During his disgraceful speech to the UN General Assembly this morning, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took a brief break from railing against Zionists and Jews and calling for Israel’s destruction to draw attention to women’s rights. No, seriously. The murderous despot wants the world to know about the value he places on women, and he lamented the mistreatment women have suffered at the hands of “the powerful and the wealthy”:

The irony of Ahmadinejad’s professed concern for the women of the world wasn’t lost on Twitterers, who graciously offered a much-needed reality check:


Ahmadinejad also failed to remark on the Iranian government severely restricting women’s ability to pursue higher education:

More than 30 universities have introduced new rules banning female students from almost 80 different degree courses.

These include a bewildering variety of subjects from engineering, nuclear physics and computer science, to English literature, archaeology and business.

“The Iranian government is using various initiatives… to restrict women’s access to education, to stop them being active in society, and to return them to the home,” [Nobel Prize winning lawyer Shirin Ebadi] told the BBC.

Additionally, since Ahmadinejad won stole reelection in 2009, at least 57 women journalists and bloggers have been arrested and imprisoned.

But he really feels for oppressed women. Just not the ones who were asking for it by, you know, having dreams and aspirations and the desire to free themselves from their “sublime” subservient roles. Those women don’t count.