As Twitchy reported, students at Goddard College handpicked convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to deliver their fall commencement speech. And the Goddard’s communications manager Samantha Kolber is totes OK with that:

Yeah, “the students” invited him. But Kolber thinks it’s cool and stands behind their decision:

Because when it comes to cold-blooded murder, there’s so much to “explore.”

And we should listen to an unrepentant cop killer because …

Wait … what? Quick, Sam, say something else!

See? Mumia’s just like Gandhi! Two men cut from the same cloth!


Bummer, man. Maybe next year, huh, Samantha?

We’re guessing the answer is no.



‘Liberal hypocrisy at its best’: Mumia Abu-Jamal to deliver commencement address

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