Just how badly does Obamacare suck? Badly enough that President Obama is reportedly turning to the NBA to help him sell it:

From The Hill:

Many have speculated that the enrollment campaigns would benefit from a celebrity endorsement or partnership with a major sports league.

The news of a possible collaboration between the White House and the NBA was reported by Politico, which cited health officials in Massachusetts who had spoken with the Obama administration.

HHS has yet to confirm the story, but:

“We are speaking with a wide range of potential partners and organizations about our efforts to inform Americans of the opportunity to enroll in quality, affordable coverage in the health insurance marketplaces,” said a HHS official.

Call us crazy, but when you have to resort to persuading professional athletes or “organizations” to pimp your lousy healthcare program as if it were Gatorade, it might be time to bench said program — permanently.

This sounds like an excellent strategy for turning the public off from Obama and the NBA:


Parting thought: