As Twitchy reported, an Omaha, Neb., Wendy’s franchise is reducing employee work hours in order to reduce the cost of complying with Obamacare. ThinkProgress ominously suggested that Wendy’s would “learn the hard way” if it tangles with Obamacare. “Castle” star and noted political pundit Nathan Fillion is more than happy to help crack the whip — as are some other illustrious folks:

Way to elevate the discourse, there.

What they’ve all neglected to mention, though, is that the ThinkProgress article was only referring to a specific franchise and not the entire Wendy’s corporation. Many of their followers helpfully pointed that out:

Well, facts are hard. And who would they actually be targeting with a boycott?

No, but at least it’ll feel good, right?

What these useful idiots also fail to realize is that this franchisee and countless other business owners aren’t slashing workers’ hours out of sadistic cruelty; Obamacare has effectively tied their hands.


So do we.