It’s a story not quite as fishy as the 59 Philadelphia voting divisions giving fully 100 percent of the vote to President Obama, but it’s enough for the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Rich Exner to call it “incredible.” Nine precincts in Cleveland, Ohio, reported a total of zero votes for Mitt Romney.

In the largest of the nine districts, Obama won 542–0 over Romney. Overall, Obama won 96 percent of the vote on Cleveland’s East Side and 76 percent on the West Side.

Cuyahoga County, and Cleveland in particular, are Democratic strongholds, so an Obama victory there was no surprise, and networks had called the election before the county had even reported. And unlike the situation in Philadelphia, Romney, and some third-party candidates, did win a scattering of votes — many in single digits — in some precincts. That’s not enough, though, to convince some that voter fraud didn’t play a role.

In a post by the Examiner’s Byron York, GOP strategist Mark Weaver credits turnout for Obama’s Ohio victory. “Obama won Ohio because he did what Bush did in 2004 — surprised pundits by increasing turnout in his base. Also, by demonizing the undefined Romney, he tamped down Romney’s ability to motivate weak Republicans to turn out.”

Weaver has a point. Perhaps more incredible than the lack of votes for Romney in some precincts is the reported 66.5 percent voter turnout for the reliably blue Cuyahoga County. As Exner concludes, “without Cuyahoga County, Romney was the winner in Ohio.”

  • John McClelland

    If there’s nothing fishing going on here, show me some areas where Obama got zero votes.

  • forurluv37

    Why won’t Republicans call it what it is? Why are they scared to say Democrats cheated?

    • my preciousss!! really frustrates me that the established Republicans out there, are too wimpy to say it. we need an agressive and well-principled champion out there. (like michelle malkin)

      • Sean L. Eubanks

        My other question is: Why is Twitchy *working* so hard to damp the idea that voter fraud occurred?

        • EastValleyConservative

          This is reported on more than just Twitchy, may I suggest you do a simple Google search? If 100% for any candidate is won, both sides should be concerned.

        • EEKman

          Because you already live in the kooky side of the internet. Maybe Michelle actually wants to appear credible and make some money with this site.

    • Meeeech_L

      I’m sure they would support anyone that is a registered voter in one of those districts that steps forward & says they voted for Romney. No one has & that silence is deafening! I am a Republican but it seems to me that if there are people that voted Romney, they would’ve come out to the media by now.

      • ImTheNana

        Not necessarily, if it is being suppressed by the MSM, and they aren’t hearing there is a question about it.

      • smiley_t

        Do you actually think the media would say anything?! They are so complicit in this whole thing. I am convinced that there was massive voter fraud, especially all of the swing states. Vote early, vote often…

      • Sean L. Eubanks

        I don’t think the MSM would cover it and I don’t think someone who stepped up would be safe from the Obots. Might get themselves Breibarted.

      • EastValleyConservative

        Read the first Tweet in the story.

    • EastValleyConservative

      I have become convinced that they don’t want the fight to hurt their chances later—which is astoundingly ridiculous when you read my sentence AGAIN.

    • EEKman

      Because they already have lost credibility. The conservative media complex just lost credibility. You’ve lost the ability to claim something is wrong because you “feel ” that its wrong. You’re going to have to get used to facts if you want your party to survive, Call the election offices yourself and get proof if you’re so convinced that its fraud.

  • nc

    It’s a miracle! He got the same results in some precincts in Philadelphia and in Broward Co, Fl.

    Google it.

  • yviemarie88

    Come on, Twitchy….we know you know a duck when you see one.

  • freeofliberals

    All we need is someone, anyone, in those districts to come out and say they did in fact vote for Romney.

    • EEKman


  • LuCha

    What the HELL??!

  • my preciousss!!

    in the old days, they’d make an effort to at least make the “fraud” appear above suspicion, nowadays, they won’t even bother.

    • ATNorth

      Why would they? The loudest voices for us to sit down and shut up are Our Betters in the GOP.


    Come on Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria

    Hands down it was fraud.

  • KN

    Cleveland, Philly, Chicago – just some of the Democrat 3rd world, crap hole “success” stories.

  • Mike Pawuk

    I’m a resident in Cuyahoga County and it’s no surprise that we’re a consistent blue county. We had Kucinich as a mayor, the highest taxes in the state (7.75%), and we’ve had Democratic leaders for years that have left our city in shambles. Coincidence we’re one of the worst cities to live in and led by Democrats? Nope. Even Russo and Dimora were replaced with another liberal. And what does Cleveland do? Yep – we keep on voting liberals in year after year. Decade after decade. {smacks forehead}

    • TheOriginalDonald

      No wonder The Squire left.

  • ATNorth

    The only Republican with any honor is Allen West.

  • ATNorth

    Mitt Romney: ran for president for six years and conceded in six minutes.

  • killdozerd11R

    It’s time for a step backwards go back to paper Ballots and poll watchers and count watchers from ALL concerned party’s …No one can be denied there right to observe the entire process…No more calls from down town removing watchers…No More closed doors
    Because the electronic voting cannot be verified by ALL it is to susceptible to hacking and manipulation…To many people reported voting for Romney and the machines had the vote for Obama …. paper can be counted again and again Paper can be verified

    This thing about Romney not getting ONE vote in several Ohio districts Smells like last weeks sushi…someones hack went to far to be believed

    • Christoph DeHaven

      Just what I’ve been saying. The opportunities for fraud are just too great with a computer-based system, and the Chicago crew has no scruples. We also need voter ID–ironically, the UN inspectors called in by lefties were astonished people could vote without ID. My sister was an election officer in VA who observed people voting twice–and her boss refused to back her up, saying it was her word against theirs.

  • iamAtlas

    Brit Hume is tweeting every example of voter fraud he’s seen has collapsed under examination. What? It’s not even being examined. And with friends like him…..
    If people who live in these districts come forward and say they voted Romney will anything happen? I’m starting to think, no. Whatever happened to that idiot that bragged on facebook about voting 4x? Nothing. Two poll workers in Hamilton OH removed for giving unregistered voters ballots. Wouldn’t leave until a judge ordered them out. Think about how many votes they got through in those hours. How come none of them were challenged? Why are they getting away free with all this fraud??

  • Todd Thomason

    Someone come forward??? With all the threats of violence if Romney won would YOU admit voting for him in a district that is supposedly 100% Obama followers??

  • Matt Weeks

    I can’t be the only person who’s noticed that both of these cities had widespread incidents of Black Panthers hanging around the polls. Can we get someone to check out the results in Detroit?

  • Eric Lee

    Atention on Petreaus = No attention to Voting Irregularities…

  • savoyspecial

    I live in Cleveland Heights, precinct 1-G. My wife and I were 2 of Romney’s 126 votes out of 610. I’m actually surprised he got 126 in our precinct. Our Romney yard sign (which was torn down a week before the election and left on our sidewalk with a big footprint on it, and later stolen from our yard on election day along with other belongings that were on our porch) was the only Romney sign we knew of in our entire neighborhood.

    By my count, besides those precincts with 0 votes, Romney received only 1 vote in 20 precincts and received single digit votes in 107 precincts (not counting the precincts where he received 0 or 1 vote).

    While fraud is possible, a visit to East Cleveland or a trip on the Healthline bus down Euclid Ave. toward downtown Cleveland can reveal a lot about the electorate in Cuyahoga county.

  • wolfie773

    No, it’s perfectly reasonable that Obama with his glorious economic record achieved Saddam Hussein-level voting approval. Perfectly reasonable.

  • EEKman

    Its sad to watch really. You guys just cant wrap your head around how unpopular your platform and your candidate was in certain areas. Yea, it was voter fraud, just keep thinking that. It couldnt possibly have anything to do with your platform or how much you pissed off democrats with your voter suppression efforts. Talk about blowback.

    Nothings wrong with your platform. Nothing. Keep paying attention to FOX. Keep it up and Texas will turn blue, then its bye bye party.

  • $5893300

    It is not important, what the voters vote. What is important is who count the votes!
    Joseph Stalin & Barack Obama.

  • BeeKaaay

    I wonder how many leftwingwackos will come here denying the existence of voter fraud.

    All of them.