CNN host Don Lemon and fiery Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke clashed Sunday night over the causes of the rising violence against police in the United States.

When Clarke began discussing a series of strong points, Lemon couldn’t handle it and had the network cut to commercial:

CNN, an unbiased news source? Um, no. Heaven forbid a guest would disagree with the host.

When they came back from commercial, Lemon was touchier than ever. When Clarke uses logic and facts to argue that blacks are not disproportionately targeted by police officers, Lemon denies the facts.

Then he claims he’s simply an impartial reporter, nothing more:

“I am neither a member of Black Lives Matter; I’m neither a supporter, nor someone who doesn’t support them. I simply report on Black Lives Matter,” Lemon said.

Not sure we believe you, Don.

Clarke, who was arguing that BLM espouses a “hateful ideology,” finished the interview strong:

“There is no place in American discourse for that sort of vile, vitriolic hate coming out of this ideology. This has fueled and fanned the flames of this anger toward the American police officer. There’s only one group in America—one, Don—that cares about the lives of black people in these urban ghettos. It’s the American police officer, who goes out on a daily basis and puts their life on the line to protect who? Black people.”

Clarke will speak in the primetime lineup tonight at the Republican National Convention.