Ashley Judd is one of those “politically active” Hollywood types who really is politically active. She attended the Democratic National Convention as a Tennessee delegate and has crossed paths with Bill Clinton several times, recently appearing with the former president on behalf of the Clinton Foundation.

Tonight on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” Chuck Todd predicted that voters will be seeing more of Judd very soon, either in Kentucky or Tennessee.

We’ve heard talk from celebrities seeking office before, perhaps most notably Alec Baldwin’s perpetual tease of a New York City mayoral run. An Ashley Judd/Mitch McConnell matchup doesn’t seem so far-fetched, though.

George Clooney > Ashley Judd? Fact check, please.


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  • Steve_J

    I thought she was a darmatic actress not a comedienne.

  • kate_middleton

    That’s hysterical. A loon like her has no chance in Tennessee or Kentucky – regardless of how well-known she is.

  • Bea

    Which version of her face will she be using?

  • dsimmons917

    The woman who complained about the coal-industry operated rape of Appalachia is going to win in Kentucky? For some reason, I highly doubt that.

  • FlatFoot

    If you encounter her at a campaign stop don’t shake her hand unless you’re both wearing gloves — or you’re wearing a HazMat suit.

    That is — unless you want the rest of your life to be spent fighting Hep-C.

    In fact, after this celebritard campaign by Obama — don’t be surprised to see a lot of diseased reprobate so-called ‘celebrities’ throwing their hat in the ring. After all — if they can get another abject failure with no experience elected once and then to a 2nd term as POTUS — why can’t they be elected themselves?

    Heck — appointment as Ambassador to Libya is a distinct possibility for Jay-Z.

    The position’s open…

  • Rob Stevely

    Id love to see her debate McConnell. She should stick to repeating words others have written for her.

    • orringtonmom (D)

      oh please… where do i buy a ticket?

  • orringtonmom (D)

    quick, someone call the marching vaginas! tell them they have a gig in 2014!!

  • orringtonmom (D)

    quick, someone call the marching vaginas! tell them they have a gig in 2014!!

  • Dee M.

    Y’all, I’m a KY woman and I’m just sayin’, “OH, HELL NO!!” Ain’t gonna happen!

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    Next thing you know, George Cloony will be POTUS with Katy Perry as SoS. Anyone’s guess who his VeeP will be. Because of the ignorance that put Obama in office for 8 years, you will have to be a dumbass Hollywood celeb just to get enough votes to win an election. If you’re famous, you can run on “free trips to Mars” if I am elected…and win.

    I’m moving to Greece.

  • Teresa Davis McCormick

    You’d think the fact that her series wasn’t continued would give her the message that we’ve seen enough. No thank you.

  • Back 4 More

    Ashley Judd is extremely beautiful and once upon a time she was my favorite actress…..then she started talking :(

  • plus_tips

    Did she complete High School? Diploma/GED? People of Kentucky aren’t going to entertain the idea of electing someone with San Fransicko Values.