RealClearPolitics via HuffPo:

President Obama’s smile stretched ear-to-ear, although a muscle beneath his right eye beat in tiny, distracting spasms.

Super Tuesday at the White House produced the first Obama news conference of 2012, after a dry spell of five months. From the White House perspective, it was the perfect afternoon to be on offense.

Republican rivals romped through primaries in Ohio and Tennessee and eight other states, in a slugfest over the Oval Office. And the man with the 100-watt smile stepped into a crowded, overheated White House briefing room to coolly emphasize that he has the job those others seek, and is working hard to keep it.

What a difference a few months can make. Unemployment is trending down, the president’s job approval numbers are up, and consumer confidence is the highest it’s been in a year. In head-to-head match-ups against his GOP challengers, Obama is ahead in the most recent polls. And during a 44-minute news conference, the economy was not the press corps’ preoccupation. Obama needed to bring the larger economy into the conversation himself.

Gee, makes you feel as though you were right there. Think I might need a shower.