The David Petraeus/Paula Broadwell affair is getting weirder by the moment. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the FBI agent who began the investigation which led to Petraeus’ resignation is himself under investigation by the FBI’s internal affairs arm for questionable conduct in the case.

Sources say the agent, who has not been named, was a friend of Jill Kelley, the woman who complained that she was receiving threatening emails from Broadwell. The Journal reports that the agent’s supervisors became concerned that he was becoming “obsessed” with the case and at one point sent shirtless photos of himself to Kelley.

Has the Anthony Weiner scandal taught us nothing?

While the FBI searches Broadwell’s North Carolina home tonight in a search for evidence, those following the story are trying their best to piece the clues together themselves.

Others hope the bigger puzzle remains in focus.

  • FreedomRecon

    Stay focused……4 dead Americans.

    • blynnd

      Absolutely!!!! The major networks won’t, willingly, but WE WILL!!

    • $3576447

      No chance of that. This thing is playing out like an episode of The Young & The Restless….

  • Michelle

    I recall seeing Chris Stevens bare chest…as his body was being dragged through the streets in Benghazi. Hey media, remember him?

    • Sol Robinson

      You mean when Libyans were taking him to the hospital to attempt to save his life?

      Why would you possibly want to demonize people who were taking him to medical help?

      • Maria Seeger

        You believe everything that Hillary Clinton tells you? Including the part about how it was the video, stupid! No it was not a terrorist attack!

        • Sol Robinson

          Have you even seen the picture? The guy is holding him from behind, and supporting his neck.

      • BeautifulAmerica

        How then do you explain the degraded and tortured condition of his body after it arrived at the local hospital–what, 8 hrs. later?

        • Michelle

          His body wasn’t degraded or tortured when it arrived at the hospital. Witnesses say his body was pulled from the compound close to 1:00 a.m. and it arrived at the hospital shortly after that. The Dr. who tried to revive Stevens said his body arrived fully clothed and showed no signs of trauma. That Dr. spent 45 mins trying to revive Stevens. I have no reason to doubt this man. If it was the intent of the crowd that pulled him from the building to torture and degrade his body, it never would have arrived at the hospital and they would have displayed it as a trophy for all the world to see – that isn’t what happened.

          • $3576447

            Did you know he was raped?

          • Michelle

            I’ve heard the rumor, yes. I’ve heard no evidence to show that happened. A review of the proven facts indicate that didn’t happen. But I understand human nature is to believe such things in such a highly emotionally charged and outrageous situation.

      • Michelle

        srobins – you make assumptions with little information about my point of view. I am completely aware those folks were taking him to the hospital. I am very aware they were dragging him to get him help. I was one of only a few folks on my Facebook posting pictures of the people of Libya holding signs apologizing to us, saying Stevens was their friend and that what happened does not represent them. I grasped ALL of that from Day 1. I demonized no one in my comment above, I said I remember seeing his bare chest as he was being dragged – the point of my comment was I’m more concerned with Stevens’ bare chest than I am about this FBI guy. In no way whatsoever did I pass judgment on WHY I saw Stevens’ bare chest. I went around correcting A LOT of my friends who DID demonize those people, explaining that they dragged him to a hospital to get him help. Those people loved him and that was quite clear by the fact they took him to the hospital to try and save his life. Indeed, THOSE people who dragged him in the street did more to try to save him than did our OWN PRESIDENT. Please don’t make assumptions about me or put words in my comment that weren’t there.

        • Sol Robinson

          Fair enough. But you do admit that a lot of people say horrible things about people who were saving his life, and that offends the rest of us.

          • Michelle

            No “but” dude, you accused me of being one of those people when I said nothing at all to indicate I felt that way. Save your outrage for the people who actually say that nonsense.

          • Sol Robinson

            You JUST admitted that you have to correct people.

            “I went around correcting A LOT of my friends who DID demonize those people”

            I’m sorry I assumed you were doing that, it was a mistake and a generalization.

            My apologies.

          • Michelle

            Follow the bouncing ball – I made a comment about Stevens’ bare chest. And from that, (out of thin air) you ask why I would want to demonize the people who dragged him. I explain to you I didn’t demonize those people, giving an example I corrected my own friends on the matter, you come back with “fair enough, but…” You tried to change the subject to “those people” without addressing the assumption you made about me. Your last two sentences above nail it. And thank you.

  • Stu Cozza

    Too many people have taken their eyes off the ball already and apparently do not care about the four dead Americans.

  • my preciousss!!

    too many of our employees are shirtless in DC it seems.
    (why can’t we ever fire them?)

  • Jack Deth


    Who is in charge of this seven layer Lithuanian Group Grope?!!!

    Spanky, Alfalfa and The ‘Our Gang’ He-Man Woman Haters’ Club?!

    Another shovelful of rich, titillating “Squirrel!” soaked distraction to muddy the waters even more.

    • TugboatPhil

      Jack, that last sentence was pure art!

  • Pam Hembree Hopkins

    deflect, deflect, deflect… SQUIRREL!!

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    So, what I get out of this is the FBI’s shirt may be at Paula Broadwell’s place with the candlestick.

  • Guest

    This boy’s more mixed up than a feather in a whirlwind.

  • disappearing moderate

    Who said this couldn’t get any weirder? Now General John Allen is under investigation for inappropriate communications with Jill Kelley. WTF is going on?

  • DeeDeeTX

    This thing is becoming a six ring circus of a distraction. Good grief.

  • Timothy Noonan

    Seems the FBI learned how to fish from Ken Starr.

  • Walhei

    It may sound trite but The President sets the tone for all departments. When Reagan was President a more respectful and more honorable tone moved throughout government. Since Obama has been in power, it has not been that way. Same when Clinton was President. No high ideals, no honor, no integrity, no morals.

  • Jim Denney

    For an Obama regime scandal this is pretty boring. Bring in the pole smokers, lesbians and transgenders and let’s get this Democratic party started.

  • patrick lynch