Mainstream media outlets struggling to find a tasteful way to cover the “Pussy Riot” protests in Russia have another challenge on their hands, this one much closer to home. Representatives of Code Pink (as identified by the poster of the image) attended today’s “We Are Woman” rally dressed as vaginas.

This clearer photo identifies at least two of the vaginas as representatives of the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Feminist Campus project.

The costumes did garner attention, if not necessarily respect.

Representatives of Code Pink, NOW, Planned Parenthood and Rock the Slut Vote were scheduled to speak on the west lawn of the Capitol, addressing the issues of reproductive rights, equal pay and the Equal Rights Amendment.

No war on women here; Twitchy will cover it.

One high-profile supporter who could not attend sent her regrets via Twitter.

  • Publius

    What’s next, all the a-holes of the world will dress up as a-holes, and all the d-ckheads will where penis costumes.

    • Chip

      I thought those two groups dressed up in donkey suits?

    • Joanne13

      WOW…… what a FRIGHTENING thought!! I’m just sayin . . .

  • TwitWit

    i wonder if those vagina costumes were made in China?

    • Dennis Milligan

      They were made in VaChina!

      • John T.

        That was so funny i think i just peed a little bit. Very quick with the wit sir!

      • Joanne13

        GOOD ONE!!! LOL!!

    • James

      I laughed at that.Nice one.

  • David Gottschalk

    Free abortion on demand? I’m not even a big pro life guy and I find that disturbing (in addition to dressing up like genitalia to get respect)

    • Shannon Piper

      I thought the same thing. As a woman, is that really the best way to uplift and empower our gender? Give us unchecked, unlimited access to abortions? I feel like these women don’t really understand being a woman at all. Or at least not the same way that I understand it. Bearing children is a gift unique to the female of the species. It is a privilege and a responsibility. They seem to see it as a handicap which, for all their “girl pride”, makes them in my eyes insecure and self-loathing.

      • Maria

        Agreed 100%. Also, it would be far more cheaper to give them all indefinite birth control shots that need a counter by a doctor.

        • Bruce Vaccaro

          Better yet: How about just STERILIZE women who dress up as vaginas and protest for free THAT I’d be willing to pay for! They probably should not be a part of the reproduction pool anyway…

          • Maria

            Well…. :-)

      • joepoli

        When the combat military rosters are equally men and women and the casualty lists are the same, then you will be totally empowered. You can’t go through life as a women cherry picking the best jobs and then turn your backs on your responsibility to serve your country. I’m not being disrespectful, I stating a fact.

        • Duane McHugh

          Do you really want these freaks to have access to
          military weapons?

      • Sam I. Metler

        Hey at least the lady with the free abortions on demand wont be with us long nor will sandra fluke. That much unsafe sex will come back and bite them in the form of aids and so on.

        • Sam I. Metler

          PS: who needs prostitutes when you have the likes of Sandra
          Fluke and her vagina warriors, to bad they’re not good looking!

      • weRbroke

        It is quite empowering when you finally figure out that the true respect does not come from pimping out one’s crotch for financial gain, but from gaining intellect, experience, and self pride.

      • Judy72204

        I agree. and why are they advocating unsafe sex. Has AIDS been eradicated or syphilis? What is their REAL agenda?

    • Bob Ewing

      should be dressed as assholes.

    • Renee Souza

      I just don’t understand “Free abortion on demand”. How about be an adult and use protection if you don’t want to have a baby; or even better keep you legs closed. The costumes are unnecessary and look nothing like any vagina I have ever seen.

  • John Hanover

    I bet Harry and Joe still won’t be able to find the clits. What a joke.

  • Will P.

    I like the sign screaming “GIMMIE FREE STUFF” Libs are so greedy.

  • Ms Anonymous

    I’ve always said the “new” feminists were nothing more than walking life support systems for their vaginas and here they had to go and prove me right.

    • J. Cox

      That is a very good descriptor for these”ladies”.

    • sarpedon1

      I believe they should abort their vaginas….. Think of all the money and angst it would save.

      • Maria

        It would mean less murder too.

  • Tyler

    If these women are still unhappy after 4 years of their messiah being in power then they are SOL

  • Tyler

    Is it a coincidence that liberals protest in mass during liberal administrations?? During LBJs admin now Barrys… Wtf do they want!?

    • TugboatPhil

      The difference is that they actually protested against LBJ. The only “protests” involving Obama are when they worship him en masse.

      • Tyler

        Good point. I honestly think they just love to protest. Nothing will ever appease them. They would probably protest the second coming of Christ

        • Maria

          No doubt they would as most of them are Athiests anyway. You’d have to be an Atheist to support murdering a baby.

        • Joanne13

          I HIGHLY doubt that! They’re probably be running the OTHER way!

  • Larry Baron

    wow, just wow

  • orringtonmom (D)

    “hi, i’m dressed as a vagina because women don’t get respect, and… wait, where are you going? i’m not done talking! come back! where is everyone?”

  • Americans Not Wanted

    Code Pink, Media and Jody are nothing but sick women who are making good natural women targets. Their past is not a clean one and they disrespect the true Shabbat. They make a lot of money getting the blind to follwo them.

  • digitalPimple

    Seems like a lovely bunch.

  • digitalPimple

    If I lived in DC I would have brought my giant paper mache penis. Damn missed out again.

    • Maria

      If you had gone like that, I would have gone too to LOL and cheer you on! Haha.

    • Joanne13

      I’m dying here……….. PLEASE STOP!! LOL!!

  • Pepper Layne

    Wait, wait, wait – I thought a main point of feminism is that they don’t want to be identified just by their body parts? (Of course, this is me thinking feminists ever employ anything resembling logic. Silly me).

    • Shannon Piper

      Men can’t objectify and disrespect them. They’re perfectly okay with objectifying and disrespecting themselves.

      • Robin Newman Koenig

        Shannon your comments are what I think the majority of us feel. AS a woman these MORONS do not represent me! Cracks me up these are the same women who are ok with calling conservative women vile names.

        • DonnaSue Jansma

          I agree!!

        • Shannon Piper

          Yes, it really irritates me that the media and society try to peg women as democrats and liberals, and spoon feed us “women’s issues”. For example, “The Life of Julia” on the Obama website just about makes me want to puke! I am a big girl. I can figure out what issues are important to me, thank you very much. And I think can make it through my life without holding the hand of sugar daddy government every step of the way. The best part is, I’ll have some self-respect and dignity left. Maybe conservative women are the true feminists. ­čśë

    • Maria

      You are correct.

  • dennylee60

    “Congress: Respect women”!?!! How about “Women: Respect yourself!”

    • Maria

      They want the cake and eat it too. They want to be able to screw around with every man that walks and not have ANY consequences whatsoever. Abhorrent.

      • Conservativeanarchist

        Men don’t want anything to do with these pigs. They dress as vaginas to hide their ugly faces.

        • Joanne13

          Frustrated wanna be strippers and porn stars?

      • Jeremiah Jason Shuminas

        or have their PIE and eat it too

    • DebEast

      LIKE x 100000000

  • way2graphic

    That’s a nice change from their usual Ass-Hole attire.

  • way2graphic

    I believe I spotted a Giant Pubic

    • Romans 8:39


  • RIChris

    No substance, just lip service.

  • John Hanover

    What a bunch of pussies. The Feminists I guess are what they eat. All these women protesting Michelle Obama as the First Beard.

  • radjahshelduck

    Those are vaginas? I thought they were dressed as that egg in Alien with the top opening a crack so the embryo could shoot out onto John Hurt’s face.

  • Delroy_Monjo

    Too bad Sandra F. couldn’t make it. Maybe she could have explained a little bit about how abortion might be (mostly) prevented in the first place. Then again, maybe not….

    • Shannon Piper

      She would tell us how paying for an abortion caused “financial hardship” for some made up number percent of female law students, thus the need for “FREE ABORTION ON DEMAND”. Give me a break.

  • ph74

    Soo… we are right to call them cunts? Sarah palin never dressed like that.

    • sarpedon1

      Why be polite, call them what they are: STDs on parade. Frankly, I’m surprised they don’t leave a trail behind them like a snail.

  • Moue La Moue (D)

    Free abortion on demand? Are you serious? Since when did abortion become THE choice for reproductive health? Aren’t abortions potentially harmful if not lethal at times to those who have them? I get having them in cases of rape or incest (which, from all accounts is between 1-5% of all reported cases of rape), but On Demand? What … are you looking for the same sort of instant gratification that you get with Comcast/Xfinity? Get real.

    • sarpedon1

      Abortion has nothing to do with health care. Pregnancy isn’t a disease.

    • Dwight Franke

      This goes along the same thought peocess of paying for all my birth control $3000+ per year. Rediculous!

    • Guest

      Amidst of the unspeakable evil that this implies, just think of how more future liberals have been prevented from further peeing in the gene pool.

  • $3926931

    I Will NOT Be [email protected]
    You know there’s a war on women in a country where the media refuses to report on a massive women’s rights rally. #WAW”””””””
    The only thing massive I see at your rally are nasty Code Pink cooters

    • GaylePutt


  • allenbarr

    their disgust never ends.

  • Ishtar Mordechai

    Why was Mo0chelle not there to greet them? She’s a real cnut!! notice wide space between them and everyone else; who would want to be in the same shot??

  • Resist Tyranny

    We’d appreciate at least a hat tip. ‘We Are Woman’ march results in Twitter stream of stupid

  • LibLieExposer

    Send Janet Napolitano to that rally. She will have their concerns licked right away.

  • Robbie, American!!

    This is disgusting.

  • nc

    My eyes, my eyes!

  • Summer

    Weirdos! Free abortions on demand!! Pay for your own birth control pills, and use them.. That way we won’t have so many unborn kids killed thru abortion.
    God help this country.

  • weRbroke

    If feminsts have had to sink to the level of dressing up as their crotches, they have totally lost all self-awareness. What a bunch of ugly twats. Notice they are not concerned for really serious women’s health issues? Just how they can use their GENDER to attempt to get free crotchcare to remove that fetus they don’t want.

    • Maria

      Exactly….maybe they should start rallying for finding a cure for cervical, uteran, and ovarian cancer. That is a rally I’D be going to!

    • Joanne13

      Please sir….. try and use a little decorum. After all we are discussing women dressing up like their vagina’s. Don’t you think they deserve a LITTLE respect?? Hmmmm???

      • weRbroke

        It’s Ms. and personally I am fresh out of sympathy for women who demand to be TAKEN CARE of by everyone else, while they claim they are INDEPENDANT and deserve the right to make their own choices and hand the bill to someone else. They are just prostitutes for the Sugar D-addy Party.

      • James McLarey

        It’s not “vagina’s” – it’s “vaginas” – no apostrophe.

  • Luis

    Some one should dress as a giant dick and pay the pussies a visit.

  • weRbroke

    Abortions in America are already heavily SUBSIDIZED. No way is it $500 or less to do a procedure( D&C) that when done on a non-pregnant women is billed for 3 to 10 times as much.

    • Maria

      I had a D&C once when my baby died inutero (heart never developed) in 2002. It was more than $495 (can’t remember how much.) It IS crazy a non-preggo would be charged more for the same exact procedure. It seems it’d be the reverse since there’s less that goes on in a regular D&C. Why punish the woman just needing to be cleaned out and is not preggo?

  • Josephine (D)

    “Don’t call me a slut! Respect me! I will dress up as a vagina and have no basic ethics and will call myself a slut. But don’t you dare disrespect me!”-thought process here.

    • Maria

      Ahh the sounds of Militant Feminists.

      • Jeremiah Jason Shuminas


        • Maria

          That’s it.

  • robert anthony

    I think dressing up as a uterus may have been more appropriate…but who knows what those things look like? On second thought maybe even outfits resembling vacuums or a skull with forceps jammed into it? But that’s just me.

  • robert anthony

    And for years men have been told we think with our penises….maybe that’s true..but now we definitely know the only thing these women think about.

  • natalukjoe

    take a picture of their backs and you’ll see their true meaning?….They should be glad their parents were conservatives…they didn’t abort them…..

  • BeeKaaay

    These people hate babies so much, they are willing to dehumanize themselves too!

  • Owen007

    Kinda hard to take a point-of-view seriously when the people in question go around dressed in sub-par Patrick Star costumes sewn together by drunks in the dark.

  • voorhee

    Way to be classy ladies!

  • Jim Zielbauer

    I thought Pu$$y Riot was in prison in Russia…..someone contact Putin..they have escaped!!

  • Maria

    Disgusting, absolutely disgusting. I am a Feminist myself, but they are gutter trash, every single last one of those women at that rally. I am sad to say we’re the same gender. Free abortions? WTF? Abortions should be outlawed except in cases of rape, incest, or life of the mother. If you spread your legs and don’t use protection, you deserve what you get. CLOSE YOUR LEGS!! Woman up and stop being a pack of pussies. (LoL)

    • Kathy Backlin

      Couldn’t have said it better! Agree totally!!!!!

    • Marian

      Right on, right on!
      I’m completely disgusted at this display of “vagina costumes”……geez, who came up this idea????

    • Jim Bash

      the only prob i have with that thought di ann is ones like this should be required to give the child up for adoption. because god help that poor child being raised by any of these women.

      • Maria


  • HARP2

    Don`t they look like silly c***s

  • TiLiNi

    why didn’t they just pull down their pants, spread their legs and REALLY gross us out!

  • Catchance

    @noiwillnotbe says, ”
    You know there’s a war on women in a country where the media refuses to report on a massive women’s rights rally. #WAW”

    Huh? Are we looking at a different rally? There seemed to be about 200 people there… maybe.

  • Ralf Nader

    Fluck wants our money for her birth control….and these fine upstanding “women” demand our money for abortions…
    how much of our money do they need before they respect us..?

  • Joey Cosentino

    It’s so funny that all these vagina/abortion obsessed women seem to forget that they’re HERE ON EARTH because their MOMS CHOSE LIFE! They have a choice because someone chose life… their moms valued their tiny defenseless and helpless life more than their own lives. Why do these women always seem to forget that!? Hey, they had a chance at life, so why not give an unborn baby the same chance? Can we say hypocrite?

  • PJParks

    Abortion no. Sterilization yes.

  • Rob Stevely

    They look more like red cabbage leaves.

  • Paul J. Citro

    Thats right we should pay for their repeated mistakes. Sterilization yes

  • sparkhuahua

    A Code Pink vagina, is a clap trap.

  • Warren Jeffrey Motter

    The anti-womyn factions, here, should Repent. No females – no humans. ALL living BREATHING people Are Equal. TREAT ALL WITH EQUALITY AND RESPECT!

    • Jeff Adamo

      Give me a break, hippie. Are these women showing themselves respect? If their highest concern is to kill the baby in their womb are they really celebrating their “womynhood?”

  • TheDude

    “They are scared to death that we will use our power”. LOL!!!

    There were more supporters of normalcy every hour at a single one of the thousands of Chick-fil-A locations on August 1.

    Do they wake up every morning and ask themselves “how can I make myself even more ridiculous and irrelevant than yesterday”?

  • Conservativeanarchist

    I notice most of these woman are ugly and have probably been abandoned by men. They are not self-righteous; more like they are filled with self-hate. The real feminists are the ones living in Wasilla and Minnesota.

  • Jim Crosby

    one wonders when these Pink people will understand the term go f yourself

  • kenny1801

    What is it with these nut jobs???

  • usaman

    Maybe we men should have gone as giant erect penis’ and counter protested? Maybe stood right in front of them? LOL (kidding of course)

  • Hiraghm

    These Code Pink reps support slavery (where’s Joe Biden?)
    They want free abortion… on demand.
    Someone has to perform abortion; Someone has to provide the operating theater. Someone has to provide the medical supplies. All of these things require someone’s labor.

    Yet they want to be able to have their demand met, at no cost to themselves. Requiring people to labor for another at her demand, and providing no compensation for their labor… is slavery.

    Requiring another to provide the compensation… is robbery.

    • George Murrey

      I agree with your statement, but will add there is a cost that these women don’t understand. The cost of a baby’s life is now gone. Such a precious life is being wasted just so a woman can have an abortion anytime they feel like it. What a shame.

      • tired

        Where is the men that got the women to needing and abortion?? Why should they not pay their part??

        • weRbroke

          Most men would welcome the opportunity to pay the cheap price for an abortion. It gets them totally out of the obligation of paying child support for the next 18 years or so. HOWEVER, I suspect that some women seeking abortions aren’t quite sure WHO to ask for the money and having public funding saves them from trying to track down the sperm donor by first name or cellphone pic.
          The backside of the sexual revolution for women dishes out a dose of reality. Its kind of hard to ask the sperm donor for money if you can’t remember WHO brought you home and you woke up naked on your livingroom floor. As with most things that involve our bodies, the only person in the world that truly cares about what happens to it, is OURSELVES.
          I spent years as a bar manager and had numerous women come back and ask me who took them home. Some of them woke up naked, wondering what happened and a few probably thought they should cry rape because their reputations took a serioius ding when word got out that they took someone home besides their hubby or BF.

          • CitizenExe

            I have a great label for these vaginas!

            Cum receptacle!

          • weRbroke


        • Jeremiah Jason Shuminas


        • lainer51

          good idea – they could dress up as d**cks!

      • Willis Fouts Junior

        ……and they’ve not given that life a second thought. Their own child’s life. This is the most shameful, horrific reality in our world today.

    • Duane Wood

      Well said, Jim. Why should I pay for some females sex act. Is that prostitution?

    • ganana

      uh, so let me get this right, these brilliant women, who want me to respect them, prancing around in a costume of their most private part of anatomy, want me to support their right to murder an innocent child that has no say in their own defense….these smart women, who cannot figure out how NOT to conceive? …..go figure….no respect here

      • skirwin

        You said it and I can not add anymore. So smart but cant figure out how not to conceive. Respect, have done nothing I see to respect them for. Respect is earned not demanded.

      • Richard Foster

        what a despicable group of filthy gashes

    • CB19

      Right on Jim – and we are not even touching the moral aspect of killing life – but that is a great way to look at it from an Ayn Rand perspective.

  • AFMomXs2

    Gee I hope those aren’t self portrate vaginas or those are some ugly snatches …

  • $129448

    “Super Vagina”…Here to save the day, in theaters summer 2013

  • jdkchem

    Ellen Barking wouldn’t have needed a vagina costume.

  • Elaine Baker

    can’t wait for the guys rally :)

  • robgc11

    This group is so obnoxious

  • Donna Ahern

    Women…these messages and images should wake us up and make us fierce defenders of women & children!!! REAL, TRUE defenders….not this trash. I am more compelled than ever to want better for the women in my life. This is sad, hate-filled, disturbing, ignorant, vulgar and degrading to women. It’s WRONG!

  • DonnaSue Jansma

    Not only stupid, but gross!! These aren’t ladies!!

  • CBFordz

    Instead of free abortions for these women how about free hysterectomy? There, problem solved. They can allow man to abuse their vaginas all they want and not concern themselves with contraception or abortion. These women shouldn’t be allowed to procreate anyway.

    • Ron Chandler

      excellent ideal!!

    • Duane Wood

      Tubal ligation. Much less invasive.

    • Jay Emerson

      They are mad because no man has or would ever, ever…

  • Chris Christie

    what is wrong with people?……

  • nobodyhome

    Code pink is now completely irrelevent and have relegated themselves to being a bad circus side. Show

    • James McLarey

      Exactly. Just like PETA.

  • Norbit Peters

    Just confirms what everyone suspected about Democrats – They’re a bunch of cowardly pu–ies!

  • vixen5757

    What an embarrassment to women everywhere… like these are even reasonable requests, abortion on demand paid for by other people. Think about that. Someone goes out, gets pregnant, doesn’t like the consequences of irresponsible behavior, asks someone else to pay to kill the baby… no way.

  • GaylePutt

    That is absolutely disgusting. How can anyone respect them when they have no respect for decency or themselves. And why should their abortions be free? You play, you pay. Where did we get the mindset in this nation that the government should pay for our mistakes? Oh I know….liberalism.

  • Guest

    I agree with everyone that’s not at this protest. Because I have more respect for myself not to dress like a vagina and parade around. Not only that want to free abortion. I know there is other ways to be heard then to make it seem like just talk with your legs in the air.

  • DesertCobra

    The one on the left needs to go see an OB/GYN….stat.

    • Michael J. Churlin

      Yah, what is that a yeast infection?

    • Joanne13

      Please STOP! I keep FOFL!

  • Maduro Man

    must be that time of the month for them……

  • Sherry

    There is no respect for baby killers!

  • Joe Madden

    BEWARE!!! Caesar Obamus of the snappers on the white house lawn

  • John T.

    Those arent costumes. They are their actual vaginas.

  • Lance Nelson

    reminds me of middle school doodles.

  • [email protected]

    They make me ill to be female. What a humiliation…

  • Debby Wheeler Carpenter

    Where has taste, dignity, integrity, and lady-like behavior gone? This is as crass and base as it gets!

    • pepjrp

      You can bet they are Democrats. Did Michelle Obama join them?

  • John W. Quinn

    I am Vaginas! Hear me ROAR!

  • BlueSpud

    Oh, what chatterboxes they are.

  • James McEnanly

    Why is that conservatives can make arguments simply by stating our beliefs, or by acting on them, while liberals seem to prefer this theater of the bizarre?

  • losingusa

    The first thing to spring into my mind was: what effen a&& h’s!!

  • Right Wired

    If Fluke could afford nearly $60,000/year for Georgetown, how come she could not afford $8 a month for her own damned kill pills?

  • Kevin Cote’

    actually they are all cunts,dirty filthy aldulterous murdering cunts…in plain understandable descriptive colorful strong language,…the only “true” way to identify and describe these abominations.

  • Michael John Naretto

    They don’t have to worry about getting pregnant as no sane man would get within 1000 miles of these hags.

  • Michael Gingrich

    Curious who funds this group.

    • Joanne13

      I think it’s ‘Vagina’s Of The Lunatic Fringe’. ;o)

  • Teresa Nelson

    Are they still going after the “Equal Rights Amendment”? Really?? Talk about not letting go. If memory serves, failed push for ERA started in 1970’s. And “free” abortion on demand…. I wonder if they ever stop to think about how blessed they are that their mom’s didn’t abort them. Smokers should start a Nicotine Club and demand “Free Cigarettes”. As abhorrent as that may be to these loonies, it would give them a sense to know how I feel about their outrageous demand.

  • megandrewsmom

    As a woman, I really don’t want people thinking that all I am is a big vagina! In fact, wasn’t the feminist movement kinda speaking out against that at one point? Plus “Free abortions on demand”? Geezaloo ladies get a grip!

    • Joanne13

      I’m sorry Judy. I know what you’re saying is very serious (I agree!). But I’m having a hard time getting past you’re not wanting people to think you’re…. ‘A BIG VAGINA’!! That just plain sounds funny. LOL

      • megandrewsmom

        That part was supposed to be funny (but not really)…

  • theleftisscum

    dumb bitches…

  • Conservativeanarchist

    I’m starting to rethink my position on abortion. When you consider who’s having them, wouldn’t it make better sense to kill it before it becomes a raging liberal lunatic?

  • Vicki Maskell

    Yep …. women, you rally for women’s right’s in this disgusting garb…I think the only thing you managed to get across is that you think of women are nothing more than a vagina! Really? I as a women this offends me! You surely weren’t speaking for me….Shut up! I don’t believe in any abortion… but if I did…..You all should of been one!
    Are you saying your Mother made the Wrong Choice? Or did your poor mother see your actions….and turn her head in shame from not choosing to murder you!!!

  • Kenny Hitt

    I had a NyQuil-fueled lucid nightmare just like this once.

  • petemc

    Bet the odor of fish was in the air.

  • Tammie

    Oh, the irony! Dress up like sex organs while demanding respect. Btw…..if your vagina *does* look like that, I suggest Monistat asap!

  • jim

    I didn’t get you pregnant so why should I have to pay for for your own mistakes

  • AL349

    They all look like lesbians.

  • JeanneDevineBolewitz

    Why aren’t these women heading over to Russia to support women who are truly experiencing government repression? They absolutely can’t be taken seriously when you compare them to Pussy Riot. People may not like what Pussy Riot did or what they stand for, but by comparison, their plight proves that groups like Code Pink are merely superficial “Hey, look at me – I’m doing something and want to feel good about myself..” groups.

    I’m not disgusted by Code Pink because of their costumes. I’m disgusted because they don’t have a clue what it means to be repressed by a government. They are a bunch of spoiled, bratty girls.

    • Federico

      well, this IS a pu$$y riot… in a way.

  • James Neal

    Money and respect are both temporal and are actually the least of these misguided (actually spiritually blinded) people’s worries. Their choice is to be mothers or murderers. They will have to answer for that choice on Judgment Day — let’s see how much Obama’s pathetic opinion matters when he and the pink brigade stand before God. I wonder if any will wear the costume that day when the chips are down?

  • Joanne13

    “They are scared to death that we will use our power”. REALLY??

    If these misguided women really BELIEVE their ‘power’ only comes from their vagina’s they are truly SAD. God gave women the distinct PRIVILEGE of conceiving and bearing children.

    But sadly they’ve appointed themselves a ‘right’ that ONLY belongs to God, that being the right to END that which is conceived in their wombs. AND they demand that I and every other American PAY to end that life! They are an embarrassment and an INSULT to ALL women and Americans!

    “The LORD giveth, the LORD taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job 1:22
    (All caps are for emphasis & not in original scripture.)

    • pepjrp

      Agreed Joanne13. What power? I can see that they are nonbelievers, so they know nothing of real power, but they will one day.

    • Maria

      Well said.

  • Larry Bennatt

    Was this on twatter or twitter? I have no problem with the abortion choice actually….just not taxpayer paid for.

  • George Hardy

    how about this ? women , respect yourselves !! your demonstration is absolutely tasteless and a poor way to voice your opinion. Also, you do not speak for the majority; you may think you do, but you don`t.

  • birdlover11

    Why would anyone respect a woman prancing around in a vagina costume?
    As a woman I am ashamed of these liberal idiots. Code pink should be swept from everyones minds, what a bunch of blithering stupid shameless jerks!!!

  • JeffreyFuller

    Hummm! I just can’t think of anything appropriate to say.

    • nc

      Maybe because there’s nothing appropriate about these “ladies?”

  • Evelyn Nesbitt

    @SandraFluke U miss #WAW ’cause, according 2 UR USHR testimony, the $ you quoted equals you having sex with 7 diff men EVERYDAY for TWO YRS?

  • Randy Stephenson

    Really?? Tell ya what, after looking at some of them..they wouldn’t need to worry about abortion.I don’t know anyone who would have sex with them in the first place :p

  • CJ IsDa Shiznit

    keep up with the crazy you nutjobs ­čśÇ

  • CJ IsDa Shiznit

    holding a ‘congress: respect women’ sign dressed as a vagina…?

  • Joe Eschman

    The woman in the picture holding the sign that says, “Free abortion on demand” has probably never even SEEN a penis. Why would she care about abortion?? Just more proof that all the hot chicks are conservative!

  • Kevin Hufford

    Was Helen Reddy there siging to all the pink tuna?

  • Wayne Manor

    “These big vagina ladies are getting away with murder!”

  • iBaconi

    I suppose it’s appropriate.. They are getting screwed, but they aren’t aware of it.

  • Barbara Colborn

    Who could hear your voices when we were laughing too loud at your ridiculous costumes? Free abortions on demand? Really? I’m for sterilization if you’re procreating! I pity each one of you who had so little dignity that you would wear a hot pink vagina to prove your point. You proved something alright!

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Time to use the Code Pinkos for what they are really useful- human shields for our Armed Forces.

  • tired

    Is nothing private anymore? this is disgusting! How can women get respect acting like this?

  • EastValleyConservative

    Free Abortion on Demand?? There is nothing respectable about demanding that the taxpayer pay for what they do in their bedroom. Such a conundrum-stay out of my bedroom but pay for what I do in it!!!

  • kansascase

    You got to be kidding! Let’s see, the President creates the “BFD” T-shirts for his re-election, and now we have this. I still have the same question – how are you explaining these things to children? Why can’t we let children just be children. I find this quite tacky and in poor taste. Do you really expect anybody to take you serious in those get-ups? I, certainly wouldn’t.

  • Pierre-Etienne Fiset

    I hope your government is not stupid enough to grant free abortion on demand, my country (Canada) did and abortion is almost a contraceptive, they are waiting list to get an abortion, there is more than a hundred thousands abortions a year in Canada.
    I am pro-choice (I did a training period in an abortion clinic and most of the woman I saw getting an abortion where way too dumb to raise a kid and so where the few “fathers” I met) but I am against FREE abortion (or everything free for that matter it doesn’t exist) and I’ve been sexually active since my teenage years and I never got a girl pregnant, why ?, because of CONTRACEPTIVES it is so easy not to knocked up a girl, I get desperate each time I hear about some teenage girl or adult woman who got pregnant and didn’t want to,

  • william gilbert

    Sad, sad….

  • Evelyn Nesbitt

    @codepink Why do ALL your large overstretched vaginas at the #WAW have an abundance of genital herpes & warts

  • Kathleen Schultz

    What the hell is free abortion on demand? Oh yeah, that’s when you want other people to pay for the murder of your unborn child. It’s bad enough that this administration is forcing the taxpayers to give millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood, even if we find it to be morally repulsive. Now, we’re supposed to pay for everyone’s abortions? This has nothing to do with women’s rights. If you want to make immoral choices, I don’t want to help you do it with MY money. I would wish that you wouldn’t do it either, but the blood is on your hands, not mine.

    • pepjrp

      Were those two females loons volunteering to be aborted? They are a whole new breed of stupid. No wonder even the biggest fool on campus Sandra Fluke didn’t show up.

  • stillinthe60s

    Mighty poor turnout when your stuck having vagina monologues with yourself.

  • Guest

    This is THE MOST outrageous thing I have ever seen, bar none!!! A bunch of supposedly intelligent women dressing up and calling attention to a private body part is WAY over the line! This act shows absolutely NO self-respect whatsoever. Surely there are much better ways to get your views across. hmmmmm I wonder what would be said if men paraded around dressed like their private body parts…………….

  • pepjrp

    I guess no one there looked like they could be Obama’s son?

  • Laura Swartz Stephens

    Am I wrong in thinking that if a bunch of men did this, dressed as penises that there would be a problem?? I thank GOD my mother wasn’t into the whole abortion thing, She allowed another woman to be born and have rights, and I gave birth to two more girls, who will one day be women. At least eventually this stupidity should die out when they have aborted themselves into extinction.

  • TheChiefScientist

    Very much like a Woody Allen movie that my (much) older brother brought me to when I was like eight–I remember that all I could think was like ‘ooh gross!’


    Just outside of this rally were the false stock banners from the anti-choice kit” of a bunch of bloody dead allegedly aborted fetuses, which are not what a fetus looks within the legal time frames a woman can exercise her right to privacy and then you all want to have a fit over some activists walking around in vagina suits? Really? Of course, you all scream about big government in peoples lives except when it comes to women exercising sovereignty over their own bodies. When one of you can explain whya woman’s personhood isn’t as important as a zygotes, why the government should make moral decisions for women, and why should something that cannot live outside of a woman’s body have rights over an already born woman, then I might have some respect for you. You are not pro-life you are pro-forced birth. None of you people want to take care of them once they are born, because all of a sudden, you get the you shoulda thought about that before you got pregnant but we are going to require you to have a baby you don’t want so we can shove our religion down your throat. I want freedom of religion, freedom from YOURS. So adopt some of those already here babies instead of popping your gums about adoption. So how many babies you forced on women do you pay for and support? Yeah. Right. Try a BIG< FAT FRIGGIN ZERO. No all you can say is no one would get you pregnant cuz you're too ugly. More like no, we don't want to perpetuate your intellectually challenged gene pool.

    • Shannon Piper

      Believe it or not, it is actually a respect for all human beings that is behind my pro-life convictions. I fear the consequences for a society that allows individual women to decide the worth of their children’s lives. It’s hard to argue that these aren’t children, or that they aren’t alive, as science seems to offer more and more proof that they are. And while I understand that late-term abortions make up a small percentage of total abortions in the US, the fact is that a baby can legally be aborted at a stage where it could be delivered and live. So we have doctors going to every length to save “wanted” babies, and at the same time other doctors aborting “unwanted” babies. Life and death being decided by individual women. To me, this seems like a dangerous line to walk. I’m not for big government in people’s lives legislating morality, but life is the most basic of all human rights, and when we devalue life (however insignificant it may seem) we risk the decency of our society and put our own human rights in jeopardy. And as a real world example of this, I’d point to China. After years of performing abortions at an incredible rate, it seems that a careless attitude toward human rights (especially those of young children) has pervaded the culture.

  • Dayal Krsna Das

    That place looks dead. Where is everybody?

  • voterid

    What ever happened to self respect in this country? It’s evident that the morals of some women have sunk so far down into a cesspool that they actually find their sensuality so despicable that they parade around with their bodies inside out? If they had any sense at all, they would be proud to be a woman, and be inspired that they are the sex that was chosen and blessed by God to bear children..but no, they continue to disrespect their bodies in public for a few dollars of free pills to carry on their selfish desires in public. There is no worse sin than when one disrespects what God has given in love.

  • NWFL Conservative

    Code Pinko, proving time and time again that liberalism is a mental disease curable only by assumption of room temperature.

  • Mitch Cumstein

    Just confirms my suspicions that liberals are all just a bunch of giant pussies.

  • MrBig Red

    Dressed up like pussies deserves only one reponse: “FUCK ‘EM!”

  • Don Schrader

    Murder on demand….Because you are too stupid to use contraception…..You have the Right to PAY for your own mistakes…you want something from me… try MY WORK Ethic……I didn’t ask you to drop your shorts……..

  • MrBig Red

    Walking yeast infections……a contingent of angry over-taxed Americans pelting these whores with water balloons filled with Massingill’s and Summer’s Eve Douche would be appropos!!!

  • Gabriel Hotupan

    We can take these women very seriously! Sure… They want abortion on demand! As repugnant as that process may be, I tell you, folks, usually the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, getting rid of alike creatures only helps the society and humanity to progress at a faster rate! I definitely support their desire! One thing, though: I only wish their mothers had this idea!!!

  • Phil Newsome

    Do you think that, when making their costumes, they snapped a picture of their own and proceed to craft away? I don’t think they were mass produced because they all look different…like snowflakes.

  • Diane Harris Johnson

    Makes me so proud to be female. I’m so glad they want abortion on demand so they can kill their fellow womankind before they have a chance to be born. Hypocrites in ridiculous pink get ups. Congress! Respect Women! By killing unborn women?? Not sure what planet that makes sense on…

  • FactsRule

    They almost represent themselves accurately — can’t get it correct — got the wrong hole.

  • Woody Woodpecker

    Cun-temporary women…I hope not. Cun-tempible, I’d say.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • Jeremiah Jason Shuminas


  • MrNewCastrati

    So THAT’S what they look like!

  • porgiefirefighter

    As a straight man, I’ve always had thing for vaginas. I truly hope these pictures haven’t ruined it for me. Checking into class action suit.

  • JBenning

    ignorance abounds.

  • Stephanie Warren

    I think I’m gonna barf now. Who’s bright idea was this? Vagina’s are ugly and smelly sex organs and this is coming from someone who has one.

  • Noah David Simon

    oh barf

  • lainer51

    OMG – that longshot picture of the capitol shows that perfectly coiffed lawn… where were all the vaginas? I went to the Tea Party March on Washington there in Sept. 2009 and I had to squeeze through the crowd just to see and hear the speakers! This was an afternoon tea for 3! What pathetic losers but such wannabe winners!!

  • Im_Rick_James

    If anybody ever sees me dressed as an erect penis with a sign that says “Respect Me”, please run me over with your car. Twice. Thank you.

  • CitizenExe

    I am torn. I don’t know weather or not I should say something like, “and I left my Pennis costume at the dry cleaners”, or to say something deserving. Hmmmm. What to do?

  • CitizenExe

    I think I go with something deserving.

  • CitizenExe

    Wouldn’t it be cool if all the murdered babies could rally with their signs? Wow, what a thought. Na, who am I kidding. We all enjoy being able to screw our brains out and just discard the resulting baby like a used tampon. Way to go cunts, err I mean vaginas.

  • CitizenExe

    I wonder what the baby’s rally signs would say? Any ideas folks?

  • CitizenExe

    Cum receptacles. HA HA!

  • CitizenExe

    Stick a tampon in it vaginas!

  • CitizenExe

    You vaginas make it just too easy to pun! You’re all idiots! It’s almost as bad as voting in a president who’s a muslim and has a name that is WAY too close to Osama Bin Laden and shares the name Hussein with another evil basty-nasterd. What the hell Amrica?

  • CitizenExe

    EPIC FAIL in quest for respect!

  • Oak Tree Lady

    Women, we have a right to look as tacky, stupid and obscene as men! Throw off those corsets and flaunt your private parts and call for the respect we deserve!

  • Mandi Santiago

    If you want someone to pay for your abortion, I suggest you talk to the guy who knocked you up. We didn’t get to vote on whether you had sex, we didn’t get a payout for your orgasm, we don’t have to pay for the consequences when sex doesn’t play out the way you’d hoped. If you can afford to dress yourself like a giant vulva, you can afford to divert some of your glitter fund towards a copay and some B/C pills. When women have started seeing their vaginas as a national treasure that the taxpayers are supposed to support simply because they exist, we really need to rethink feminism. Hint, some taxpayers are female and have their own vaginas to support.

  • SteveC73

    AND these dumbas*es, just to be anatomically correct, have positioned their faces correctly to mimic their ‘butts’. Such fine facsimiles, too.

  • SteveC73

    AND these dumbas*es, just to be anatomically correct, have positioned their faces correctly to mimic their ‘butts’. Such fine facsimiles, too.

  • Basset_Hound

    YIKES…they’re all PINK….

    None of these vajayjays are brown or gold. I thought the libs prided themselves on their diversity! Could it be these harpies are racists?

  • jyychem

    These people are, in one word, “REVOLTING.” I guess some people will do anything to get attention.
    The most egregious example of a war on women is sex-selection abortion. Have these creatures thought of THAT?