Two days after alerting concerned parents that it was “working on addressing this issue,” Nickelodeon has rolled out a (slightly) more substantial statement regarding the Jason Biggs controversy:

The offensive comments made by Jason Biggs last week on his personal twitter account do not reflect our company’s views or values, and we condemn them. Nickelodeon does not support or condone the use of graphic or vulgar language on any of our platforms. It was our mistake to link from our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles twitter feed to Jason’s personal twitter account, and we quickly corrected our error. We also insisted Jason use better judgment and discretion in public communications while affiliated with our brand.

It appears from the “while affiliated with our brand” language, then, that Biggs retains his business relationship with Nickelodeon, but the kids’ cable network has put Biggs on notice. But how closely, exactly, is the network paying attention to ensure that Biggs “use better judgment”?

Parents were shocked to find that Nickelodeon was providing direct links to Biggs’ twitter feed via its @TMNTMaster account, giving children one-click access to a stream of vile and sexually explicit tweets (cataloged here), many including photos. A tweet sent out by Nickelodeon under the TMNTMaster account on September 1, three days following Biggs’ tweets about Paul and Janna Ryan, has been pulled from Twitter, but an earlier tweet linking to @JasonBiggs remains live as of Tuesday afternoon.

Biggs’ personal account has been silent since Thursday, although the tweets targeting the Ryans have been deleted.

In all, it’s quite a tepid response, considering the outrage that has led parents to put pressure Nickelodeon’s advertisers and boycott the channel. Is the network’s response sufficient?

Twitchy will continue to follow the story as it develops.


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  • Lakerfanalways

    WOW so that is all Nickelodeon has to say “You’ve been a bad boy Jason, be better next time” WOW, if that doesn’t say everything you need to know about Nickelodeon I dont know what else you all need. Nickelodeon has gone considerably left these last few years I dont know why anyone should be shocked. I already got rid of Nick on my cable lineup, called Time Warner this morning and got rid of the channel.

  • WhoMeToo

    @NickelodeonTV WEAK & SPINELESS!

  • Kevets

    Not good enough.

  • garbones

    I’m using better judgments “Good-Bye Nicolodean!”

  • Don Dogoier

    Good for them. I wouldve been disappointed if they gave to a bunch of super right wing, overprotctive zealots.

    • rivers

      WOW! This is a right/left thing for you? Overprotective? I guess you embrace the same kind of half-wit inbred sexuality that Biggs and his pedophiia-pushing wife do. I hope you don’t have kids.

      • Don Dogoier

        Thanks for the insults and stunning observation, Sherlock. I think his tweets were wrong, however Im not going sit here and shout insults at him and Nick. Hes human, he made a mistake. Get over it. Id be saying the same thing to some leftist as well

        • rivers

          Big difference between a one time mistake and obsessively tweeting about your warped and misogynistic sexuality. And as for your preciousness and pearl clutching about being insulted, get off your high horse, I don’t think you meant “super-right wing overprotective zealots” as a compliment.

          • Don Dogoier

            Ill get off my high horse as soon as you get some common sense and realize its not that hard to block someones twitter account. But I guess its not as fun as trying to ruin the show for everyone.

          • rivers

            Gee I’m really sorry I ruined Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for you. But I wouldn’t hire Biggs to paint my house much less entertain my children knowing what a pig he is. Maybe when you grow up you’ll get a sense of what’s appropriate with respect to kids and what’s not.

          • Shelley Dee

            Another person who just won’t look up those pesky facts! NICK is giving children Biggs’ name and telling them to go find him an twitter. If you did that you would see months worth of perversion and gross tweets to the point of where his followers have unfollowed him and called him a “perv” and said he was “sick, not funny”. But you wouldn’t know that because rather than check, you just shot off a message with no facts at all. Why do you bother? It’s like me telling you about your mother.

        • ZoriahShepard

          Now why he did was more than a mistake. It was extremely poor judgement and bad taste. Don’t you think that as someone representing a children’s network he should show more responsibility for what he writes?

        • djshawman

          Don’t you have to admit that it’s a mistake in order for your sentiments to be true? I haven’t heard him issue an apology yet. That would have been a start.

          • Shelley Dee

            He’s not sorry. That’s the problem. When u scroll back for months all of his tweets are sexually gross in nature. His wife is fighting back defending his 1st amendment rights! Maybe because of his tweeted pic of her and her sister kissing each other’s breasts.There is not 1 drop of sorry in either of them.

    • djshawman

      Troll, I pray you have no children. I shudder at the thought. P.S. There is no such thing as overprotective when it comes to our children.

      • Don Dogoier

        So I speak my thoughts and Im a troll? Just how closeminded are you people? Your children are gonna be in for a rude awakening thanks to the “lets block everything thats bad” attitude people on here have.

        • Shelby is a Patriot

          It’s because of people like you that my generation is so stupid. Thanks a lot.

        • masong

          No the rude awakening is being reserved for left wing morons with no morals,values,or belief in God.Judgement day will come for ALL.

        • djshawman

          Yes, a troll comes to a website specifically to provoke others. Thus, you are troll.
          Why do you have a problem with people wanting their children to be innocent for as long as possible? Closed minded because I don’t want my children seeing pictures of sex toys and women biting other women’s breasts? Not to mention the vulgarities coming out of his mouth…..seriously? What planet are you from?

          • Shelley Dee

            You said that so well!

      • seriously456

        There is such a thing as overprotective. Those kids grow up and have no idea how to survive in the real world because they’ve been over sheltered all their lives.

    • TugboatPhil

      Good point. Subjecting children to deviant sexual behavior and crude discussions of women’s body parts are the domain of the mainstream of the Democrat Party.

      • Don Dogoier

        If this was the lefts problem Id be saying something to them too. It just happened to land on the right this time.

      • seriously456

        Nobody is forcing this content upon children. If anything, by blowing this out of proportion you are actually causing it to receive more attention and only intensifying the situation.

        • Shelley Dee

          I just can’t stand when people who know half of the story comment on anything. Clearly you didn’t know that NICK was running commercials telling kids to get on twitter and look up Jason Biggs! . My child has less than zero interest in the show but can recite the time, date and way to access him on twitter if she were permitted to have a twitter account, which she is not. If she’s watching spongebob and these commercials keep coming, in essence they are forcing this information on her every time she turns on their channel. So we solved the problem by pulling the plug. NO MORE NICK, NO MORE ADS TO FIND JASON BIGGS ON TWITTER. So easy even you could have figured it out, but you chose to speak without facts.

          • SandPatrol

            My goodness you are misinformed. Due to COPPA (look it up), Nickelodeon is legally not allowed to promote any social media sites (such as Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr) on their airwaves during their normal operating hours.

            They MAY do so during their older-oriented Nick at Nite, or on their older audience channel TeenNick, but during the day they can not legally promote Twitter (or Facebook, etc) because it is a site that (in its privacy policy) requires you to be over the age of 13 to join. Additionally, I doubt Nickelodeon would ever put out ads driving to a Twitter account that is not their own.

            Please tell me when YOU have seen these ads that you are talking about.

            In fact, I have never seen a single visual piece of evidence stating that Nickelodeon told anyone to go follow Jason Biggs. There was one Tweet that he was tagged in, however it seems like these so-called parents are Tweeting out the most links to him. Far more than Nickelodeon.

          • Shelley Dee

            I have seen a screen print of them from last weekend telling kids to look for Jason Biggs as Leo. The TMNT’s have twitter pages. They have since pulled the commercials due to all of the backlash. However, due to the similarity between JasonBiggsas Leo and Jason Biggs you can see why parents were upset and why they only aired on Labor Day Weekend. You can check and see if the TMNT’s still have twitter pages. I saw the screen print for myself on twitter and on the news. I don’t have any time to prove anything to people like yourself who have time to tell me I am mistaken, but no time to look up the facts for themselves.

          • seriously456

            Similarities between Jason Biggs Leo and Jason Biggs? One is the leader of an animated tv show and one is a c-rated actors. I seen no similarities.

            You “don’t have time to prove anything” but you do have time to write paragraphs on this website? Good job keeping up the party image of not letting your comments be dictated by fact checkers.

  • grais

    Gee, not even a time-out for the child?

  • rivers

    We’re gone for good.

  • WingedBishop

    This is why I don’t even subscribe to cable. Who is paying the salaries of the Jason Biggs, Kardashians, Jersey Shore and all the other garbage out there? If you subscribe to cable, you are. Once we can individually select what de-bundled channels we pay for I might consider subscribing.

  • Ben Leonard

    Insufficient response. The issue must be taken up with advertisers

    • Cyborg0012

      You’re right, next step.

    • CM0175

      Gotta hit ’em where it counts…the bottom line. Appealing to any sense of morality is useless in the entertainment industry.

  • DebEast

    Nickelodeon is an accomplice in spreading FILTH to our children.

  • DebEast

    WWriting to advertisers right now to remind them that their money is better spent elsewhere.

  • stillinthe60s

    Guess Nickelodeon’s only concern is Biggs using a more popular pie next time.

  • Mickey Byrd

    @TMNTMaster Do you think we are going to let this fade away? Every day you wait will be one more day your sponsors lose money. We aren’t going away…

  • Garth Haycock

    A stern talking to is always effective, right? Anyone with teenage kids knows differently. Nickelodeon’s response is pathetic and cowardly.

  • Adam Seidner

    I suspect they didn’t out right fire him was because it would cost too much money at this moment to replace him. That said they can in the future if he doesn’t watch himself. Thats enough for me right now.

    • seriously456

      Ugh, buy out contracts and they’ve probably already recorded all the voice work for his character

  • hsmom3

    just one more reason that Nick is NOT allowed in my house….it’s a blocked channel!
    Anything Nickelodeon is just junk food for your mind….and my kids deserve better.

  • seriously456

    At least they responded. Biggs is not a Nickelodeon employee, he was hired to do voice work on one of there shows. He has not been visually featured in any of Nickelodeon’s ads and aside from social media, Nickelodeon has not mentioned him on any of their websites (,, etc)

    To ban an entire channel over the rude comments of one individually loosely affiliated with them is absurd. Let your kids watch Nick, I’m still letting mine. Just block Jason Biggs Twitter account, internet browsers let you do that.

    • Shelley Dee

      That’s another thing. What little kid has a twitter account? Did you realize they were running commercials on NICK telling small children to go on twitter and find Jason Biggs as Leo? If Nick doesn’t see how many things is wrong with that commercial, they need to be reclassified as NOT a childrens tv network. It will make them easier to block. You want your child to be told by Nick that he/she should have a twitter account, then let the tv raise your child. This was a good wake up call and it was very easy to find other things to do instead. But Nick should be sent a message that if they don’t want to act like a kids network they should quit billing themselves as one. We can block Jason Biggs but what’s Nick going to do next now that we know they buy programs for kids starring perv’s? I’m not going to wait and see. Have you seen all of his messages? I have a pretty strong stomach and they made me sick. If you look, even his fans were unfollowing him complaining that he’s not funny, just sick.

      • SandPatrol

        There are none and never were any commercials being ran on Nickelodeon telling kids to find Jason Biggs on Twitter. If you’re going to troll, at least try to make up a reasonable story.

        I watch Nickelodeon with my kids all the time.

        • Shelley Dee

          Fact check that. You are incorrect. I would not take time out of my day to write sponsors and the Co Rockies would not cancel Nickelodeon day if it were not true. Why don’t you look things up before you go calling people names?

          • seriously456

            Consider your efforts in vain. The Rockies canceled Nickelodeon day because crazy extremists (see yourself) decided to go off the propaganda from a so-called “entertainment site” and not do proper research.

  • Joe

    I hope Fox doubles down tomorrow. This is not an acceptable response. What an insult to their viewers.

  • CM0175

    Nickelodeon…not good enough…not even close. Conservatives are boycotted and attacked for much less offensive comments. Biggs should be fired…NOW. It’s not like someone else can’t voice a turtle. My kids won’t be watching the channel until real action is taken.

  • Christian Frahs

    I’ve noticed that if you look at who TMNT Master is following, you will still find Biggs vile wife’s account. all that work, day’s later, and they still refuse to get it right.

  • Shelley Dee

    I received a response from General Mills this morning the sponsors are paying attention:
    Dear Ms. Droll: Thank you for contacting General Mills. Your comments are important to our business. Please be assured that we will share them with the appropriate individuals. Sincerely, Jennifer GarrettConsumer Services

    Haven’t heard from Post yet and ran out of Honey Bunches of Oats. Turns out that Malt O Meal makes Oat Blenders with Honey or Almonds, etc. Same Thing! The kiddo is still unhappy about pulling the plug on Nick, but knows it’s serious for us to take this kind of action.

    • v1cious

      “Sorry baby, you can’t watch Icarly, because Jason Biggs said something bad on twitter.”

      You must be mother of the year.

      • Guest

        Dear v1cious this is what Nickelodeon is sending my 8 yr old to go and read on Biggs’ twitter feed. You think this is ok for ur kid to read then u should have ur head examined too. You just couldn’t look up the facts to protect kids b4 you had diarrhea of the fingers could ya? These are copies of his tweets and the dates. I have no idea if they are still there but they were there long after the tweets about the famous women. He and his wife think these are ok for the kids to find. I disagree. They may be gone now, or not since he thinks they are just dandy for the family
        :My wife @jennyandteets having sexual relations w my sister. Normal? #weekendfun Aug 18

        [email protected]: @JasonBiggs i love your cock. I will follow you now, yes?” Ok.
        Aug. 16

        I really gotta keep my dick in my pants. Aug 16

        I’ll eat @ChickfilA again when they start making their nuggets in fun shapes
        like penises and anuses and satan. Aug 11

        Paralympians must be like “Really, Olympic race-walkers? You know you can
        actually fucking RUN, right? FUCK YOU.” Aug11

        Jef”s love letter to Emily just made me vomit out of my pussy. Jul 17
        I’m pretty sure I’ve seen at least half of these guys cum all over my favorite
        porn star’s face. #TheBachelorette Jul 16

        Whose pussy do you think is looser, Emily’s or Arie’s? #TheBachelorette Jul

        I almost just jerked off to a topless pic of the Octomom. I am dead inside.
        Jul 5
        Nope doesn’t take mom of the year to know this makes me uncomfortable to read, it is definitely not for kids. But why check ur facts b4 u send me a hateful reply?

      • rivers

        Actually, dimwit, it went something like this in our house: “We’re not watching Nickelodeon anymore because they showed really bad judgement with respect to who and what is appropriate with respect to children’s entertainment. Since I don’t trust their judgement, and I can’t be with you every waking minute to monitor what you are exposed to, we just have to ban them altogether. Want to watch Wallace and Gromit?”

      • Shelley Dee

        And try to keep up v1cious, icarly is cancelled, they shot their last episode in June to air soon. (Miranda is off to college now where u prob should have gone.) Too bad my kid wont see it and I think she’s seen every episode of spongebob she needs to see. She disagrees, but is old enough to know that I have never taken a particular tv station / web site / food products away so she trusts me when I tell her it is bad enough that it is not even for parents to read and NICK is sending kids to read it. You start from day 1 and you find that ur 8/9 yr olds may not love a boycott but they trust ur judgement. Somehow I can’t see you ever experiencing this level of trust from your children based on the childish way u treated me. I am not shocked at ur lack of apology for your nasty remarks when you had NO FACTS AT ALL. I am deleting yesterday’s response to you now as I feel uncomfortable being the person who posted it for people who may not want to read it to have to look at it. Have a nice life and learn from this. Get your facts straight and be nice to people. It doesn’t cost a thing to be nice rather than a nasty ignorant fool.

        • v1cious

          I think you should learn how networks. Otherwise, you would know that they don’t hire voice actors. Jason Biggs doesn’t work for Nickelodeon. Voice talent is employed through a separate agency. also it’s contract work, so none of this hurts Biggs, as he already got his paycheck. Perhaps I should’ve been more specific, but I stand by my statement:It’s silly to deprive your kid, because of what some star said on twitter.

          • Iowagirl

            Not watching the silliness that Nickelodeon has become is “depriving your kid”???? If that is your idea of deprivation, may you and your children never face true deprivation.

    • kindamara

      I went on one of their community “responsibility” blogs and posted a comment about how they condone the actions of what Biggs and his wife propose to have done to conservative/independent women …. We’ll see what happens with that!

  • v1cious

    Do you have any idea realize how ridiculous some of you guys sound? Wait… Don’t answer that, you’re on Twitchy. Voice actors are employed through agencies, not the network. If this were an issue with something on the show itself, you guys might have a case, but Jason Biggs isn’t employed by Nickelodeon. The only thing your boycott can possibly do is get the show pulled from Nickelodeon, and put on another network (plenty of people that would want a new Ninja Turtles show). In the end, you’re only hurting your kids.

    • Shelley Dee

      Oh the horror of hurting children everywhere by denying them a Ninja Turtles show! And all because of the sexually explicit material that Nickelodeon sent children to see while advertising the show. Put it on pay per view if you feel it’s so vital to children. I am guessing you’re about 26 and miss your turtles! I cared for a boy who is now 26 and remember how we had every single TMNT item ever made and how this may be nostalgic for you. So put it on an adult Viacom channel and leave little kids out of Bigg’s perversions. They could care less about as my child calls them “The Dumb Turtles”.

  • Mary Beth Kelly

    So Nickelodeon can’t find another performer to replace this perv who would do the job just as well, at half the cost and twice the class? How much is Nic’s reputation worth to them?

  • Darth_Slacker_

    NOTHING will happen!! Doesn’t Viacom own Nickelodeon & MTV and such? Maybe you gotta go UP THE CHAIN to Viacom? clearly Nickelodeon has NO fear of the harm Biggs is doing to their ‘Brand’ anymore than MTV would.

    You’re going after the wrong fish. Nickelodeon will protect Jason Biggs because Viacom will Protect Nickelodeon. The Cultural ‘activists’ that Love to over-sex and brainwash kids at MTV are probably laughing that the Twitter Mob is after Biggs & Nick – when Viacom controls the purse strings!

    NOTHING will be done! Biggs will get MORE work via “Liberal Street Cred” and no one in power will care.

  • Robert

    I will make sure that I don’t spend any money on movies that Jason Biggs is in. Oh wait, who would ever spend money on a movie that Jason Biggs is in?

  • jfitzy55

    Every person in the US has heard of the Penn State scandal. Most have probably read about Roman Polanski’s desire for carnal knowledge of a certain young teen. Some may have read about Graham James (assaulting junior aged hockey kids – Sheldon Kennedy and Theo Fleury). Perhaps some have read about a young girls kidnapped and sexually abused. Near every person has probably read about the sexually assaults committed by Catholic priests. There are some who may have read about Paul Bernardo and his wife, Carla Homolka, sexual assault and murder or three girls, one of whom was Holmolka’s sister.

    In each instance I bet there were likely numerous warnings. In most instances people likely dismissed these warnings as not being believable, not being credible. Is this post, by Mrs. Mollen-Biggs, a warning or a joke. “My husband is nominated for a Teen Choice award which means tons of eighth grader pussy!;0 Please make sure your kids vote!!” Mrs. Jenny Mollen-Biggs

    Is it proper for Nickelodeon to expose children to people whom believe that writing such thoughts about statutory sexual assault.

  • Judith A Stines

    And you haven’t fired this guy???? What gives? This is shameful! And you direct children to his site.

  • whatadifference

    Why do some people think it is OK to insult & disrespect women this way with these disgusting and obscene comments? You rarely see the shoe on the other foot where women are making nasty, disgusting remarks about a man’s anatomy/body. The main stream media ignore it (unless directed at their chosen ones) and Nickelodeon sure seemed to turn a blind eye. Their response? Too little too late. Shame shame.

  • Brad Donald

    Remember the Boycott Rush movement that is still ongoing? And what he said was actually fairly accurate about Sandra Fluke! I mean Come on this type of selective outrage is pissing me off. When this guy said things that the femanist SHOULD actually be going after like a rabid dog yet they remain silent. Just like Sandra Fluke remains silent about Maher.

    • Brad Donald

      Other thing here is Biggs himself nore his horrible wife have made any apologies. I mean they were suggesting that they were having sex with 8th graders at the teen choice awards and bragging about buying prostitutes. What gives here Nickelodeon.

  • daveachicagoareajamerican

    A slap on the wrist? With all the cartoon violence you air, all you can muster is a slap on the wrist? He deserves a frying pan upside his noggin! Then he needs to be fired.

  • monahous

    Not good enough!

  • Antonio Albano

    Sell Viacom stock. ticker VIA, parent corp of. nickelodeon

  • Antonio Albano

    Sell Viacom stock VIA

  • Lexa

    We’ve entered a time now when people don’t realize that we shouldn’t mix personal with business. Jason Biggs personal vulgar twitter feed should not be attached to any business. In this day and age where everyone wants a more personal level of connection with celebrities, it’s time for businesses to decide how to handle that and at what cost.

  • funnymoney123

    Biggs and his wife are disgusting filth! Nickelodeon should fire him. Let him get a job in the pornography arena. That’s where he belongs since that is how he talks.

  • gretagarbo123

    This is a total cop-out on Nickelodeon’s part. The left has demanded the firing of people for far less than this. Why would you even hire a foul-mouthed comedian to have a part on a kid’s channel? We will not watch any more Nick in our home, even if it means giving up Sponge Bob. They don’t really care or they would have fired him. He’s a weirdo. His tweets are so perverted – he didn’t just misspeak about something – he is a total pervert.

  • GatorStrong

    Not near good enough! You have not heard the end of this!

  • Teri Gils

    What about his twitter bio saying he’s “the jewiest looking non jew”? What does a “jew” like to him? Can’t believe no one has commented on his anti-semitism. He’s a pig, and he needs to go, Nickelodian!