As Twitchy reported, Wendy Davis’s campaign recently turned a disabled man into blatant human prop-aganda:

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But that man, Lamar White Jr., is insisting that Wendy Davis’ motivations were only the purest:

You are a human being, Mr. White. And you deserve better than what Wendy Davis has given you.

Except Stiles didn’t ridicule White at all.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

On Monday, Davis’s campaign organized a press conference in an effort to prove that some of her best friends are confined to wheelchairs. “Greg Abbott got his justice. Why doesn’t he believe that a rape survivor or a person with a disability or a victim paralyzed forever…should get justice too?” Davis said. “What makes Greg Abbott think it’s okay to deny them, his fellow Texans, the justice that he rightly went to court to receive?”

Stiles merely pointed out that Davis is trying to do major damage control after her horrible attack ad against Greg Davis — and that her latest efforts are only making her look even worse.

With all due respect to Mr. White, Wendy Davis is not a scrupulous woman. Her intentions are purely selfish. And she’s proven that she has no qualms about trampling on humanity if it gets her ahead.

Her ship is sinking, all right. But if White ever finds himself looking for Davis to throw him a life preserver, he’s barking up the wrong tree.

Remember that, Mr. White.



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