Yeah! Weird, isn’t it?

Media Matters, which claims to be a media watchdog, has remained conspicuously silent ever since MSNBC host Alec Baldwin was caught calling a photographer a “cocksucking fag” (or “fathead”). What’s up with that?

Most definitely. Conservative blogger RB wanted to know what the deal was, and this morning, he tried to get an answer out of Media Matters VP and “Stop Rush” tweeter Angelo Carusone:

That must be what’s taking so long.

C’mon, Angelo!

You’d think so, wouldn’t you? But no. Carusone is too focused on all you “right-wing hatriots” out there:

And if there’s one thing he and MMFA won’t stand for, it’s hate:

@StopRush bio

No H8. Right, Angelo?



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