Considering that Gingrich’s best support is in the deep South, that’s got to sting.

South Carolina station WIS via Race 4 2012:

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich left the Palmetto State in late January with a decisive victory in the state GOP primary. Despite that victory, Gingrich would not win another primary or caucus again until Tuesday night when he won the primary in his home state of Georgia.Now, the former director of Gingrich’s campaign here in South Carolina says it’s time for the Speaker to end his campaign.”We’ve come through Super Tuesday. We see how it’s stacked up, and now is the time to start manning up and making those concrete decisions,” DeLinda Ridings said.

Ridings, who spearheaded the former Speaker’s impressive South Carolina victory, is one Republican Party leader who worries that Gingrich and rival Rick Santorum are now hurting GOP chances to defeat President Barack Obama in the general election. “[Gingrich] has tried really hard, but I think it’s time to drop, and it’s time to put our allegiance behind the man that I believe can beat Barack Obama, and that’s Mitt Romney,” Ridings said.

Stacy McCain analyzed the state of the race yesterday.