Bette Midler has added her voice to those choosing to point the finger of blame for the Sept. 11 death of four Americans anywhere but Libya, and certainly not at the White House. Forget freedom of speech, forget due process — someone has to pay. Cher wants something to happen to Pastor Terry Jones, even though it’s not his film which supposedly incited the violence. University of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler wants Sam Bacile in prison now, even though he might not exist. Can’t we just throw someone in jail and forget this ever happened?

Once we’ve thrown this murderous filmmaker in jail, the riots will stop and we’ll be able to turn our attention back to our most pressing domestic issue.

  • Owen007

    If we’re going to start arresting people for making movies others find offensive and stupid, then Midler falls into my top ten of those that should be arrested immediately.

    • Ronnie Menton

      Great! I wish I had thought of that one.

      • Boon Companion

        I’d like to give a medal of honor to whomever killed Bette Midler’s career.

        • Mitch Cumstein

          @Boone That would probably be the Beaches director and producer. Course I’m still suffering nightmares from that movie too so maybe I can sue them and praise them.

    • Denisa Belyeu

      Well said and I agree.

    • Janet A. Davis

      You fall into my Top Ten of Stupid People.

      • Jillane Kent

        Were you attempting to make a rational statement, Janet?

        • Hello Jerry (D)

          Obviously, but she failed.

      • JeffWRidge

        Are you in favor of arresting someone for using their freedom of speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment?

    • David Edward Smith

      Here, here!!

      • Elaine

        Wonder what she said when she found out the movie was made a while ago by a MUSLIM? This attack was NOT about some you tube video. it was PRE – PLANNED and some in that country who pretend to be our friends and take our money, are traitors!

        • Michael Hampton

          Um…not true. It was a coptic christian who made the video. And the riots were about the video, but radicals co-opted the riots in order to attack. The saddest thing is that you don’t see any irony between these protests and the protests of catholics against “The Last Temptation of Christ” or any other movies here in the US where Christ is depicted.

          • $21194060

            Yes, the irony is… no one died when “The Last temptation of Christ” was made.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Or “The Passion of the Christ”… and Mel Gibson has been accused of anti-semitism for remarks during a traffic stop for DUI.

          • Michael Hampton

            That’s because he DID make hideous anti-semetic remarks over and over again. There is video and audio proof of that.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Uh yeah, I didn’t say he was innocent. I saw the clips myself. I said ‘has been accused’. That’s all I know, I don’t know what his sentence was, so I couldn’t say ‘convicted’ for sure. Read much? Or do you just read into it what you want to read?

          • vino veritas

            No, that is not true. The AP report claims(although I have not seen or heard of them providing anything to prove this yet) to have traced this film back to Nakoula Basseley Nakoula who is apparently a resident of L.A county California and also someone with a “history of financial crimes”. This person has, according to the AP report, claimed to be a Coptic Christian however no one has reported on, much less shown, any verified link to any Church he was purportedly a member of or provided anything substantial to verify the man’s claim. In addition, your claim that radicals co-opted the riots is absurd and contrary to the evidence coming out now showing the muslim brotherhood clearly instigated & directed these riots where 4 Americans, possibly more, have been killed to date. The groups involved with them are same sharia-promoting muslim extremists who have been behind, in some way, all of the anti-Western violence to date in that region before & since 9-11.
            The obama admin backed an established and well-known terrorism-supporting organization with strong ties to Al Qaida for the Egypt’s purported free elections which in fact was anything but. This is the end result of their incompetent (possibly traitorous) foreign policy decisions. Especially considering the state dept was given ample warnings about this planned attack on American territory.




          • shimauma

            Catholics didn’t murder and sodomize a US amabassador when the last temptation of christ came out. They didn’t set fire to flags and vow to destroy other countries. Your comparision is libturd stupidity

    • Bobby T

      Amen on that one.

    • Bui van vat

      Bette has been able to spin a niche schtick — the first female drag queen — into more money than any freak-show act in history.

    • grambo1776

      Im guessing the crazy Muslims are more outraged by the crap coming out of Hollywood than this YouTube Vid.

      • Sandy Whitlow

        Yeah! They probably pinned the Muslim prisoners eyes open, like in Clockwork Orange, and made them watch Beaches 100 times!

    • Sandy Whitlow

      How in the world could she have sold so many concert tickets if her Freedom of Speech had been violated & restricted. Bette showing off her TITS which could be seen in the nose-bleed section b/c she was so fat made her a lot of $$. What has happened to some of these old folks?? Throw a punk with a video camera in jail for an offensive 13 minutes of a child rapist. Yet give lots of tax $$ to maplethorpe for his Christ In Urine…Oh, this is art, wanna see my tits? Clueless nitwits.

      • Cheryl Webb Clair

        What really gets me is that she is a Jew!! And she’s siding with the Muslim extremests. Unbelievable.

        • Sandy Whitlow

          I forgot about that! I hope Jewish voters wake up this election. From Obama to wassershultz whatever, I’d be shocked if Jewish voters pulled the lever for democrats!!??

  • pococolo

    Please somebody tell me, this not really THE Divine Ms. M. Please let this be the work of some ridiculous, stupid loony hacker and not one of my favorite entertainers of all time who is calling for the abridgement of free speech to placate terrorists and then putting obesity ahead of all the dangers the US faces in the world while we have come again under terrorist threat with a president proving by the minute more and more incompetent to handle the safety of US citizens in particular and foreign policy in general. Please don’t let these insane tweets be coming from my wonderful Bette. Don’t let her have drunk the Hollywood purple koolaide.

    • Jay Stevens

      OK. It is not really THE Divine Ms. M.

      There. Someone told you. Feel better? Didn’t think so. What you are seeing is what happens when some people leave their core competency – in this case repeating words that others have written for them.


    So if her comments annoyed me and I killed someone because of it, she should be charged with murder?


      By her logic yes!

    • John Fowler

      “Incitement to murder,” like in Rwanda in that one movie she saw.

      • Derek Webb

        For her case, I think this would be “Excitement of murder.” #badpuns

        • Michael Hampton

          I’m so glad that you think the murder of Americans abroad because of the stupidity of Terry Jones is so funny.

          • CoastalMaineBird

            Terry Jones had nothing to do with this. Even the Libyans now say it was premeditated, in spite of what Blarney Carney says.

          • Maria

            The MSM has led you astray, young one.

          • Mickey Byrd

            Are you throwing out names as you read them in the liberal press?
            Do you think this is about a movie?
            Do you think the Germans and British help make the movie? If not, then explain why their embassies are being attacked also.

    • pococolo

      That seems exactly what she’s setting up. Sad for me, because I’ve always been a big fan until now, thinking of her as advocate for free speech rather than as someone who would call for the imprisonment of a movie producer because someone was offended by their movie. Most movies offend someone.

      • Dan

        I want Walt Disney put in jail because he made a movie about hunters killing deer. Really? Really. “Bambi” was so OFFENSIVE. Jail Disney….. Jail Disney….. Who really promoted deer hunting by shooting Bambi’s mom? And what about ET, and Old Yeller? Kill them all. How could Mexicans stand to watch The Alamo with John Wayne? I know the Nazis were offended by “Saving Private Ryan” and Hippies offended by “Forrest Gump”. Put all the shrimp in jail. I demand it. Tom Hanks should be ashamed twice. What about all the wooden little boys offended by Pinochio? Disney gots to go!

        • CoastalMaineBird

          Sorry, but you have to go out and kill somebody because of the movie before we’ll listen to you.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          Don’t forget all the little people when “It’s a Small World” came out.

      • wynnsjammer

        I think Bette Midler is more annoyed at the fact that Hillary Clinton will never become “President” at this point because of this administrations foul ups. The “Left” is at a “Mental” stand still and there throwing a lot of “Stupidity” talk through out the airwaves. Just be “Thankful” that Hollywood doesn’t run the United States Of America because we would have started resembling “Russia” many years ago. Bette Midler is a very “Talented” woman as far as “Theatrics” goes, but that is also where it stops. Bette Midlers days have “Come And Gone” and there is no going back.

        • Michael Hampton

          Um…Ronald “Reagan” was an “actor” in “Hollywood” before he became “Governor” of “California”.

          • Barbie Anne Smith

            exception – not rule

        • $21194060

          Hillary is done.

    • Latin General

      Great Reply!

  • vino veritas

    The nut job switched from pandering to idiotic conspiracy theories & demanding fascist action be taken against people engaging in free speech to warning the world that obesity will bring about the apocalypse! I cant believe anyone sane pays these hollyweird nutjobs 2 cents of attention.. or money.

    • Glitter

      She’s pretty hefty, herself.

    • Guest

      Pretty sure all the high fructose surupy sweetness in her song “wind beneath my wings” has caused alot of obesity AND cavities world wide since 1989… don the riot gear! She must pay!

      • Jay Stevens

        Don’t forget “From a Distance”.

        • TexSizzle

          She didn’t write “From a Distance”, and her version is not nearly as good as that of Nancy Griffith, the composer.

    • ohYESiDID

      Pretty sure all the high fructose syrupy sweetness in her song “wind
      beneath my wings” has caused alot of obesity AND cavities world wide
      since 1989… don the riot gear! She must pay!

  • lazypadawan

    What if the rioters hated “Beaches?” Actually, I’d be with them on that one…

    • Peb

      I’d be with ya too! Lol

  • John Fowler

    “How to Make a Perfect America” by Bette Midler, Mrs. Pelosi’s class

    1) Inhibit Freedom of Speech and 2) less fatties.
    The End.

    • waltzingmtilda

      Please tell me you tweeted that.

      • John Fowler

        No, but I’m glad you liked it. Maybe I should!

        • dawn

          Yes, you should. Don’t forget to include something about ‘sneak in and gain immediate and full citizenship’, too!

    • Jay Stevens

      If #2 is truly on the agenda, Bette needs to lose some weight. Just sayin’.

    • Kim Kovarovic Trischan

      Hahaha good one!!!

    • Bryan Whelan

      Bette worried about obesity?? Funny, i don’t remember her ever being on the cover of Health and Fitness Magazine.

  • Douglas Moose

    Sure, the filmmakers are murderers.

    How about all the people at the DNC whooping and hollering “BIN LADEN IS DEAD!”? Delegates and party leaders waving bumper stickers and signs: “BIN LADEN IS DEAD!” Most of the speakers were gloating and saying multiple times, “BIN LADEN IS DEAD!”

    Maybe that whole week caused some Muslims to have a feeling. How will the DNC answer up for their FOOTBALL-SPIKING GLOAT-FEST ??

    • Orangeone

      Now Doug, Bette, Cher, Hiltlary (borrowed that from a fellow poster) would disagree that Obama telling the world he killed Osama and the 531 times it was said at the DNC had anything to do with the embassy murders. And they must be correct since the MSM has made no connection. /sarc

      • Douglas Moose

        You’re probably right. And the reports of the Egypt crowd screaming “Obama! Obama! We are all Osama!” is a Mid East custom used to endorse someone for public office. 😐

    • Karen Reid

      You are exactly right. Passed you statement along to Hannity, F&F and Kelly, so I hope they will give your statement some air time. Bc that was as harmful as some video.

    • allenbarr

      very nicely put Doug

    • Indyx57

      Yeah, _that_ wouldn’t inflame radical muslim Islamist’s, would it DNC?

    • Jack W Freeman

      That was the vice president saying “BIN LADEN IS DEAD,in fact he said three times during his speech on national tv.

  • thalk

    Where was the outrage and riots and murders when The Last Temptation of Christ was made? Oh right, Christians aren’t haters like Muslims.

    • Discontentwliars

      I thought it was in Colorado – the movie was Batman

      • Jillane Kent

        An avowed atheist is now a Christian responsible for a mass shooting? Your evidence?

        • Discontentwliars

          Jillane – the discussion is about movie producers that caused riots, murders and other monstrosities. The lynch mob today is for the director of an offensive film, not the perpatrators. Nobody called for this director’s head, they belame the person. Like thalk said, Christians don’t take the actions that Muslims do. So no offense – sorry if my comment was miss-understood.

          • Jillane Kent

            I should have gone with my first instinct then, Discontent. The level of trollish activity on Twitchy is making sarcasm increasingly harder to discern :)

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          Uh… Christian Bale played Batman.. so yeah, “a Christian”.

      • $21194060

        You’re thinking of Christian Bale… not that kind of Christian.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          Haha, woops. Didn’t see your post.

  • James Walker

    It seems all my responses on her twitter feed have been deleted but I asked her if a Christian man was to take offense to the daily bigotry aimed at his religion by Hollywood and he went out and killed 4 people because of it, would she blame Hollywood, the Christian religion, or the man himself? We all know she would blame the religion first and the man second and assign no blame to Hollywood.

    • Kathy Morrow Downing

      Ok, thats just awesome!

    • zman

      I didn’t hear a word after Bill Maher’s movie…… Making fun of Christians and Jesus. I even thought it was funny, and so is the Youtube movie in question. The problem is the bizarre reaction of some very deranged fanatics.

      • zman

        This is like after someone had an epileptic seizure, and now they are trying to arrest the guy who installed the strobe light…. Pathetic.

      • Mini14’sBlkStrat

        There is NO humor in islam

      • Michael Hampton

        Maher’s movie didn’t make fun of “christians”, it let them make fun of themselves. He didn’t write what they said. He interviewed them.

        • vino veritas

          Not true, it was stuffed it with cherry picked snippets & quotes and clearly (as well as poorly) edited with blatant misrepresentations of the select interviews they conducted for the purpose of assisting their false narrative about Christians which is the same one your trying to push here. Anything pigboy and hbo sponsor and/or produce is without question suspect of virulent anti-christian, pro liberal bias based on their track record alone.

          • Michael Hampton

            No. I saw that movie. They said the things that he presented. Whether he changed the order in which they said it or not is moot. Those were interviews.

        • Mickey Byrd

          As you just wrote… “make fun of Christians”. I’m sorry was there more to that post? Well, I felt like editing your post as I wished to make you look bad. Maher did the same with his movie… lots of cutting and pasting and incomplete statements. How many participants in the movie were paid? Maher has never shown that he can do anything honestly.

      • Sandy Whitlow

        You mean Bette and Cher?

    • Michael Hampton

      That happens all the time. Dan White is a perfect example. He murdered Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk over his own “hurt feelings”. Gay people are murdered by “christian” people almost every day and I have never heard you say anything against those killings.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Really? Where?

        • Michael Hampton

          In Oklahoma in July. A man was firebombed.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            That’s only one day. You said ‘almost every day’. July was oh, 2 months ago. By your claim, you’re missing about 30-35 days, if we go by ‘almost’.

          • Michael Hampton

            I said “almost every day” and you still didn’t say anything about God’s gentle people throwing firebombs on this man. What about Matthew Shepard? Fred Martinez? Lawrence King? Harvey Milk? Did you know that the Gay Panic defense for murder is still used today? And people still get off using it? Two lesbians were murdered in Oregon just a month ago. Two men were beaten just because the guys thought they were gay in Seattle last week. You don’t know about any of this because you don’t care about gay people. Do you think that if I murdered a girl and then at the trial used the defense that she hit on me and I got so scared that I had to murder her would work? It does for the disgusting pieces of trash who use the bible to justify their killing of gay people.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Yes, and your assumption that I am like the person who firebombed that other human being (we all are humans, after all, regardless of our personal idiosyncraces) is ignorant. I don’t know about it, because I don’t pay attention to a lot of news. I don’t agree with people using the Bible to justify their killing of other people, because God said that vengeance is his, not mine. Go ahead and keep thinking and saying that all Christians hate gay people. When you keep telling a lie, you eventually begin to believe it.

  • Charlotte Powell

    There is a reason she’s a comedic actor, and I think it runs deeper than we all know.

  • VoodooMP

    Well maybe her and Cher can head on over to Cairo and just apologize on behalf of our freedom of speech. That should do it.

  • Glitter

    Poor Bette…Once such a brilliant mind. I would have her here, but she slops her cocoa.

  • Johnny Blade

    Brain? No thanks… I have Silly Putty! Oo… so I guess everyone associated with ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ should be rounded up for inciting murder…. right Bette?

    • jjmls

      Exactly…thats just STUPID of her to even say that. “Let’s blame the filmmakers – oh not US filmmakers over here in the US when WE make offensive films because we are protected by the first ammendment – just that one man who was used as a scapegoat because although he TOO is an American he doesnt deserve the same rights as us elitist snobs back home.” If that film had really pissed them off they would’ve stormed the Embassies back in June and they wouldnt have been chanting Obama’s name – they wouldve been chanting the film makers name. No they had planned to attack us on the anniversary of 9/11 and some fool gave them an excuse…not that they ever need an excuse other than hatred to attack us anyway…and our pitiful excuse for a POTUS apologized to them instead of bombing their sorry asses for killing our people – and innocent ones at that – not the filmmaker. Thats the other reason we all know it had nothing to do with some unknown film.

  • Pastor Jack

    The Dem Liberals really believe that you punish everyone else instead of the ones committing the crime. A drug addict’s parents should be jailed for not raising him right. The company who fires someone who is a drunk and then he goes out driving drunk and kills someone. Bartenders have to know exactly when their customers are just about drunk because if they go out and kill someone, we sue the bar. This is rubber wall mentality. They attacked our embassy, send in a few drones. Killing 1000 or so of them should wake them up. Now however, whiny Obama has given them power with “We
    re Sorry”. We are quickly becoming the sorriest Country on earth.

    • Champster5

      Cause they’re out-of-touch elitist pigs. Royalty in the old days had whipping boys to take their punishments for them. They’re constantly looking around for whipping boys, or as we say today – scapegoats to throw under the bus.

      • TexSizzle

        Speaking of pigs, load up a few large bombers with pigs and drop them over all the places where our embassies were attacked, Mecca, and Medina.

    • Jay Stevens

      Yep. To a liberal, it is always the fault of someone else.

  • Sandra Jo Gulden

    Are these Hollyweird people really saying this stuff? They must reside in the Outer Limits. Stick to making movies, because when you really have to use your brains they explode!

  • Timothy Nohe

    from @BetteMidler: “People, we are doomed as a nation if we don’t battle obesity epidemic with everything we’ve got.”

    Starting with Bette Midler!

    • Champster5

      Maybe if she stopped sucking the life out of small children to extend her life, she wouldn’t be so damn fat. She’s doooooooomed!!!

  • lonestar50

    Freedom of speech you brainless celebrity dimwits.

  • Brett McMicken

    didn’t the unabomber have a copy of Algore’s book?

  • Mickey Byrd

    People, we are doomed as a nation if we don’t battle obesity epidemic with everything we’ve got.

    Please send pictures. I want to see if you are winning your battle or just talking to hear yourself.

  • mkreider

    I guess we should block all artistic expression. You do remember the crucifix in a jar of urine and the ever popular dung thrown on a statue of the Virgin Mary. You cannot have things both ways. What might be offensive to some, might be art to another. The film Birth of a Nation is just one example.

  • roycoleman

    this wasn,t about a stupid movie hell it wasn,t even a movie it was because bin laden was dead and it ws the 9/11 anniversary. maybe time to start boycotting hollywood

  • Lynne Zimmermann

    these fools from left coast and entertainment world live in nutterbutter land. a land only they can exist in as it’s pathalogicaly ego-centric and just creepy

  • Diane Stephan

    “Bette Midler is very stupid. She’s not a bad person, but stupid in terms of gray matter.”- James Caan

  • jjmls

    Why is it that Hollywood thinks they have the right to say and do whatever they want under the first ammendment but when some assinine HATE group kills our people on the anniversary of the most awful terrorist attack we’ve ever experienced, they blame the film maker not the murderers?! WTF?! I think its because they are SO removed from reality in their own little bubble of which most is lived in a ficticious world that they cant see straight. If this filmmaker deserves to be charged with murder for his freedom of speech then shouldnt the same apply to Jane Fonda because she DIRECTLY and with INTENT got MANY of our service men killed. So stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it Bette.

  • Valjean

    It is a tribute to American democracy that even morons like Bette Midler are allowed to speak or post in public. We honor the First Amendment, even if it is invoked to permit ignorance to be spoken.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      The 1st amendment protects citizens from censorship by the government. It doesn’t protect against one’s peers from ripping you a new asshole for your stupid comments. Not you specifically. Just sayin’ in general.

      They can invoke all they want, but they should be prepared for any ramifications that come with being an unthinking fool. Assault and/or murder for one’s comments isn’t protected, of course, but assault and/murder are criminal acts in their own right anyway, regardless of the provocation.

      Some lib #blocked me on Twitter today, for my bringing up Bo’s voting record on assistance for abortion survivors. I added a ‘dumbass’, since they just kept sending me tweets, and then they blocked me as ‘spam’. When they initiated the contact. #twittergulag. Free speech for libs is a one way street.

      These Hellywood goons are infringing on this man’s right to free speech, by calling on the government to censor him. It won’t happen, of course, that’s against the First Amendment. They can publicly condemn him as much as their blackened little hearts desire, though, but they can’t call for his arrest simply because of how someone halfway across the world interpreted the material he chose to put out there. Hillary Clinton should know better.

      • Maria

        WAIT–your account is suspended? I couldn’t find you on my Following list. Wow, I’ve never known anyone who got #twittergulag before.. It’s not fair!

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          Haha, and not just once, but it’s twice now. This person posted: #DescribeObamaInOneWord Christian. I copied it, then RT it, with, “No, so wrong.”
          So then they responded with “E_Joyce [email protected]_Joyce .@FatBrando Why, because you say so or more likely because you are so brainwashed you can’t handle the truth? #DescribeObamaInOneWord”
          So I brought up Obama’s voting record in the Senate, how he voted 3 times to deny assistance to a baby that had survived an abortion. I said the truth is in the voting record.
          They said: “E_Joyce [email protected]_Joyce: .@FatBrando Oh, you mean like GOPers ignoring James 1:26-27 or oroactively fulfilling Mark 7:7? #GOP Christianity is ONLY a mktng strategy
          I said, If you say so.
          They responded with: “E_Joyce @E_Joyce: .@FatBrando Again, prove that it’s not the truth. Show me facts. #DescribeObamaInOneWord #justbecauseyousayso isn’t proof.
          Since I was busy having fun a #DescribeObamaInOneWord (and invoking the (Biden rule!), I didn’t see that message. When I did, I didn’t know what they were referring to, so I replied with “Prove what?”
          They said: “E_Joyce [email protected]_Joyce: .@FatBrando That you can back any of your comments with facts. #dontplaydumb #DescribeObamaInOneWord #justbecauseyousayso isn’t proof.
          I then responded with, I already told you, it’s in the voting record, dumbass.
          To finish is off, I got: “E_Joyce @E_Joyce: .@FatBrando Ah the usual name calling when caught without coherent response.I stop listening at that point. #DescribeObamaInOneWord #blocked

          Then my account was suspended. I’m still appealing it.
          I can’t see what I typed, from my tweets, because my account is suspended. But I can still see the mentions/interactions.

  • Linda Sandlin

    Well, perhaps some of those movies Bette stared in caused folks to have some problems….maybe some even did terrible things because of the show she was a part of…..Perhaps we should charge her in the courts for her part in the crime?

  • PC Man

    Seriously Bette, I used to respect and like you. you have just shown an American republican businessman that you are a twit, people like you need to leave the country if you don’t like it.

  • POdVet

    I’d just like to point out, that under Sharia law. Bette Midler, Cher and her son Chaz would all be beheaded.

    • jjmls

      Dont you mean her daughter?

      • Jillane Kent

        His chromosomes were changed?

        • POdVet

          I really don’t care what Chaz calls himself. I don’t care what people do in their own bedrooms as long as it doesn’t involve a child or harming another. The only thing I ask is keep the public displays of affection controlled, the exact same as I would expect from a traditional couple.

          • Shastah

            I’m not coming down on you POdVet; just thought this a good spot to reply since you mentioned it. I understand what you mean and agree in a sense. However, I actually do care what goes in the bedrooms only b/c this logic spills into the deficient mush- brained dolts of society, and esp. the school system which teaches that this is now considered normal behavior.

            Secular psycs say children raised in lesbian and gay households are similar to children raised in hetero households on characteristics as intelligence, moral judgments, gender identity, etc. But ‘humanists’ have forgotten one important ingredient.
            “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). You cannot faithfully teach God’s Word to your children while living a lifestyle specifically condemned by God’s Word. We are all sinners forgiven by God’s grace, but living in a homosexual relationship constitutes habitual, unrepented sin. “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination” (Leviticus 18:22; see also Leviticus 20:13).

            Disobedience of such a clear command indicates rejection of God’s authority.

            That ” sexual intimacy between husband and wife is good, and is intended by God for bonding, pleasure and procreation.” God instituted and designed marriage between a man and a woman (Genesis 2:18-25).When Jesus was questioned about marriage, He referred to these 2 chapters (Matthew 19:1-12; Mark 10:1-12). Genesis teaches us that “male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:27).

            We were created to a plan, male and female complementing each other. I’ve even heard LIttle Richard admit God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, nor Madam and Eve.

            So it does do harm as it permeates, corrupts and contaminates its way into movies, textbooks, and the general media “Modern Family”. Thanks to most TV, dumb is the new smart. But as we are constantly told, if it feels right [in the bedroom], it’s not our business.

          • Michael Hampton

            What a lovely statement of hatred. How does homosexuality being part of our culture (as it is in our everyday lives) actually harm. You just mentioned that it permeates society. Permeating isn’t harm. And to use words like “corrupts and contaminates” only show that you have a deep hatred in your heart for gay people. Show me actual harm.

          • Sandy Whitlow

            I fail to see the hatred in the lovely statement, M. Hampton. In fact, your above statement that Christians kill Gay people almost every day is NOT correct! Further, studies have shown that being Gay is NOT a safe life-style, i.e., AIDS, bath-houses, etc. AIDS from dirty needles do not even register they are so few.
            But just as we are discussing now, our Right of Freedom of Speech, some will not agree, but that is the case with all communication. And teaching homosexually in schools is causing harm: Condom application v. Reading, Math, Science, etc. causes a lot of harm. Cambridge just published a study where we, Americans, are now not SMART ENOUGH to maintain a democracy. Sure glad I know oral sex is safe, whew! Learned that in the 3rd grade.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Not to mention pedophilia, aka NAMBLA.

          • Michael Hampton

            That is a lie. There is no link between pedophilia and homosexuality. Please stop lying.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            We don’t hate people that are gay. It’s a bit difficult to get into, as far as my opinion on the subject, but we don’t hate gay people. We feel sorrow for them. By our beliefs, their choices are not natural. They feel different… but I, for one, won’t go and tell a gay person they are going to be damned, or whatever, because Jesus didn’t tell us to go out and bludgeon people with the Bible.

            Matthew 10:14 – And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.
            Mark 6:11 – And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear you, when ye depart thence, shake off the dust under your feet for a testimony against them. Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city.
            Luke 9:5 – And whosoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet for a testimony against them.

            Yeah, that sounds like bludgeoning, I know, but in my opinion, gay people are very aware what the Bible says about homosexuality, but don’t care, or they get angry. Ergo, none will be receptive to Jesus’ message.
            Again, that’s just my opinion. Like it or not, I’m entitled to it, but understand, I have no feelings of hatred.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            The damage is in the spirit. It’s the normalization of something unnatural to a majority of people. Just 30 years ago, homosexuality wasn’t widely accepted. How long will it take NAMBLA and/or other advocate groups to justify pedophilia?

          • Michael Hampton

            The only time NAMBLA is mentioned is by people like you trying to deny me rights. Children cannot give consent. Therefore your point is moot. And why don’t you talk to states like MIssissippi about their 16 year old age of consent if you are so worried about men raping children? Why don’t you talk to the catholic church who paid child rapists tens of thousands of dollars for letting them rape your children? In Colorado, your child is an adult at 15. But that doesn’t bother you. No. Gay people who you will never know, never see, and never be blessed enough to have in your life are your biggest issue.

          • Maria

            Being a well renowned prude, I agree.
            And until Chaz’s chromosomes have been changed she is a female.

        • Phantom Stranger

          No,they were not changed from the original XX when “he” was Chastity Bono. Chastity Bono does not have a penis, and even if a surgeon were able to attach one,and all of the functioning genitalia of a man to her female frame, researchers 1000 years from now coming upon her skeleton in the sedimentary fossil record would be very surprised to find out that “Chaz” Bono was a man. If one were to feed her DNA into a computer to determine her identity, it would be impossible to have it function effectively to identify anything and also report back that the owner of two X chromosomes is a man. Chastity Bono is no more a man than I am a Kilngon,even though it is possible to have the laws of the court pretend that the laws of science do not exist.

        • jjmls

          WHERE have YOU been? “He” was born a female…you cant change your GENES or chromosomes even if you change your privates. Sheesh!

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            I think they were being sarcastic?

        • jjmls
    • Michael Hampton

      Well then thank goodness our country isn’t run under sharia law. Oh wait. Evangelicals want to deny me the right to marry because of their religion. They justify killing gay people with their bible verses. They want to outlaw women being able to choose when they have a baby. oops. Spoke too soon.

      • Maria

        You can marry a chick. I can’t marry a chick. It’s equal.
        And a woman can choose when to have a baby by taking/using contraceptives. If she screws up, she needs to take responsibility for her actions.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Why aren’t you happy with having the same rights under the law as a heterosexual couple? A “marriage” is defined as a union between a man and a woman, blessed by God. A civil union is a union of whomever you want, and is sanctioned by some states. All marriages are civil unions, but not all civil unions are marriages. Why should it matter to you, if your union isn’t blessed by God? You don’t even care about God.

  • Joey Cosentino

    I like how she tweeted about obesity! lol Because you know, according to Dr. Oz and Michelle Obama, obesity is the GREATEST NATIONAL THREAT! Uh… last time I checked it wasn’t overweight people that attacked our embassy and consulate and murdered four Americans?!? GET A GRIP HOLLYWOOD!

  • Jason Dekker

    The liberal schmucks in Hollywood are a freakin’ joke! They act as though they are not part of the problem, and are the ones moving the world forward. Bette…are you kidding? Have you done a thing since what? Beaches?? And that wasn’t that good…

  • Michael Rice

    Under this “logic” those who bomb abortion clinics would be set free and those having the abortions and doing the procedures would be charged for inciting their own deaths….

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      And that saintly man that shot Dr. Tiller would be free also.

  • Billy Bob

    The movie has been floating around on the net since June. It was only used as a excuse to hold the riots.

  • Michael Rice

    The one hope I have is that enough of this lunacy gets out and the so called moderates, see liberals for what they are and helps tem the tide of the election.

  • Thom Harris

    Why are these has beens pouring out of the woodwork. Please go back to your dark holes and stay there. I just wish that we could charge people for stupid. Something you just can’t fix. Please Bette, stay away from the Kool-aid.

    • brianmouland

      Hollywood ignores them,Twitter doesnt


    If I had to guess I’d say she went off her meds.

  • Lloyd Revalee

    If they hadn’t had that as an excuse for what they did, the would have found something else, Bette. Muslims do not need an excuse to attack Christians, for they are sworn to eliminate us from the face of the Earth. I love you music Bette, but you politics leave a lot to be desire. Sing something, and maybe folks will forget how stupid were.

  • Hillbilly Preacher

    Wow, I am a preacher and speechless. I don’t even think ignorance applies to any of this.

  • $23277462

    Did any of Bette Midler’s movies or music incite Muslims?

    Could she be charged with incitement to murder?

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      She’s probably incited a few gay men, here and there.. to what, I have no idea, nor do I want to know.

  • grais

    Bette, you goofball, ‘incitement to murder’ would indicate someone said, “Go and murder.” Sort of like ‘incitement to riot’ would be someone saying, “Let’s all riot.”
    Ya dummy

  • Denisa Belyeu

    How about the ones that killed AMERICANS??? Or does THAT not matter to you???

  • Denisa Belyeu

    Freedom of speech!!! How about THEM offending and Slaughtering us????

  • Stephen

    Salman Rushdie can be thankful that Reagan-Bush ran the show
    at the time he wrote his inflammatory best-seller, Satanic Verses. There would be no hope for him today, under
    the Obama Regime. And his life would have
    been jeopardized by the deplorable likes of Bette Midler.

  • Delores Bullard-Campbell

    If the Muslim world was so offened by the movie “Innocence of Muslims” why did they not do something about it when it was released on June 23, 2012…but waited until 9/11 to attack our embassies and kill our embassador in Libya. Some are just using the movie as an excuse for their unmitigated hatred of Americans. According to Ben Shapiro at, the State Dept. had credible information 48 hours in advance before the consulate was attacked, but chose to say nothing.

    • Guest

      EXACTLY. If it pissed them off THAT bad, they wouldve attacked back in June because they have no sense of self-control as it is. Its not like they can quench their hatred for almost 3 mths and just happen to attack on 9/11 and wouldnt they then be chanting “Sam Bassiel” not about Obama?

      If we’re talking offensive behavior then POTUS takes top billing for his pathetic apology.

  • dawn

    People, let’s be clear. The First Amendment is only for Hollywood and politicians now, it would seem. Bette can post that someone needs to be charged with murder, because some spin city doctor in the White House or political field says it is ‘so-n-so’s fault’, and she jumps on board that Left Wing Wagon without so much as a thought to OUR Constitutional RIGHT that gives HER the right to post those absurd thoughts and conclusions. …there was nothing ‘divine’ about your comments. Shame on you.

    And if Bette is truly concerned about obesity, then perhaps she should tweet about dropping the prices of healthy foods to match that of prepared, boxed or frozen foods, and also she should rise and fight against the gov’t ‘owning’ all the lands and even family gardens. Come on, Bette, support those people who have supported you by watching your movies….there are a LOT more of us than people who want to throw someone in jail for murder for something that was CLEARLY A PLANNED EVENT.

    • Corrie Seames Caldwell

      One edit: The First Amendment is only for Hollywood and DEMOCRAT politicians…..

  • Jesse Kaellis

    When rich, powerful, famous people say something stupid, even if their looks are shot, I feel that they should get more respect than people who are short and live on disability. Thank you very much for allowing me to suck up.

  • Michelle Anderson

    Ok in that line of thinking Bette, then We the People are now going to take Every Producer&actor who have lead our kids to Drugs&alcohol or violence across the US,” sense Freedom of speach means nothing to ya, I’LL be on the band wagon for arresting all who made “The Rose”

  • Bobbwil

    Hearing “Wind Beneath My Wings” makes me want to kill myself. Should Bette Midler be jailed?

    • Tom

      only if you felt compelled to kill others

    • jjmls


  • Tom

    wow this country get dumber every day it’s no wonder she looks like Joy Beyhar they share a brain

  • conserv&preserve

    These people are out of their minds…geez.. how do they come up with this crap!!!!??

  • Roy Norton

    If we are going to charge this man for murder, then maybe we need to charge everyone associated with the last Batman movie. Remember, the one a couple months ago where a guy named Holmes, walked in. distributed tear gas and commenced shooting?

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    That tone-deaf broad has murdered so many songs, perhaps she should be charged under the same logic.

  • NCRelite

    Yes it was some random movie that incited the violence! …freaking idiots… /facepalm

  • For My Liberty

    Just told her to “Get off your fat ass and start” *rme* WHAT is WRONG with these people?

  • disqus_IUNc7OI1il

    Wondering why there was not a whisper of
    anger from Ms. Middler over Piss Christ a 1987 photograph by
    American artist and photographer Andres Serrano, which consisted of a small
    plastic crucifix submerged in the artist’s urine (partly funded by the US
    Government’s endowment for the arts)

    C’mon folks. Do we believe in freedom of speech
    or not? Or only when the speech doesn’t offend our beliefs or cause?

    Can art really offend to the degree that murder
    is OK? Really?

  • Janet A. Davis

    YOUR FREEDOM ENDS, WHERE MY NOSE BEGINS. Do not allow our privileges to hender your illogical thinking.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Sounds like Miss M isn’t so “divine” after all…she is a blatant racist…for suggesting that Arabs have no free will or moral agency…that they aren’t responsible for their own actions like white folks are…she needs to be a guest on “Celebrity Bigots”

  • Rick Alexander

    if it dont agree with hollywood or obutta its a crime? sounds like hitler or bin laden to me.

  • The Abstract

    Oh, Bette – you should stick to picking up litter on The Expressway and leave thinking to those with a brain.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Oh look it’s the Joy Behar look-a-like and it turns out that their big mouths and stupid comments resemble one another even more than their silly faces.

    • brianmouland

      Bette has an ounce of talent which is one ounce more than Joy

  • Jack Roscigno

    When I’m offended by I movie, I leave or change the channel…When muslims are offended they blindly kill innocent people……why are we apologizing to these inhuman monsters……this president is a disgrace to mankind…….

  • Love of Country

    I bet Midler is just desperate for attention … quite naive and sad, really.

  • Lana Sikes Speck

    Bette your an idiot! Someone had to say it!

  • Peg Roberts

    Wow, just wow! I can’t believe the trash that comes out of some people’s mouths. These attacks were planned BEFORE the issue of the video in question. Let’s pin the anger where it BELONGS, on the jerks who attacked our embassies and consulates!

  • JoeMyGod

    And again, in lieu of *actual* politicians, Twitchy goes after entertainers. #LOLteabaggers #LOLdesperation

  • TimandNancy Taylor

    Hollywood morons!!! Like the book says…”Shut Up And Sing”!!!

  • brianmouland

    Hollywood Brain Dead Has-Been Alert!

  • Bev

    Bette Midler is an effing idiot!

  • Ed Slocum

    Well it appears that Bette Midler doesn’t just spew garbage when she sings, she gurgitates garbage from her keyboard as well. Really Bettch, I mean Bette…”Inciting to Murder”…I think the term you were searching for is “COMPLICITY to Murder” and No…he is not complicit to murder. Careless and insensitive as the video may have been…I doubt seriously that people’s deaths was his intention, and he is afforded the right to be careless and insensitive by a little thing we like to call “The 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constituion.” Does that mean anything to YOU? It should, its the same amendment that affords you the right to put out crappy music and HORRID performances as an “actress.”

  • PistolsForPandas

    Here’s a standing headline that ought to be applied to Midler, Cher, and all the rest of the pearl-clutching lefties:

    “Silly woman confirmed to be silly”

  • gene

    If we were to charge people for crimes after the fact for shows aka movies than half of Hollywood would be in jail.

  • Indyx57

    I’m with Spidey Terry. So Bette and the Left think if your sensitivities are offended by a movie it’s ok, with 399 of your closest friends, to burn down buildings, murder and/or behead people remotely involved, and then arrest the movie makers? She’s obviously never seen Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman’s “Ishtar”. Now , THATS Offensive.
    People of the Hollywood Left should be careful what they wish for since _they_ would be the first ones beheaded and censored (not necessarily in that order) wherever muslims enforce sharia law.

  • AlmaAlma

    Filmmakers should be charged with murder. Hmmmm. For which movies?

  • TalkinHorse

    Do you remember how, in response to Monty Python’s “Life of Bryan” movie, Christians went on a worldwide rampage, leaving death and property damage in their wake? Neither do I.

    Funny how the same crowd that once stood up for every form of offensive free expression (Larry Flynt et al) today aspire to lock up anyone that utters words that trouble backwards barbarians in remote lands.

  • David Thompson

    Ah it is another celebrity who is in movies that wants this guy in jail for making a movie! She only wants him arrested because she didn’t Star in it.
    This movie was of very poor quality and the followers of Islam that were rioting and those that committed murder are the ones who should be in jail and tried under Shari Law!
    As they were rioting over a Prophet, a man and not Allah who is to be praised. They all need to be brought before a Shari Court and condemned for worshiping a false God.
    It is up to the viewer how they perceive what is on the screen. They are responsible for there actions in life and must answer to Allah for this. Pretty sure Allah is not pleased with them killing over a messenger and not Him!

  • Kurt Schwaninger

    I don’t care about anything these idiots in Hollyweird say, I am just happy there are some people of power grounded enough to take on the important issues like outlawing “Big Gulps”. As a matter of fact I have made an addition to my bucket list; I wan’t to get arrested in New York double fisting, A Big Gulp of Coke in one hand and a Xtra large Cherry Slushie in the other. I am thinking that will get me tazed.

    • Maria

      You are a brave brave man to do that in New York with Dictator Bloomberg at the helm.

  • John kennedy

    How hypocritical can Hollywood get?? Death to film maker “Bacile”! Free speecH rights for Jason Biggs. What a country! !

  • John Riccardi

    That’s why they act; they get to play smart people every once in a while.

  • Joe Dickinson

    what is funny is the fact that most intelligent people out there dont feel the movie caused the riots and with the sheer numbers it appears to have been well organized,

  • Paul C.

    That video was on youtube for a while try 9-11 Bette you would closer to the truth.

  • Donald Koller

    Bette is still alive? Who knew? Who cares?.

  • Lynne Harp

    Whatever happened to accountability? “The devil made me do it? I could watch a movie depicting Christ in an unseemly manner and it would hurt me, even make me angry, but it would not incite me to go out and rape and murder! These animals need to pay for their own crimes!

  • Clancie

    I think she should be charged with an illegal display of unconstitutionally. What a moron.

  • $129448

    lol. People in Hollywood make movies about whatever the hell they want, what hypocrisy. When are they going to realize the killings were not over the stupid movie, it was over an Obama drone attack that killed an Al Quaeda. Hollywood idiots.

  • Jefferson Tea Party

    We want her arrested for Beaches.

  • Jason

    Thank God Hollywood does not run the nation, although by all the money the so-called celeb’s are throwing at obama you would never know it. Too many tree-huggers and socialist out there !!

  • bdh829

    Ugh! These so-called actors, celebrities are so far beyond stupid and uneducated that it defies logic to even respond. This country under this administration is heading straight down the toilet. Keep appeasing and we’ll all be wearing burkas next year.

  • Madelyn Martine

    OMG…I’m laughing so hard at her thought of our nation being “doomed” because of OBESITY. I think she needs to stop flapping her wings and land in the real world to look at what’s happening.

  • Jane Litwiller

    Where is the outrage against slandering Christians by Hollywood leftists who think they’re funny, and vile hatefilled so-called. Journalists in the media? Oh wait- Christians don’t riot and kill those who hate them, they might defend themselves when attacked but unlike Islam, are commanded to love their enemies and pray for them.

  • BeeKaaay

    Abortion doctors should be charged with murder, over 50 million dead since 1973. But Bette Hitler does not say anything about this holocaust.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    Hillary Clinton described the movie, which she may or may not have seen as “disgusting and reprehensible”, however the so called “art exhibit” featuring a crucifix immersed in a jar of urine and a “sculpture depicting the Virgin Mary surrounded by elephant dung” didn’t warrant a word of condemnation from any of our officials because they knew that Catholics/Christians weren’t going on a killing and rioting spree.
    The Palestinians who took control of the Church in Bethlehem,( I believe that it was the Church of the Nativity) defecated and urinated on the altars and tore pages from the sacred Altar Missals and used them for toilet paper, Not a word from any of the leaders of the Christian world. No Christian rioting, burning, sodomizing and murders of Imams either.

    Our feckless leadership started out their reign with an apology to the perpetually “offended” or “waiting to be offended” Muslims. We are presiding over our own destruction. There will never be peaceful coexistence in this type of society with a “religion” that justifies the murder of one’s own daughters because they wanted to adopt western ways or the gasoline immolation a few years ago of an 18 year old daughter who wore shorts on a very warm day in a village in Turkey.
    Yes Bette, you go on appeasing these fanatics and when they take control of this country they’ll be coming for you and for Barbara Streisand, Larry David, Steven Spielberg etc. To them we are ALL Jews . By the way Bette, I really DO like your singing. Please, just stick to that. You’re so good at it.

    Churchill said “The appeaser feeds the crocodile in the hope that it will eat him last.”

  • Dom the American

    Midler and Cher are just. 2 of Commiewoods ass holes any hear of the 1st Amendment ?

  • reneehaigh

    what are we supposed to go now? fart and smell it?? that is what the white house is doing: obama acts like he is God and hillary is the messiah! give me a break and oh twitter please don’t suspend my account because i say something some liberal loon don’t like: truth must hurt!!

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Mine got suspended =(

  • reneehaigh

    i need to say this one; it don’t take more than a speck to insult these people: we don’t like our gov’t so do we stand up and burn down the white house? NO we are civilized here is this country: we are NOT living in the dark ages and wearing clothing from 2000 years ago today! if they are struggling with modernization in the mid east its their fault for NOT keeping up with progress! they live in the old days but love to make MODERN money!!!!

  • Kenney Wilson

    what do the Hollywood people think we are all stupid? I may not agree with the message in the movie but as once said i will defend to the death the right to make and show it. People in the USA think the people killing our people who are to help are right. Then pack up and go there. You are a disgrace to the USA and for all we stand for so go!

  • Chris Matthew Corley

    So murdering a US Ambassador and Embassy workers is not murder if they are upset about a movie? I guess I could go along with that because I hated the movie Beaches. Bring me Bette Midler’s head!

  • MPR1776

    Funny thing is, that in the past, whenever a movie was made and some kid copied the movie and ended up dead, Hollyweird was absolutely against suing the movie maker for the incident…that’s where all the “Do Not Try This At Home” crap came from, didn’t it?

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    I support free speech. The film is a piece of crap. As Andrew Breitbart would have said, “So?” You do not attack free speech because you hear or see something you disagree with.

    Ms. Middler is an idiot. The depravity of those calling for censorship and the over reaction in the Muslim world, is frankly far worse than that film. Christians and Jews put up with such mockery all the time and they find it annoying. Muslims go bat ___ crazy. I am sorry, the over reaction of the latter has to be addressed first.

    It is a red herring too (at least as far as the murders in Benghazi). This attack was planned and coordinated and was done to mark 9/11 and give al Qaeda a boost (in response to drone attacks). The movie may have fired up the general mob, but the attackers who went after the Ambassador were not the mob, they were assassins.

    And Obama’s handling of these events has been terrible.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady The movie was secondary, Zawahiri was the primary cause.

  • A Whitman

    Message to Bette: You haven’t done shit worth mentioning in years, STFU. You are as relevant to politics as the shit I just took five mins ago Kapeche?

  • jetch

    can we charge bette for attempted murder, since any one of her movies would kill me to watch!

  • Lisa CH

    I am so irritated by this I cannot even think straight- These people that did this are criminals and animals without any though or value for the human life THEY ARE THE GUILTY PARTY I suppose we should go back to blaming women in short skirts for being raped? I’m sorry Ms Bette you are a NUT and you could not be more ridiculous by this statement

  • David Pike

    well it worked for bette midler saying stupid crap like that, got her name back out there, for real i thought she was dead.

  • John Hanover

    Good singer bad person. She can say whatever she wants but we should arrest someone else for theirs, nice double standard.

  • Marcy Cook

    Gee I remember not that long ago a man by the name of McCarthy was trying to shut you hollywood lunatics up and you are still moaning and groaning about that. Only now you are behaving just like him. Wake up Bette.

    • Rick Bowser

      The only thing is..McCarthy has been proven correct.. and people like Bette Midler are Exhibit “A”!

      • Marcy Cook

        Yes, I agree.

  • Alan Howell

    Unreal…..Americans are being butchered on Obama’s watch yet Midler here maintains obesity as our first priority? I seriously think there is s socio-psychosis running rampant through the A, B, C and D list in Hollywood with Ms. Midler here, Bono and Barkin of course coming from the latter. Knock yourselves out ladies. It’s very apparent that one doesn’t have to be male to be the crazy uncle any longer.

  • Justin Levesque

    Again, I have to ask: Why does ANYONE give a rat’s ass what anybody in Hollywood has to say about anything? My cat has more brainpower than Midler has ever had.

  • TocksNedlog

    First Amendment, shmirst amendment!

  • disgusted with Idiots

    With that same train of thought women that get abortions should be charged with murder when lunatics bomb and kill abortion clinics and doctors. For inciting violence. Way to go Bette you are a real idiot.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Bette is just calming things! French publish topless photos of Kate Middleton. Reports of outraged Brits storming the French embassy…

  • NWFL Conservative

    Hey Bette, how do you breathe with your head that far up your fat ass? The INFORMED part of the population figured out days ago that this movie had NOTHING to do with the attacks on our embassies. Even the Libyans are now saying that. You and the rest of your ilk are living proof that liberalism is both a social and mental disease.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      I think she can breathe because her mouth is far bigger than her ass. Just sayin’.

  • walkingman717

    Does Bette Midler think the Beatles should be charged with murder because Charles Manson used Helter Skelter as his mission to kill Beverly Hills elitists ? This is all so hypocritical.

  • NOTP

    If the lot of you people focused your anger at the right people, your so-called Republican nominee might stand a chance to win, but you squander it all by choosing the wrong battles to fight. If you hate celebrities so bad and find their opinions utterly useless and or stupid, then why are you so obsessed by what they say? By devoting a whole thread against Bette Midler, you’ve just elevated her staus as being an important mouthpiece for the DNC. Really, the joke is on you!

    • Rick Bowser

      Maybe If the Goober in the Oval office had done his Job, attended security briefings, instead of trying to be a Rock star & chillin’ with his Celebrity homies and trying to sure up his Golf game or being the “tourist- in- chief”, maybe this travesty could have been avoided! Midler is being called out on her Bulls##t, because it mirrors that of the White house and The State Dept. of excusing the real perpetrators and screeching about a cheesy video on YouTube! I wouldn’t bank on “THE ONE” getting a SECOND term, after this disaster of a week for his Administration! He would have trouble fending off a challenge to his re-election from Larry the Cable Guy , much less Mitt Romney, and Obama’s most ardent lobotomized supporters are having trouble defending him on this score to the American people!

  • SmilingAssassin27

    I’m sure watching Beaches incited more murders and suicides than this silly trailer, should we put Bette in jail for it?

  • Deb Raymond

    I just heard this film came out in April. If that is the reason for the attack, why didn’t they attack then? I don’t think that is it as much as Obama touting how he killed Osama. Funny how close their names are to each other and how vile each is.

  • Maria

    Another singer/actress I looked up to. Well she’s off my play list now. How ignorant can she be? She has no facts whatsoever..and then must make the obesity epidemic distraction like Mrs. Soetoro.

  • Tony Reynolds

    While we’re at it.. let’s starting charging beer companies for murder every time a drunk driver kills someone along with the auto dealer who sold the vehicle… perfect logic Bette

  • Shana Long Hamel

    Shouldn’t she be blaming Al Gore? After all, he invented the internet…..

  • grais

    Now THERE’S the “inciting to murder’ you were scratching around for, Bette, you knucklehead.

  • 50ftqueenie18

    Just more proof that the left really do have it in for western civilization. If the Islamic nutters want us to submit to them, the Hollywood Johnny Depp Brad Pitt George Clooney cabal will be the first on their knees.

  • 50ftqueenie18

    Are Hollywooders really that fu#king stupid?

  • Cheryl Webb Clair

    A thought just occured to me: shouldn’t the potus be careful about taking credit for Bin Ladens death? I mean if these people could actually get this worked up about a little video, how must they feel about the man who claims to have killed their leader? Maybe THEY understand that he didn’t kill the man himself.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    In case some of you forgot or perhaps didn’t know because it got minimal if any news coverage, we also have an Attorney General who decided not to prosecute the Samir King Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party who, in addition to intimidating White voters (sad how Whites are so easily intimidated these days) outside a polling place in Killadelphia during the last election in 2008, he also stood on a corner of the famed South Street and called for Black men to commit genocide and infanticide against White people. The Phila PD. sat in their vehicles and did NOTHING! He even has a YouTube video where he discusses the different ways to kill White babies in hospital nurseries.
    But let some knucklehead White teenager scrawl the “N WORD” on a sidewalk or brick wall and there is national coverage and outrage.

  • Thomas Dean

    dear god . . looked at Bette Midler’s tweets obesity damn girl . . you’ve been big (and i don’t mean talent-wise) for most of your career I mean WTF????

    & as for who did what to whom on 9/11 . . .read that Intelligence Reports DAYS before the film was released had Terrorists, MUSLIM Terrorists, were planning these attacks on our embassies DAYS before to “celebrate” 9/11 their way . . . Bette keep your mouth quiet on things you know nothing about!!!

  • Thomas Dean

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!! The film-maker committed no crime! OBAMA & CLINTON are the ones who are at fault, Obama for his pleasing Muslims every which way, for his UN-American attitudes . . . his Pro-Muslim stances, anti-Christian policies . . and Hillary for just plain being pro-Hillary and anti everything else! (who was it that had the marines pulled from where? and gave them RUBBER BULLETS!!!!!!

  • Thomas Dean

    Bette i lie your singing . . but as for your politics, go back to Hollywierd and get a REAL life

  • Greg Lewis

    Shhhh! Bette, what are you thinking?!!! The moment you start taking away the sugary products and declare a war on obesity, they will come for you. You incited these riots! The obese people will riot in the streets, people will lose their lives by the enraged starving obese people, and they will come for you Bette. They will come for you.

  • aqua1957

    following that logic, we should arrest the producer of Batman, since the movie “caused” him to kill and maim. i wish hollywierd would just shut up. this is why i don’t go to hollywood movies. just watch old ones

  • Jedd McHead

    Bette using HER free speech to condemn someone else for using theirs — classic. Only the Odrama administration has a higher percentage of hypocrites and phonies than Hollyweird (and that’s saying something).

  • karen phillips

    unbelievable who the hell are these has beens they have no grasp on reality do they all go to the same school for idiots i hate hollywood i do not watch there garbage or buy there movies i say quit going to the damn movies fuck hollywoods liberal bias assholes

  • mkreider

    Oh well, just throw Freedom of Speech out the window. Oh yes, obesity….where is Michelle Obama? All those rotund, obese teachers on strike and not a word!! Oh well, His Obamaship will just pass a regulation against being obese.

  • Ruthie Hendrycks

    It has nothing to do with the movie – it is how some react to others freedom of Speech – Gee you would think someone from the “Arts Community” like Midler would get that. I watched about 1 min 40 seconds of the movie which I found to resemble alot of the kind of crap you see on Saturday Night Live – guess their skits just do not drive… we Americans into the streets in rage. I wonder if some Country that still practices witch craft, spells etc. could be upset enough to start riots because an overweight woman names Bette Midler made fun of all that ‘hocus pocus’ kind of stuff –
    Gee maybe Bette should go into hiding!