If there’s one thing we can depend on during an election year, it’s weird political ads. In the spirit of Carly Fiorina’s “Demon Sheep” and Joni Ernst’s “Squeal” – we’ve compiled a list of the good, bad, and downright weird ads from the 2016 election.

1) Enough with the Football Metaphors

Props for trying something different, but we’re not sure how this will convince voters to support your campaign.

2) Zany Professor

How do you knock a college professor? Call em’ zany.

3) These Hands

Dr. Ben Carson may have become better known for his debate blunders by the time his campaign was all said and done, but this ad was easily one of 2016’s most inspirational.

4) Taking Aim at Politics

Former navy seal, AR-15, explosions…what’s not to love? Eric Greitens, the Republican candidate for governor in Missouri, kicked off his first ad with a literal bang – though it hasn’t helped his polling numbers.

5) How to Destroy Your Cell Phone

After Donald Trump called out Lindsey Graham’s phone number during a rally in July, the South Carolina senator responded with this brilliant video. Unfortunately, it didn’t changed his ultimately doomed campaign.

6) Please Re-Elect Gerald

For those who still haven’t seen the above ad for county commissioner in Travis County, Texas – you’re in for a treat. Running Republican in a county that includes Austin isn’t easy, but this ad can only help.

7) Blindfolded AR-15 Assembly

Missouri Democratic Secretary of State Jason Kander is running against Republican incumbent Roy Blunt, and proves his 2nd Amendment bonafides by assembling a rifle while blindfolded. Impressive!