Incredibly, you heard right. Hillary Clinton’s teaming up with the cast of the new Ghostbusters for next Wednesday’s Ellen Show. One of the most disliked candidates of all time teams up with the cast of one of the disliked trailers of all time. We all knew Hillary wasn’t good at campaigning, but come on! For a candidate who needs people to like her more and to give people more reasons to vote for her other than that she’s a woman, this is the exact OPPOSITE of what she should be doing.

I almost feel bad for her. This is worse than when she made her slogan “LOVE TRUMPS HATE”–making her rival’s name a third of her slogan and associating his name with love. Does her entire publicity team hate her? That’s the only reason I can think of that they would watch the travesty that is the Ghostbusters trailer and think, “You know what? This is just what Hillary needs to be associating with.”

Maybe that’s the key. Maybe her team sabotaging her and saving us from a Hillary presidency. Maybe they’re the true Ghostbusters.




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