Note to US Airways: Don’t mess with Ed Henry.

Fox News’ chief White House correspondent is most definitely not a satisfied customer after the airline bumped him for a government official:

US Airways is on it. Except not really:

Uh, “the customer” is Henry, kiddos.

Henry gave it another go:

To no avail:


Don’t worry, US Airways. Henry will help spread the word:


American Airlines, which recently merged with US Airways, found out about the dust-up:

If we were American Airlines, we’d be nervous, too.

According to Henry, the gate agent claimed that this sort of thing is standard operating procedure for US Airways:

Henry doesn’t seem all that convinced.

Well, American Airlines and US Airways, looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you:

Good luck with that, guys.

(Hat tip: @ProudEagletMom)



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