Roland must have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. Newsbusta Rhymes:

Less than two weeks after his suspension for previous intemperate tweets was lifted, Roland Martin was engaging in personally insulting “mis-tweetment” again this afternoon with PJ Media’s David Steinberg.

In a series of tweets at around 5 p.m. tonight seen after the jump, Steinberg criticized Martin for spending so much time on the press’s Trayvon Martin obsession — where one person tragically died — while ignoring the impact and meaning of the documents leaked by an unnamed Department of Justice official relating to the Fast and Furious “gunwalking” scandal — as a result of which “at least 300 Mexicans, plus at least two American law enforcement agents” have been killed. Martin’s responses were immature, insulting, condescending — and all too typical of a press corps which, now that it is seeing poll results it doesn’t like, has in certain cases taken to calling voters stupid.

Tweet exchange screenshot, read from bottom to top:

Plenty more on this dust-up between twitter-battling journos at the link.