will always oppose abortion, but I can’t say I don’t understand why it has (as institutionalized eugenics) been considered and at least partially implemented. Indeed, it’s possible I am wrong about fighting abortion – although I fight it because on its’ face it’s murder, but if we could identify the actual evil gene(s) – if there were such a thing – I’d probably be more acceptable of a very early termination or lifelong monitoring at whoever’s responsible’s expense (parents or doctor) if brought to term.

        • Noneya Biness

          Evil isn’t a physical thing, it’s a spiritual one. It’s not in your genes or DNA and it doesn’t get passed along from one generation to the next. There will never be a test for it because it resides in the soul.

          • Rachel

            Right you are.

        • Rachel

          If there were such a thing and scientists could identify the “evil gene”, they could correct it. However the slippery slope being what it is…you KNOW the Lefties would try to “correct” those independent freedom-lovers with common sense who are Conservatives.

      • Rachel

        Yes, I think eugenics makes good sense when it comes to ridding our country of lefties.

        • Bob Robillard

          Rachel, you are a strong argument for eugenics.

          • Rachel

            Sounds like you ARE a product of eugenics…braindead but too dumb to lay down.

      • Bud-Kathy Jones

        You first.

      • $25163471

        You’re disgusting if you believe in Eugenics. You’re no different than Hitler and the nazis at that point!!

        • Guest

          You left out the founder of Planned Parenthood………Margaret Sanger who was a big proponet of euginics.

          • Robert Patrick Moscato

            Sanger Proposed Eugenics to Control the “Negro Problem” (Her words not mine.) That’s why you’ll find PP “clinics in areas with a high concentration of Blacks. Is it a suprise then that Adolph Hitler used the Sanger method of eugenics to try and rid the world of the “Jewish Problem” ?? Any reasonable person knows the answer.

    • Lorraine Yuriar

      But the problem is…. who decides what is “unstable”? The same government that called tea partiers & returning veterans possible terrorists? Oh yea. That won’t go wrong.

      • Rachel

        That’s right. As I mentioned in a post below…it’s a slippery slope. The Left would want to “correct” anyone who is Conservative by calling us unstable. That’s why everyone’s freedoms need to be protected. Problem is…they aren’t being protected anymore.

      • robin macmillan

        I think families know when their members are unstable. Problem is they cannot commit them against their will and because they are sick, those that are ill will not consent to treatment. Knowing the abuses of the past, I still believe we should be able to get them treatment against their will, at least on a 24 hour hold to verify that they need treatment. We have laws in place for those who should not be hospitalized to challenge involuntary commitments. The pendulum needs to swing backward a little.

        • GTFOBigGovt

          There is such a thing as involuntary commitment. Families normally won’t go through the procedure. It doesn’t even need to be a family member. The hold is normally 72 hours, and there is a longer version up to 6 months in Florida. In FL it’s called The Baker Act.

      • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

        Anyone that didn’t vote for Obama or are registered as anything other than a Democrat is considered unstable and a threat as a possible terrorist according to this Government.

      • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

        To further promote my point – look into the congressional records of Jan. 10th, 1963 – 45 Communist goals – read where it speaks about eliminating one or both parties and have shrinks evaluate people to have them institutionalized if they speak against communism. These derive from the book “The naked Communist” – – Read through them and see how many of these goals from more than 50 years ago have been implemented into todays society.

    • M Watson

      What would be scarier than institutionalizing all “unstable” people is who would determine who is unstable. That could only lead to everyone being in fear of the state.

      • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

        And that’s what Obamacare is with its death panels. Government bureaucrats get to decide who is worth treating and who gets a pain pill and sent home.

    • Scot Brian Stinson

      Rachael ‘ awesome idea ! so true too The libby no brain or braindead left is a big part of this problem /they lie to everyone & after awhile they believe their own lies this is not a gun issue its got to do with liberal policy (lies for short) & their inability to be honest with themselves or anyone else ! Blame it on guns ! yeah ! thats gonna fix this BROKEN state of affairs then they can go back to their viritual reality!

      • Rachel

        I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    • Nola Sokol Knowles

      How blithe. First, I’ll address the ADHD issue. My son has it, my daughter has ADD. Medication is the last thing I wanted for either of them. But guess what? I was hurting them by not allowing them to have medication. Once we found the “right” one, my son said, “Mom, I can think!” The idea that part of their struggles in school was caused by me unwillingness to help them is a regret I will always live with. Their meds did not make them zombies at all and still do not.
      Second, I guess that you’re unaware that Lithium is not given to anyone under the age of eighteen. My nephew was just prescribed it this past year. I’m sure it would work pretty well, were he to take it.
      Yes, all mentally unstable people should be evaluated with the idea of instituionalization in mind. I can say this because my nephew has been in and out of the local and state mental hospitals since he was nine years old. He is bipolar with psychotic tendencies. He may be schizophrenic. He has Oppositional Defiance Disorder and ADHD. He is also Obsessive-Compulsive. He lived in our home for five years. It was five years in absolute, constant hell. Some walls still bear the evidence of his rage. My door still bears the scars of his trying to get into my room with a knife. Knives and other sharp objects are his fascination. I would often lay awake at night, worrying that he’d get up in the night at stab us to death in our beds. That he’d rape his sisters or his cousin. And through it all, we were told that he has to hurt or kill someone before they could institutionalize him.
      Excuse me? Which one of us should it be? My kid? My mother? His disabled little sister?
      Parents, pleae do not be afraid to admit your child may have a problem. Get help! Ignoring it will not make it go away. He won’t “grow out of it”.
      Repeated admissions to the mental hospital should be viewed with a critical eye, rather than “stabilizing” the patient with meds and kicking them out the door.
      There is no help out there for the mentally ill and their families. There should be.

      • Ktb

        Nola, how awful! You are correct too:There is absolutely NO help for these families that are living with these ticking time bombs. A friend from high school has a son who sounds eerily familiar to your nephew. This boy is finally in an institutional school, but he was in and out of jail and mental wards until the final straw. His horrendous personality problems caused his mother to basically have a complete mental breakdown and she actually spent about 4 months in jail, with her son blessedly being taken away to where he is now. I fear his release at 18, because he is violent and scary. It is a slippery slope, but we need to reopen institutions for permanent care for the most sick and disturbed.

        On the other hand, I think diet plays a HUGE role in this and is being overlooked. It truly is a missing piece of the puzzle that is thankfully now being explored. Our food supply is toxic with too much gluten, sugar and chemicals and it is exciting the brains of the most vulnerable, literally to death.

        • Jan Kennedy Houston

          Diet is a HUGE piece of the puzzle. Ever heard of GAPS? It was a diet designed by a doctor whose son was diagnosed as “autistic”. There is no medical test for autism, adhd, etc. It is a collection of behaviors. The toxins in our medicines and our environment play havoc with genes. What do we expect to happen? Everyone needs to wake up and realize doctors are taught how to prescribe medicine and perform surgery. They are not taught how to cure illness, only treat it. In some cases, we are just discovering how genes and the environment interconnect, such as autism. But instead of slapping a label on someone, figure out how to fix their physical symptoms. The psychological symptoms will not be as bad once the person’s body is performing correctly.

      • mdtljt

        I’m right there with you, Nola. After months of an altered diet, behavior modification exercises – using a physical prompt (necklace, stuffed animal) – and anything else I could think of, I decided to give meds a try….3 days after she started on them, my daughter looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “Mommy, my brain works so much better now!!! Thank you!!” I felt absolutely horrible that I’d put her through all the rigamaroll. We keep a close watch on how the meds are working and affecting her, and the improvement all around has been wonderful. In addition, I also still keep a close eye on her diet, especially anything with a red dye in it as we’ve determined that has a huge effect on her…and of course she loves anything cherry flavored…but it’s an ongoing process of adjustment and will be for a long time to come. I’m GRATEFUL she has doctors who act as advisers, counselors and cheerleaders who have the wisdom to gently prescribe the lowest dose needed and can adjust accordingly.

      • twb2003

        My 8 year old was on Lithium. It can be given to younger children as well.

    • Jeff Ackley

      We tried the institutional thing decades ago. The ACLU changed that in the 80’s and got them all released.

    • $22900494

      Love it.

    • old_ogre

      Its always a clue AFTER the fact, anyone can snap at anytime, its just a matter of how bad they snap. But we are going to see a lot more of this, the new and entitled, spoiled youth will see to that.

      • Rachel

        Most of these kids started out “off-kilter” and everyone knew it, but their family tries to ignore it because they probably don’t have many options, or too busy to notice it’s getting worse. Why is it that most of these mass killing are all done by teenaged boys? Is it the drugs that the doctors and teachers have been force-feeding these kids with all this b.s. like ADHD, etc? When most of us grew up those kids were just hyperactive and had “ants in their pants”. No one drugged them. They grew out of it or learned to channel it in sports, etc. Now most of them sit on their a**es playing violent video games drugged up on Ritalin. And we wonder why they are snapping and going on violent rampages?

        • old_ogre

          You have the teenage part mostly right and spot on with boys! Girls don’t normally have the tendency to act on violent impulses. But I think its more due to being brainwashed by the media about how glorious violence is and at the same time having no outlet for it.

          Look at the school system now, zero tolerance… If someone hits you, you get expelled. Used to be boys had an outlet and the pecking order could be established. We are trying to force kids to go against nature and it will never work!

          • Rachel

            I agree old ogre. Kids aren’t allowed to be kids anymore. Govt always trying to control them, their behavior, their diets, etc. Parents too busy to parent..teachers too overwhelmed…doctors drugging the kids Our schools and our society have deteriorated so badly, the kids all suffer. No wonder they are angry and emotionally disturbed.

    • $21367552

      Hohoho, because a horrific tragedy is the PERFECT time to make fun of libturds. And then in the next breath I’m sure you have the audacity to accuse those same libturds of politicizing the tragedy.

      • Rachel

        Every day is the right time to make fun of libturds (as you put it). Libturds (as you put it) already politicized this horrific tragedy. I have my own ideas as to why this keep happening…and guess what? Lamebrained ideas from Libturds (as you put it).

    • say what

      I don’t do these games people do, where people shoot people and it’s very realistic. What do you think? Is this part and parcel of this?

      • Rachel

        I don’t think the games CAUSE people to go crazy and want to murder others. But I think the hunt & kill games desensitize people to that kind of violence, so that someone who is unbalanced (as most of them obviously are) mixed with drugs…can send someone over the edge so that mass murder doesn’t seem as horrific to them as it does to normal people.

      • Rachel

        I don’t think the games CAUSE people to go crazy and want to murder others. But I think the hunt & kill games desensitize people to that kind of violence, so that someone who is unbalanced (as most of them obviously are) mixed with drugs…can send someone over the edge so that mass murder doesn’t seem as horrific to them as it does to normal people.

  • scalzo

    Why the children? Why do the wackos go after the children? RIP little ones and Adam if there is a hell I am sure you are there now.

    • bluewaternavy

      they do so because they are “wacko” My mother had a saying: “Don’t apply logic or reason to the illogical or unreasonable”

    • Kristin

      because he is a coward…little kids can’t shoot back…

      • Michael Bayne


    • old_ogre

      I would guess its some kind of revenge or loss thing, its something we will never know in this case but take Columbine, that came from being so emotionally restrained by the school and their peers if I remember correctly, they finally broke. How anyone can hurt small innocent children I will never understand…

      • Paul Streby

        The early perps-as-victims narrative of Columbine has been pretty thoroughly discredited. The killers were more bullies than bullied; moreover, Eric Harris was probably a psychopath. See “Columbine” by Dave Cullen.

    • eagles55

      You can’t say there is a hell, but you are sure he is there? Make up your mind. Yes there is a hell, yes there is a heaven, your goal should be to go to heaven. If you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ you have a very good chance at heaven.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    So for now the story is: the “kind” mother, a teacher, who retired to “take care of Adam” owned high powered guns and failed to secure them from her mentally ill son. And someone at the school let him in the “secure” door? You cannot cure evil, mental illness, bad families, drug users, drug dealers, violence loving rappers, incompetent shrinks and other individuals responsible for impacting your life. Only protect and defend and be on guard for tyrannical government.

    I bet a dollar Adam should have been in a residential facility and there were “reasons” why not. Like uncontrollable violence and the mother not moving to have him committed perhaps.

    • MoxieLouise

      As far as “secure” door…the latest is, he shot out the glass, then reached in and unlocked it, so say witnesses.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        Thank you for the update. Not very secure, a brick mighta worked just as much. :(

    • bluewaternavy

      Agree with all you said. I’m going to add something here that needs consideration: Many of the meds that are prescribed today are used without thinking about side effects. Hell, I suffer from depression and dumped the med I was on because it had too many side effects. Do I have bad days? Yup! But I do-but have friends and family to talk to when I’m down; plus a dog and horse 😉

      Sadly, there are that are simply not able to be in society. Here in NY we tossed all the patients out of the psych facilities in the 70’s and 80’s-and all hell broke loose. Many were violent, and once released simply stopped what meds kept them from being violent. Some judges ruled that they could not be made to take these meds. Point is where does the patients rights end?

      Why on earth the mother kept weapons in reach of a mentally ill son is beyond me. The result is many people have paid the price for that error.

      • cgraham77

        It’s incredibly difficult to involuntarily commit someone. You have to PROVE that a person is an IMMINENT danger to themselves or others, and this is incredibly difficult to prove, because a person must communicate intent, means, and specifics, such as a detailed plan. Many families are forced to stand by and watch and wait for something to happen first before being able to have a loved one committed (by the state’s laws). It could very well be that the mother was fearful of her son, and that she HAD tried unsuccessful attempts to get help, but that her hands were tied. Please wait for all the information to come out before jumping to conclusions. I’ve witnessed families in severe distress because they were not able to get a family member committed. And even in situations where it CAN happen, the patient can only be held for 72 hours!

        • cgraham77

          Sorry that comment was for NovElection2016. I’m on my iPhone and its difficult to comment, and it doesn’t let you edit responses. I also had a typo, that meant to say you have to prove a *person* is an imminent danger to themselves or others. Stupid autocorrect 😛

          ETA: this comment is in regards to my first initial comment. Also, fixed the typo :)

          • GTFOBigGovt

            That’s what I said – it’s not easy. But no you’re overstating the requirements. We must have different definitions of the words “incredibly difficult”.

            It’s not that detailed. In Florida you can Baker Act someone if the police officer determines they meet the criteria for the intial admission in an acute situation.

            They do not have to communicate a “specific plan” to be held for exam, what if they are incoherent?

            For a coherent admission by the person about to do danger, you can also file a sworn ex parte order at the clerk of court’s office and after it’s processed the police pick them up. If the guy ever had a DX or was under current care the shrink could also swear on the order, in FL..

            THEN, within 5 days a judge can order involuntary placement for up to 6 months.

            I know several people Baker Acted and one was simply for her chronic alcoholism “unintentionally” putting her in danger vis a vis her refusal to show up at the shrink or enter a program. She was so scared in the state ordered facility she finally voluntarily went to Betty Ford.

            Regardless, the mother allowed him to live there with her weapons not secured. All she needed was to kick him out and a Liberty safe. Her hands were NOT tied.But if you’re a social worker I can understand you thinking that. I doubt the victims parents would agree, tho.


          • Alisha Youch

            Actually, that would not be the The Baker Act in Florida. It is the Marchman Act. Patients cannot be Baker Acted for substance abuse diagnoses.

        • Michael LeKites

          I was a MH caseworker for 8 years. Worked crisis too until I resigned. You are right but also.. the parent may not have known everything. Because of HIPAA laws, unless release is signed, they could withhold info about their son’s suicidal tendencies. Parent calls and if no release is signed the caseworker just says “He’s doing fine.” Happens all the time.

          • cgraham77

            @michael – You are correct. I’m a Ph.D.’d clinician and I’ve also witnessed it firsthand. MH professionals have their hands tied by state laws in many regards. Actually, we’re not even allowed to say “he’s fine.” We have to say “I can’t even confirm or deny whether your son is even a patient here.”

          • descolada9

            I am a former medical records officer for a state mental health institution and that was exactly the line I was restricted to, even when mothers were calling to see if their missing minor had been picked up and committed.

          • Alisha Youch

            Yes! In missing persons cases, I direct people to the Missing Persons desk at the Sheriff’s Department. When the Sheriff calls, me, then I can give him the info.

          • Alisha Youch

            “I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of that person in this facility.” I say it a dozen times a day.

          • MacFad

            So you’re first loyalty is to the law, not your patients?

          • Alisha Youch

            Um, no. Where would you get that? The law protects the patients. There are many for whom notifying certain family members would be dangerous or against their wishes, and despite being involuntarily committed, the patients still have basic privacy rights. With a release from the patient, I can inform persons of the patient’s choice about the patient’s presence in the facility.

          • Brett Minor

            I do a similar thing every day. No, my loyalty is to my patients, but if I do not obey the law, then I will lose my job and not be in a position to help the patients.

          • Alisha Youch

            We walk a tightrope in our roles working with involuntary psych patients. Until the patient is safely in the facility, our primary obligation is safety of patient and others, and we can violate confidentiality in the face of imminent risk in order to ensure safety. Once the patient is admitted to the facility, our primary obligations are the patient’s privacy and right to self-determination. The law mandates it as such.

          • Brenda

            Not to mention the large fines you would not be able to pay because you lost your job. To be honest you could also get jail time, thats something many people do not understand unless they have some kind of connection with the medical field.

          • Mark Paquette

            Exactly … I bet any of those dead teachers would rather be facing a court tomorrow for illegal possession of a firearm than dying while being unable to save any children.

          • Guest

            umm… it’s the law, moron. you wont be helping anyone when you lose your job.

          • $36544368

            Which is why I have conservatorship of my disabled adult son…and no guns in the house! In spite of the fact that I do know how to shoot (and am darned good at it, if I do say so myself!), I am taking no chances that anything could ever possibly happen that would be unexpected in terms of a gun and a disabled young man. I got the conservatorship because he is a young adult and lives in a group home, and I want to know what’s going on with him and expect an honest answer, which I always get. Thankfully we have him in a phenomenal group home with a terrific program. He is in the group home during the week, going to a great day program (on a bowling team, learning cooking, etc.), and he comes home on weekends. He takes low doses of medications to help stabilize his behavior (he has brain lesions that are in the area of the brain that control behavior). With all the great people helping him and his dad and I being fully involved, we have helped him move from being an aggressive child to a great young man. He will always have issues and special needs and won’t ever be able to live alone, and will always have supervision, but that’s okay. He’s happy, we’re happy, and we are one of the blessed families who have the best of both worlds. That means we’ve made some sacrifices and implemented extra safety precautions, etc…and that’s okay…I’d rather not ever have him accidentally injure someone. My son is not as high functioning as Adam Lanza appeared to be, but I’ve not taken any chances, and I never will. How the hell was Adam Lanza able to get a gun? That’s my question…maybe the answer is already out there in a story somewhere, but it makes absolutely no sense to me. What was his mother thinking if it was a gun she had in the house? Where was his father? How did he get a gun if his mother didn’t have it? I’m betting we’ll never know the answers.

          • Alisha Youch

            Bless you and praise you for doing the right thing for your son, for your family and for your community. Families like yours are such beacons of hope.

          • $36544368

            Thanks, my friend…only through the support of my family, friends, and the strength of God have I been able to get this far…and I will continue to protect both my son and others so that everyone around us has an enjoyable experience being around him, and he learns, to the best of his ability, that life does not revolve around him, disability or not. Just recently I met with his case coordinator, and she said that my son was actually more ‘well rounded’ and ‘well behaved’ than a lot of ‘normal’ kids she sees…that makes those sleepless nights and all the difficult days as he was growing up totally worth it. Thank you for what you are doing as well! I know your job is extremely difficult and I’m sure your case load is atrocious. Bless you!

        • Alisha Youch

          As a crisis evaluator, I get calls every single day from people wanting to know how to “involuntarily commit” a loved one. Without fail, when I advise the caller that he or she must call the police personally to get the process going, the caller balks. “No! I can’t do that! He/she would never forgive me,” they say. Sometimes they listen to reason, but about 75% of the time, the patient does not appear and the caller does not call back. People need to take responsibility for ensuring they act to protect when they have reason to believe a loved one is dangerous. I had to – literally – tell a women she could be arrested for neglect and child endangerment if she refused to call the police on her mother, who was reportedly psychotic and chasing children in the house around with a weapon. Even so, she hesitated. BTW – patients can most definitely be held for more than 72 hours. The initial involuntary commitment is generally only good for up to 72 hours, but if the psychiatrist believes the patient is still a risk, the doc can petition the court for additional days. (In Florida, it is 5 additional days at a time.) Likewise, the initial commitment does not mean a patient will always be held for a full 72 hours. If a patient is evaluated and deemed to be safe, he or she can be released sooner than the 72 hour point. (Families are always shocked by that and often caught off guard. I go out of my way to explain it every single time.)

        • Brenda Setser Morris

          I know this to be true. It is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to have ANYONE committed these days, unlike decades ago.

          • Alisha Youch

            Brenda, in my facility – which is one of 7 in a major city, we commit an average of 15 people a day. It’s not extremely difficult. There are just very strict criteria that must be met. Document, document, document! Show a history if possible and say exactly what the person has said or done that is dangerous. Don’t give opinions, don’t focus on what the person did “last time” or a month ago, and keep the report behavioral in nature. The police WANT to help, but often their hands are tied when family members cannot give them the required types of information.

        • GTFOBigGovt

          It’s not incredibly difficult, just legal. They don’t need to communicate a detailed plan of anything, in fact half the time they’re incoherent and legally, even neglect of oneself is criteria in Florida under the Baker Act.

          During an acute episode a single police officer can take them in if they meet the criteria.. OR a physician, clinical psychologist, psychiatric nurse, or clinical social worker may execute a certificate OR a person like a mother can file with the clerk a sworn statement and obtain an ex parte order if granted. Then the police take them in for the exam.

          People are Baker Act’d in Florida all the time. After 5 days a judge can also involuntarily commit them for 6 months, too. I know people Baker Act’d for “simple” alcoholism because they couldn’t or refused to take care of themselves and yes were in danger. Then when they got the epiphany of the state deciding where they’d be sent, they real quick volunteered to go to one of their own choice voluntarily. Obviously this doesn’t pertain to this type of situation but illustrative of it not being that hard. Especially if the family member filing the ex parte has a lawyer representing them during the Baker Act for credibility with the court. I say simple because it’s not always simple and plenty of alcoholics have brain damage and are far gone and you can’t tell if it’s the booze or the brain damage. .

      • GTFOBigGovt

        Exactly that was a Kennedy initiative deinstitutionalization. You can’t get a court order easily now and they only hold the person 48 hours in my state.. I’ve seen institutionalized skinny 13 year olds throw a 300 lb caseworker through a plate glass window when I used to volunteer at state hospitals back in the day..My own bro in law can throw a sofa through the living room window that it took 2 or 3 guys to move in the house. He lives doped up on Haldol in Greece and even here at U of P they couldn’t come up with a real Dx. What’s really weird is that during his mother’s end stage cancer HE took care of her alone. So go figure.

        My own kid refused to take Ritalin as a kid even though it helped him pass tests because of the side effects. 20 years ago! As a pet sitter, I’m happy your dog and horse have you to talk to :) And the best part is they don’t need verbal skills!

      • Boetica

        Try fish oil and exercise for depression. It comes very highly recommended from one of my smartest friends.

        • Mark Paquette

          Exactly. I exercise a lot for many reasons, not just depression but also to burn off angry energy not to mention the obvious benefits. Endorphins are a helluva benevolent drug (although I am one of those who gets depressed when I miss a routine).

      • Doug Bruce

        History shows that people like Adam that are controlled by drugs will often quit taking the drug and this is the end result ..

    • Michael LeKites

      If he was in MH system. the agency, by law unless the shooter signed releases, would never tell parents of his violent statements. They may never have known what everyone else in the MH agency did.

      • Alisha Youch

        If there were violent statements towards the parents, they WOULD be notified, whether or not the patient signed a release. (I am a psych crisis clinician/evaluator for 13 years in 3 different states, and this holds true everywhere I have worked.)

    • Louise van Hine

      Nobody let Lanza into the school. He got in by smashing a window, according to police.

    • digitalPimple

      He broke in the school, they did not buzz him in I believe. He broke through the door/glass… just updating.

    • Marlene

      It is nearly impossible to commit anybody even if the family members believe the person is dangerous. The laws changed in the 90’s and many institutionalized people were set free as no one can no longer retain them against their will, also they can not be forced to take medication of any kind. As result many of this mentally ill go untreated and the families find themselves with their hands tied. The point here is, why would this mother buy guns on her name and allow her mentally ill son to have access to it?? This is all her fault. And read my lips, this kid had some kind of shooting training, otherwise how can you explain that no one was left alive? He aimed to kill and he knew how. So that tells me he had shooting experience, he knew how to use the weapons AND mommy gave him access to that.

      • Lisa Dean

        You are making assumptions that you don’t know. The news has been reporting false information since this was first broadcast. Anyone can pick up a gun and point and shoot without training. You have no idea that she “gave” him access to anything. His Mom is dead because he shot her don’t trivialize this situation by your wild accusations. It is not “nearly impossible” to have someone committed, it’s based on individual state laws, but you can have someone admitted for observation for 72 hrs if they pose a danger. After that it requires a court order.

    • MacFad

      How do you know his mother failed to secure her weapons? The boy was 20 years old and could obviously overpower her and breach any security measures she had in place. You don’t know a damn thing about what happened!! You now want to blame the victims? He shot his own mother for god’s sakes, he was a monster, HE’S the blame, not his mother!

      • GTFOBigGovt

        He HAD the weapons so unless she bought them for HIM in her name, they weren’t secured. It’s highly unlikely he could breach a Liberty or Browning safe. Every responsible gun owner I know has one. I “tried” to secure my weapons [under the bed?] isn’t securing them.

        Sorry but I don’t accept that >300 million citizens should have their constitutional rights abridged, be vilified and treated like the monsters because of some nice ladies who didn’t think or act clearly when it came to their family members, or shrinks and teachers who kept secrets or didn’t do the correct reporting. This goes for Columbine, the Giffords shooter, the movie guy, the Va Tech shooter and others who were KNOWN to have mental disorders before they did the killing.

      • $36544368

        He wasn’t a monster…he was a very disturbed person. You don’t know anything about whether or not he was taking medications, or what was going on in his mind…and unfortunately, because the two people who actually could tell us (he and his mother) are both gone, we may never know. I’m not excusing his behavior in any way, shape, or form…but there are too many variables to understand the ‘why’ in all of this…that being said, I feel deeply…incredibly deeply…for the families who were impacted by this horrible act. On a side note, my opinion stems somewhat from personal experience with family members…my dad was quite ill and very depressed. His doctor put him on an anti-depressant and he became violent, suicidal, etc…and he was never like that prior to the meds. I’m not saying that’s the case with Adam Lanza, but there are always circumstances that contribute to horrific acts like this, and we, as ‘outsiders’, don’t always know every detail and things will always fall somewhat short of making sense. It’s sad on so many levels.

    • doc20002001

      i hear ya , it sounds like she might have coddled and enabled the kid and when she put her foot down on some issue he lost it and shot her.

      • Mark Paquette

        I am not an expert, but we used to call autistic kids spoiled brats when I was a kid.

        • $36544368

          Yeah…I’ve seen that happen to my own autistic son…when he has had a seizure…he’s been called a brat by people who don’t have a clue about what’s going on…it’s not easy being on the other end of that.

    • Rachel

      I doubt any of them thought he was capable of this kind of evil. They may not have been paying enough attention….or else he deteriorated recently. What level of evil has to invade a mind and heart to cause them to murder their own mother and to murder little babies who the mother cared for, just to hurt her. Wow.

  • Jack Deth


    How much modification will the media need to have this tragedy fit the ‘Columbine Scenario’ flawlessly?

    Of course, this latest shooter didn’t have Propane tanks outside the school’s cafeteria wired with home made explosives for a higher body count. But you can’t have everything.

    • NRPax

      Be patient. They haven’t finished searching the house yet.

      • old_ogre

        They wont be able to compare this to Columbine, this was so much worse, these were babies, the innocent and there is never any excuse for this nor can you even make reason from it. This was a case of evil insanity gone amuck!

        • Elena0412

          Well my “babies” became teenagers and I love them more everyday. Your child is your child, no matter their age. It is a tragedy for ALL parents.

          • old_ogre

            its a tragedy for all Americans!

  • John Kerry’s Forehead


  • michael s

    who cares what drugs he was on. what happened today by adam lanza(not ryan) was a act of domestic terrorism. someone said this was similar to beslan sept 2004.
    it doesnt matter whether he took asprin ecstasy amphetamines ritalin percodan or any other drug.

    • redheadgrl

      I think it could be an issue. Kids being feed ritalin, etc during the formative years of brain function can be harmful for their brain development. There is a reason these massacres are happening at the hands of mostly Gen Y recently. I don’t claim to understand the science behind it all, but maybe the massive rise in scripts for ritalin, etc should be questioned.

      • Concerned

        If you look at the side effects of these drugs homicidal ideation is one….and many of the shooters in these massacres were on these meds. This country needs to wake up and worry about PHARMACEUTICAL DRUG CONTROL as well as gun control…but until the pandemic of prescription drug use is addressed we will continue to have massacres like this…WAKE UP AMERICA!

      • robcrawford2

        “There is a reason these massacres are happening at the hands of mostly Gen Y recently.”

        Because they’re the prime age for psychotic breaks.


        • old_ogre

          maybe the way they were raised and taught in school and society would be a much more accurate record….

          • Parzival[Entus

            or maybe the way that they weren’t raised and taught.

            The public school system is a joke, and I consider myself lucky to have not had to go through it past elementary school. Schools have so little support for students that it’s a wonder that there aren’t more anti-school violent incidents.

        • Alisha Youch

          BINGO! Males ages 18-25, prime time for first breaks. (Females run slightly older with a wider age range, ages 25-30, with a second peak around age 40.)

    • Concerned

      Everybody should are….it’s the reason these massacres keep happening..WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!

  • Michael LeKites

    So many of these shooters were on meds. If he was on meds he had a psychiatrist and maybe a caseworker and therapist. Did he ever say he would do this to them?

  • People Corporation

    Close friends say the mother was retired, to take care of her mental case son. Probably one or two times, in a heated argument the mother threw that in his face “I gave up my class for you ya little selfish prick”. Hence when he shot her, he went to that school and shot them for spite, because he was a little selfish prick.

    Thats just my take on it. Probably wrong. Too bad he’s dead, now he can’t die from a long slow non medicated torture, alone in a concrete box.

    • Basset_Hound

      I think your theory might have some validity.

  • old_ogre

    With all the comments about drugs I would like to point something out, it does not even have to be drugs from a shrink to mess you up. I found that out the hard way over 25 years ago, had a punctured lung, they shot me full of morphine and it turned me into a stark raving lunatic! Even with broken ribs and a collapsed lung I managed to go out of my head and break an orderlies jaw and blacken his eyes and make my escape… Years later suffering a blown disk in my back I started getting steroids but had to quit they made me mean as well… It would seem many medicines have severe adverse and sometimes unexpected side effects!

    • $36544368

      Oh Lord, I get you with the whole steroid reaction and feel for you for sure!. Why my family hasn’t disowned me during the times I had no choice but to take them is beyond me! Amazingly enough? It’s my autistic son who notices the most and keeps asking, “Mom, you okay”.

      • old_ogre

        I quit taking them once we realized what was doing it, it was an inhaler and they never told me it was a steroid inhaler, the longer i was on it the meaner i got, the wife got on-line and figured it out!!
        My nature has always been on the cranky side of things, I have always had a bad temper and spent years learning to control it but they should warn you about these things!! You never know what kind of reaction your going to have to drugs!

  • Ja59ClEE

    Maybe he’s having a problem with her mother. And it shouldn’t happened if they both talked about it at home. Condolence to the family of tyhe victims from beta glucan

  • ember

    Mental health services in this country are a joke.

    • Shari Rhodes

      I totally agree. Mentally ill people are relegated to living on the street in many instances, because they can’t function well enough to make a living for themselves, and the law will not allow them to be institutionalized. Some of them are extremely dangerous; others just pitiful. Don’t get mentally ill in this country, because there is very little help available out there. You’re pretty much on your own. Sad and shameful that our society allows this.

    • Brian Mouland

      Live in Canada many years ago I had a distant relative who lived in a mental home, the place was very dark and depressing but at the least she had a nice room, three meals a day and a proper drug treatment. It was a progressive idea to empty the mental institutions in the 1970s and 1980s and have the community take care of them. Sadly even with government funds there is simply not enough resources to meet demand. In realistic terms a mental patient probably had things better in the 1960s that they do now at least they had something to eat and some place to sleep

  • annoyinglittletwerp

    I was also ‘a little off’ in high school. I also have Aspergers. I’ve heard reports that the monster is an Aspie. Having Aspergers does NOT turn you into a homicidal maniac. I was raised around guns and taught gun safety/respect at a young age by my abusive father…who died of Crohn’s Disease. THAT is my point.

    • prlgrl

      Your right about that. One of my best friends has Aspergers. But combined with Schizophrenia and you have a dangerous mix. Its the schizo that was the problem, not the Aspergers.

    • descolada9

      Asperger’s won’t make you a murderer, but how others treat you because you have Asperger’s just might :(

      • annoyinglittletwerp

        Nope. I’m stronger than that. God’s been good to me. The bullies have all lost.

        • Karl Quick

          Someone …many?… taught you about God. It use to be nearly everyone reminded us of His love, or at least His justice! It is necessary to have direction in life in order to stear ourselves through it safely. We need to get back to having God as our co-pilot.

    • Rita Inez Zell Lusk

      I applaud your attitude towards your life and I’m sorry about your father. My uncle (whom I love and respect dearly) worked in the local school district as a paraprofessional specializing in Autism/Aspbergers spectrum disorders. It was so touching to hear one of his former students read his senior speech at his funeral- we learned how my uncle touched lives and helped them improve and gave their parents hope. My uncle was determined that those with these disorders be able to live highly functional lives and was passionate about his work. The world needs more of my uncle. If it is true that this guy had a diagnosed disorder, our school system and other services have failed us. We need to treat others better.

    • People Corporation

      Having a slight case of it myself, I can say people with it would never ever hurt a defenseless innocent kid. Someone that hurt a kid, no problem. Let me at them. I wouldn’t think twice and would never feel bad about it.

  • LizzieFiles (D)

    Any issues brought up regarding mental health is outrageous….give one diagnosis that is based on violence…None are, because that’s impossible. But…meds that we give to our school children based on anything from a family doctor to a school teacher recommendation is disturbing. Most meds given to kids say they can cause violence…

    • Alisha Youch

      Actually, one of the primary diagnostic criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder is violent behavior. But, it is not a disorder that generally gets medicated – at least not successfully.

  • Otter2
  • lcky9

    Best point on all the comments is ARE these people on ANY meds.. they can tell if they have had meds in the last 30-60 days legal or illegal kind.. I have to go with a lot of people have side effects which Big Pharm will NEVER admit to.. let alone the side effects on someone who is NOT stable.. I would like to see the stats on the meds all these mass murderers have taken from their first baby shots to their demise..Problem with prescribed meds is they seem to think everyone should be taking the same amount no matter of size or weight., well they do it with ALL the drugs.. something that in itself is insane..

  • Rita Chobanian Swisher

    I’ve read that this Adam kid was not only an Aspie but had a personality disorder. Those two issues do NOT necessarily go hand in hand! People with personality disorders, particularly the narcissistic types or anti-social ones, are much more likely to harm a fellow human being than an individual with just autism/Aspergers. Having been around several autistic people, I can attest to the fact that they wouldn’t hurt a fly. But, I’ve been around some people with borderline and psycho-social issues who scare me to death and I would never, ever want for them to get hold of any kind of weapon. I wonder if the autism diagnosis was a sloppy approximation of a different disorder…

  • Pamela Cassidy

    Why did this retired kindergarden teacher own 3 guns ? She didn’t secure them properly from her ‘off’ son… If she retired 3 years ago to take care of him, then the ones he killed in the kindergarden couldn’t possibly be her students. This whole thing makes me so angry….people know these shooters and the problems they have and just let it go because they’re family and they just don’t want to see or accept the danger.

    • Kimicalassassin

      Uh.. He was 20 yrs old.. Even if they were locked away a psychotic apparently very intelligent 20 yr old could most likely function well enough to take a key, turn the lock, and remove said legal arms from their lockers… And of course carry out whatever BS agenda he had. Lets not dog the dead mother who can’t defend herself out just yet.

      • GTFOBigGovt
      • GTFOBigGovt

        No, a gun safe isn’t a key turn like you buy at Staples. Google Liberty safes.

        • old_ogre

          If you have to lock your guns down so tight that you cant get to them before the crooks kill you why own a gun? I can just see you trying to get into your safe and the crook pistol whippin you and then forcing you to open that fancy old safe so he can THEN kill you AND steal your guns…

  • mcgirv

    Who’s guns were they? His own or his fathers or brothers or his friends.?

  • Tom Priesmeyer

    Wonder if his mother drank heavily during her pregnancy with him. I have read that this behavior is a common denominator among many serial killers. From what I’ve read about her though, it doesn’t appear likely.

  • dareisay

    We are going to have to change how we treat & handle, mentally disturbed people that border on violent or criminal behavior.

    The last 3 recent school & movie theatre killings, the perp. was mentally unstable. Friends & family knew there was something wrong and either they did not speak out or their doctors did nothing because their hands are tied because I suppose they aren’t allowed to alert authorities.kd

    If they are criminally insane, they shouldn’t be out and about.
    Somethings need changed about how we are handling certain mental patients.

  • Bill Boltinghouse

    Cheapness of Life – I want everyone to stop and think: 26 kids dead and 6 adults at that school also dead! When you cheapen life this is what happens! It is ok to kill babies in the womb – life is cheapened! Obama tells a woman that maybe her elderly mom needs to just “take a pill” instead of getting a pacemaker! Hitler handed out these PILLS as well – Suicide Pills! Life is Cheapened! Our dead are brought back state-side from war zones and pictures of their coffins are ordered taken by the press – Life is cheapened! So-Called Comedians and Actors celebrate the death of our service men and women and call for more of them to be killed! Life is Cheapened! It is NOT the GUN that kills, it is the cold hearts of the killers who look at the Cheapness of Life!

    • Parzival[Entus

      1) Okay, so, if a baby is going to be born into a family that is suffering from abject poverty, or is born from a rape, the mother should be forced to keep it because why? (And, on that note, what’s your opinion on the death penalty?)

      2) Yes, force the elderly to watch themselves deteriorate year after year after year. I have one grandparent left, she’s 92, her husband died 6 years ago and her first two dogs died 4 years ago-she’s left with one dog, she can’t drive, she can’t remember much of anything, she gets taken advantage of by other family members, she can’t walk very far at all, and she eats maybe 500 calories on a good day. You’re saying we should force the elderly to suffer when they don’t want to?

      3) Okay, so we shouldn’t have pictures of veterans’ coffins so we don’t remember them at all. Good plan.

  • LifeVictory Coaching

    I’m curious as to what, if any, medications this young man was on. Way too often medications are prescribed for various mental illness without first looking into possible injury to the brain. This approach to mental health care and powerful psycho-trophic drugs has to change. I would welcome a full evaluation of this and other cases like it to be done by Dr. Amen of the Amen Clinics….spect scan imaging of the brain reveals so much and can help so many!

  • Bonnie Wykoff

    Tavis Smiley just on Jay Leno — blaming our gun laws, not some KILLER with a mental health disorder!

  • Michael Z

    Autistic adult jealousy of the attention mom was giving her kindergarten students… sad, such a terrible ending

    • annoyinglittletwerp

      Aspies by nature-I am one-don’t get jealous. Quit trying to blame that monster’s actions on his being an Aspie. Some people are just EVIL!

  • Emma Brown

    I don’t see why people have to keep making excuses for him…he was just a worthless, evil, cowardly, selfish, piece of crap..

    • $36544368

      I don’t think people are making excuses for his behavior…they’re trying to come up with reasons…it’s helps in processing a horrific situation like this. It’s like this for me – am I more angry at this person for doing this awful thing that makes me want to narrow my eyes into slits and just glare at his picture (or even punch him square in the face if he were in front of me!), or am I more sad for the loss of life of these innocent, precious children? I’m feeling both, but trying to process them and put them in ‘order’ so that something makes sense in all of this…I think I’m a little more sensitive to comments like yours because, while they seem right for the situation, I also know that a disturbed person is not necessarily ‘worthless’…they might just be helpless/clueless and in a bad situation with people who have made bad choices (a mom who allows an unstable person access to guns, for example). Then of course they may just be so unstable that nothing can be done for them (professional help, proper supervision, etc.), or they’re victims of the system to some degree, or have fallen through the cracks in the system…or they might be completely normal and just a complete evil jerk…who knows? I think I’d like to spend my energy praying for the families rather than trying to figure it out too much…it can become ‘toxic’ after a while…or does none of this make any sense?

  • Mike

    No way anybody should leave guns out in the open in a house where someone is mentally disturbed. The woman’s guns should have been in a gun safe.

  • Patrick Wickersham

    Every prison in America has a CERT team, for the safety of the inmates. I would trade that tomorrow for a team in our schools to protect them.

  • Sumibraxis Dei

    ok…. so the guy killed his own MOTHER along with all the other students? am I understanding this correctly…. clearly one cannot take US media too seriously if they can mistake a shooter for his brother, so are there any NON FOX (entertainment) NEWS people that can give an accurate testimoney?

    • Sumibraxis Dei

      testimony… oops

      • wwbdinct

        You’re a fool. The whole MSM screwed up the story yesterday. Even the 3 local stations I was watching here in CT. Just had to throw Fox News in there, didn’t you? What an a-hole!

    • GTFOBigGovt

      He was carrying ID in the brother’s name. AND they look alike.

  • Justin

    I noticed Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad came out against guns… This coming from a man who is a star and makes millions off of the sensation of our drug culture and violence. Makes me sick.

  • doc20002001

    this is a terrible tragedy, im a ex NRA member and im even thinking that there should be more stringent requirements. BTW they were his moms guns – im wondering if he got her to buy them for him as he couldnt. im at a loss today, angry, crying, sad – ive got 2 boys 5-7 yrs old and every morning i give them a big hug and kiss and tell them i love them before they go to school as you never know if they will come home. godspeed to the kids, adults and families that are in pain right now. I wish i could take even 10% of their pain and carry it for them – if you beleive in a god keep them in your prayers. just terrible.

  • 81643

    It’s tragic and more than sad when innocent life is taken but if this young man was autistic perhaps therein lies some explanation

  • Rod Corless

    I’m still trying to figure out why facebook took down Adam’s profile so quickly and why the media didn’t report the self proclamation of Adam being an Anarchist Communist.

    • Rod Corless

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad facebook took down his page. The media however not reporting his profile as they initially have done on most recent murderers.

  • Rod Corless

    Please lock up your firearms if you have an unstable family member in your home.

  • Duddioman

    In 2009, over 2 1/2 times more people died from automobiles than guns. When, Oh, WHEN will we ban and severely restrict the ownership and access to motor vehicles?

  • Jay Puskenalis

    Being 20 years old, where’d he get the guns and the ammunition? Thought CT was stricter than that.

    • Michelle

      Reports are they were legally owned by his mother. (So much initial misinfo, so who knows if that’s correct).

  • Scot Brian Stinson

    SO I knew this punk had to be obviously troubled (what an understatement ) WHYdid no one step up & do something ? where did this evil shit get a gun? was ANYBODY paying ANYattention to what this kid was doing? Or was the family /friends/neighbors aquaintances etc. to fukin busy watchin M-TV or Reality shows !!! RIDICULOUS !And all we will hear is OH! got to get rid of the GUNS ! HELLO stupid fucks that was the tool not the cause!!! SO HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! NOBODY WANTS TO TAKE BLAME OR ADMIT THIS COUNTRY HAS BEEN GOING DOWN HILL LAST 35 YRS. AT LEAST & I’M 59 SO I DO KNOW !!!

  • Jo Post

    Here is my problem too – if his mom was retired, he had no business at the school and should not have been let in the building. Would that have stopped him from killing, probably not, but he wouldn’t have had a captive audience in a kindergarten school either.

  • Jan Kennedy Houston

    I am very uncomfortable with people labeling him autistic. Autistic individuals don’t generally harm others. My son is autistic and gets upset if we put the dog out to punish her. He is more apt to harm himself than others. We do not know anything at this point. Was he on psychotropic drugs? Many of these drugs are very dangerous for a section of the population, especially in this age group. If this young man was troubled from his youth, then you can bet he was on something prescribed by a doctor. If you and your doctor decide to try these drugs, please, please be cautious. Do your research and make the best decision possible, but take precautions, just in case.

  • Hal

    Why and how did Adam have access to guns?

    • GTFOBigGovt

      They were registered to his mother, who he supposedly lived with. I personally bet she bought them for him.Are they that easy to use if you never did before? I wouldn’t have the first clue.

      All she needed was a Liberty safe to keep him away from them. I find it odd that nobody is stepping forward talking about knowing her if she really WAS a teacher in the school and known in the community. Perhaps she was living there without interacting with anyone else and we’ll never know about them other than what the estranged father and brother tell the cops.

      Some people are outraged at “blaming the victim”. I contend people not thinking about OTHERS and “protecting” their own family members and patients in the case of shrinks is a much greater offense And then you get Columbine, Va Tech, The Movie Shooter, the Gifford Shooter etc.

  • Chris Kennedy

    Well you certainly don’t keep a bushmaster and other guns unlocked in you house for starters.

  • Red Fred

    Since she was the first to fall prey to Adam, the mother has paid the ultimate penalty for not keeping firearms locked down. It’s at the point now where very strict measures must be taken at schools to protect the children from people entering the campus who do not belong there. Tragic beyond words. I am heartbroken for the families. Christmas will never be the same for any of these families. It’s impossible to imagine their sorrow and suffering today.

    • doc20002001

      Its unusual for a woman to own those types of weapons, im wondering if the kid got his mom to buy them for him, if a woman wants a gun for slef defense they will have “One ” gun usually whats recommended is a revolver also as there is no having to charge the weapon in a stressful situation, but a sig sauer, Glock and a Bushmaster M16 replica

  • usaman

    We live in a spiritual world. Forces of good vs forces of evil. I personally believe this young killer was either directly influenced or posessed by a demon. Not kidding.

  • Momtofive

    Just FYI: those referencing Adam being autistic, that has ZERO to do with his actions. If he had JUST been Autistic, this likely would have never happened. Autism does not equal MENTAL illness or being a sociopath or a psychopathic killer with a mental illness. If he was on the Autism spectrum, it was just an added diagnosis to his mental problems. Only a person who is mentally ill or just plain evil could do something horrendously sick like this. :(


      Mentally ill people are NOT evil. I really can’t fathom how anyone could think that. So many people have mental problems, etc., and don’t do things like this. This guy was just evil with no conscience.

  • Carla Ferguson

    OK…Here’s a thought…if someone is deemed “unstable” or diagnosed with autism or ADHD, there are therapists out there that can help a person control certain things. They don’t need to be drugged immediately…that’s the fast knee-jerk approach so many doctors and parents want to use. How about video games? You know someone has some mental issues and plays alot of violent shooting video games? What do you think that does to their brain that’s already drugged up? And as for the mother, if she knew he had these tendencies she should have kept her guns in a place he could not get to them…like a safe! I wonder what help he was currently receiving or if he went off meds. More gun control laws are not the answer…the guns were legally owned by the mother. He killed her then stole them. He intended to do that and no law would stop him. We have come to a point in our society that we need armed security to protect our children when they go to school!

  • whyIoughta

    Didn’t Tom Cruise make a movie about imprisoning people BEFORE they do the deed?

  • whyIoughta

    When people say they aren’t surprised, why weren’t the authorities aware of such a loose cannon? If any of you know odd kids, you need to discuss it with your neighbors, not publically so much that you make it worse. But people need to be aware that there is danger lurking in their neighborhoods. Everybody tries to be so PC, and people get murdered. I’ll bet the mom had the gun to protect herself from her own son.

  • Pam D’agostino-Monteleone

    Parents of “abnormal” kids, like this guy, have a responsibility to society to man up and get them off the street and committed…. I would bet they knew enough about him to know he wasn’t right and should have spared others from him.

  • Joe

    Gun safes. Lock up your guns. Especially if you know your kid is whacked.

  • $23629333

    Here’s a guy who should have been on a short leash – if not institutionalized – and he wasn’t. His mother – apparently – owned guns; she shouldn’t have. There are the two main factors in this tragedy.

    While the focus is on this particular tragedy, the folks who are actually in a position to do something constructive refuse to focus on the threat posed by the likes of this Adam Lanza. Every day in America someone – a family member, spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, acquaintance, co-worker, classmate or perfect stranger – is killed by someone like him. The folks in charge know how much it would cost to deal effectively with such people, and – given the growing cost of maintaining the pay, perks and pensions of the public sector – are unwilling to do so.

  • Chuck

    Burn is hell from people who don’t believe in it?

  • penguin848

    As the press goes full bore to blame the Guns used in this crime it’s time to find out if this scumbag was a fan of violent video games and or movies and start a conversation about regulating them, You can’t tell me an individual with a weak mind isn’t affected by these images seared into the mind over and over again, and it would be nice to toss the blame into the laps of the leftist scumbags who peddle this filth!!

  • James Brandon Justice

    ugg, this is just like other tragedies, where the lies of Mental Illness come out. 99.99999999999999999% of mentally ill people are kind and good people. This was an evil act, done by an evil person, let’s not put a name on it or try to blame a group of people. Let’s not try to understand what this man did, because honestly if you’re not an evil person i don’t believe you’ll ever know.

  • Bernd

    pretty rough

  • Sara

    Check out this article about social networking and how it is out of control when something like this happens:

    • doc20002001

      Its obvious that there isnt much changed in society with the exception of a reduction in god fearing people – people will always be ignorant, judgemental now as they were 400 yrs ago. The only difference is that we all have electronic gadgets now. To sum it it up People still suck and i have no faith in humanity anymore!

  • stuckinIL4now

    How did this kid escape the wonderful effective social services system that the libturds have legislated into our society? How did he fall through the cracks? Their laws are supposed to fix everything!

  • stuckinIL4now

    I just read that Adam Lanza’s juvenile records are sealed–darn, if only Obamuh had gotten them unsealed!

  • Jane

    If only I could get to the ADHD people and share with them a product that is helping so many with ADHD and Autisim. I have numerous stories of changed live using these shakes.. It is a natural product that comes in powder form which you mix in water or mild or fruit juice. There is help for these people other than medication.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • BeyondPolls

    What if his classmates had reached out to him more then?

  • Shari Wilson Sullivan

    In my opinion we have a huge problem with how we medically treat the mentally ill. In our country even if you get diagnosed with a severe mental illness you have the choice to not be medicated. Most homeless people have a form of mental illness and most are untreated by their own choice. People often wonder where their families are because many seem to have none. Quite often, even if concerned family members put them in the hospital because of their dangerous or bizarre behavior, the mentally ill patient can check themselves back out without being medicated. I have two mentally ill people in my family who will not stay on their medication after being diagnosed with schizophrenia many years ago. I believe that many mentally ill people can be a danger to whomever they are around because their world of delusions and paranoia is very real to them. After twenty plus years of living with the horrible stress from my family members and the toll it took on my own husband and children, I had to make the difficult decision to cut both of them from my life for our own safety. I would prefer that our laws actually gave more control to the families of the mentally ill so they had to be medicated for the safety of their own families and for the communities where they live. I realize that people may object to this but how does giving the choice to be medicated to a mentally ill person with a sick mind make any sense? It certainly doesn’t help keep the families and the communities of the mentally ill safe.

  • Mary Peck

    99.9% of people with autism are good people who would never, ever do something as evil as Lanza did.

    • old_ogre

      99% of any type of people would not do this type of thing period. I don’t know why all this stuff comes out before they even know for sure! It used to be print the facts and only the facts, now its get every little piece of gossip you can and get the ratings up. its sad and should be illegal!

  • Dale Adamson

    Wow. This is crushing. I have tried to ignore the “news” as to not acknowledge another sick prick’s actions and not partake in their “glory”. I came across this story of a beautiful young lady and read her sister’s tweets and I must say it brokme down. All of these senseless deaths, the kids robbed of their lives, the families their loved ones, and so on. It sickens me to think people like this young lady who had went throuh life and dedicated herself to gaining an education to then turn around and commit her life to the kids and then have this happen? This country is in trouble. Hero is a mosnomer, yes it is great to have a sister who is a hero but when they are deemed a hero it means there was loss. No one deserves to be a hero at 27 and I mean that in a positive way. PArents, family, America…You want a role model? Here she is! Bless all of you affected by this horrible monster. I will pray for you and think of your families!

  • el_polacko

    i’m certainly not making excuses for the horrific murders but isn’t it time that we recognize a certain pattern here ? we have, as is so often the case, a young man who’s described as shy, introverted, a natty dresser who kept pens in his pocket and carried his belongings in a brief case, intelligent (the one person who claims to have befriended him calls him a genius) and was, for these traits, branded ‘weird’ and was shunned socially…rejected by fellow students, teachers, neighbors, and family. then, when this person who has been rejected by society goes down a mental/emotional dark alley and finally snaps, we blame him for ‘living in his own little world’. maybe this guy was just nutty as a fruitcake and nothing could have prevented his tragic ending but when folks from his past come forward to say that he was always an ‘outsider’ maybe one of the things we ought to consider is how we, collectively, choose to exclude or include people and how that will, ultimately, effect the personalities and actions of those who are excluded.

  • Betty Perry Reed

    I do not think this is something to joke about and some of you need to stop.

  • Seth_p

    These people who knew he was off and/or could of seen this happen are responsible for this tragedy. He could of got help. Also if he was “off/weird,” there’s no doubt he was bullied.

  • Buck Macklin ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I am interested in hearing from the mothers friends. Why she felt she needed that much artillery. I am not anti gun, but I bet there is a story there. A substitute kindergarten teacher that needed an assault-style Bushmaster rifle? Ya there is a story behind that.

  • ember

    We really need to reform the Mental Health Care in this country. We spend way too much on ‘green’ energy and growing hair. We need to start helping those who suffer from mental health issues and their families.

  • Brian Mouland

    Lanza reminds me of a guy I went to Community College with. Anti-social, out of touch with reality but from a good, upper middle class family who got him every treatment available; he ended up commiting suicide at age 21. Sadly there are just some tragedies that cant be prevented this was one

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Before condemning this kid to hell, read about his diagnosis, which appears to be Schitzophrenia, not Aspberger’s/Autism. He was at the age when its symptoms become apparent and was on a new, unconventional drug called Fanapt.
    Remember that there have been other murders linked to psychotropic drugs. And the police are also looking in to who may have unduly influenced Adam.
    Go to:
    Since this happened I, like many other Americans, have been experiencing the same shock, sorrow, horror, dread, and enormous sense of loss. May God comfort the families.
    As one of the kindergarteners hiding in the restroom suggested, Pray.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Before condemning this kid to hell, read about his diagnosis, which appears to be Schitzophrenia, not Aspberger’s/Autism. He was at the age when its symptoms become apparent and was on a new, unconventional drug called Fanapt.
    Remember that there have been other murders linked to psychotropic drugs. And the police are also looking in to who may have unduly influenced Adam.
    Go to:
    Since this happened I, like many other Americans, have been experiencing the same shock, sorrow, horror, dread, and enormous sense of loss. May God comfort the families.
    As one of the kindergarteners hiding in the restroom suggested, Pray.

  • jjgrlh0318

    its stupid that his mom taught him how to shoot!she already knew he was one knows what goes on behind closed doors…but the fact she taught him was crazy. I hope Adam Lanza would not cause stigma about people who are autistic ..what he did was horrible and evil this is not the work of a person who has autism!I have worked with them and my brother in law is one but he is able to function in society with us being safe around him.

  • dmlj

    This is a sickening tragedy caused by an obviously mentally disturbed young man. But for someone like Tim Dalton to say “burn in Hell” makes my skin crawl. Words like that from a supposed human being do not make this world a better place. Think about your words and the horrible meaning they have behind them.