Generally speaking, the names of Canadian mayors do not trend on Twitter. So, when one pops up, we at Twitchy take notice. Today, that actually happened, so we have to marvel at all of the hate being thrown at conservative Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

Ford’s story shocked Canada today when a court found him guilty in a conflict-of-interest case and declared his office vacant. According to the Toronto Star, his offense was “voting to absolve himself of the need to repay $3,150 to lobbyists from whom he had improperly solicited donations for his private football foundation.”  Ford did not profit personally, and the amount of money involved was modest.

Naturally, the haters were jubilant:

OK, Ford is overweight. We get that.

But Ford also happens to be a staunch conservative and, apparently, an effective mayor. And some conservatives suspect that those are the real reasons why he was removed from office.

From Levant’s video:

In two short years since being elected, Ford has scrapped the vehicle tax. He started ripping out those traffic-jamming bike lanes. He was trimming city hall political budgets. He privatized garbage pick-up to non-union [companies]. And amazingly he brought the city to a surplus not a deficit.  That’s why Toronto voted for him. Because even though he’s fat[,] he’s a better mayor than [the] fancy-pants class of political elites who despise him.

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  • SineWaveII

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • BobC

    Union money was behind this. Believe it.

  • Harlan Hikaru Fox

    It’s not about being effective. It’s about Team Left winning. They could care less if their guy blew up the planet, as long as they “won”.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    In a couple of years when those people are swimming in tape, taxed into destitution, and starving, they’ll complain that government isn’t trying to do the right thing— but that it seems to be trying to kill them.

    There’s no pleasing some people.

  • Joy Daniels Brower

    Across the Continent, it seems, the Lib Prog Regressive mindset seems to be prevailing, but what will it take to shake some commonsense into hate-filled libturd heads? Guess they won’t be happy ’til they take us all down with them – or try damn hard to do so. Maybe we on the Right just need to finally take off the gloves and hit ’em below the belt as hard & as often as we can…

    • GaryTheBrave

      Why below the belt? They don’t have anything there to hurt.

  • medicinewomantwo

    Ah, twittering, the new sheep herding of the modern day…… easy it will be for the government to lead them down the path.

  • Juyeon

    As a Canadian who travels to and studies in Toronto, I’m outraged at Rob Ford’s sacking. The liberal elite gets what it wants- the people’s will, who democratically elected this man, be damned. The punishment does not fit the offense which was over a technicality and the judge himself stated that Ford didn’t actually commit any corruption or benefit himself. The money involved, which was just over $3,000 went to buy football equipment for underprivileged kids who Ford coaches on his free time. I just cannot deal with these inane liberals who attacked Ford over the most petty details – his new car was at one point the main story in the media – and have now thrown him out of the office he was rightfully elected to. Democracy was dealt a severe blow today in Canada. Thanks, liberals.

  • Michael Hampton

    So it is OK for an elected official to steal money from taxpayers as long as he is extremely conservative and gives the money to his own charity. Got it.

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      @Michael Ham0ton:
      I didn’t know Cold Cash Jesse Jackson Jr. was a Republican—

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