Most mainstream media outlets have been pretty slow to report on Katie Couric getting busted for her shameful, deceptively edited anti-gun documentary, but at least CNN’s Chris Cuomo has a good reason to be super-cautious:

“Ask her”?

So bold.

Good Lord, Chris.

Not difficult for a serious journalist, no. But Chris doesn’t exactly fit that bill, does he?

He’d like to ask himself that, but he’s got to take a lot into very careful consideration. Because that’s just how he likes to do things, you know?

Kind of like you needed to “know more” about those Planned Parenthood videos, Chris?

Oh, wait:

But that was different, you guys.

So what’s your excuse now, Chris? You can’t take a few minutes to try to “know more”?

Trust us, pal: Nobody thinks you know things.

You really aren’t.

We’re guessing no. He certainly hasn’t tweeted about it yet.

It’s almost as if he’s not actually interested in the truth at all.

Heh. As if he ever had any to begin with.


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