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WaPo's impassioned defense of John Fetterman from 'ableist' critics hits some serious snags

Leading up to the one and only debate between John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz, many in the media went to bat hard for Fetterman, insisting that he wasn’t disabled in any way after suffering a major stroke this past spring. Many came down hard and relentlessly on NBC News reporter Dasha Burns, who had the temerity to say that Fetterman struggled to understand and answer her questions when she interviewed him for the only in-person interview he’d had since his stroke.


But once the debate was in the books and it was abundantly clear that Fetterman is not, in fact, OK, his white knights have shifted gears slightly and decided that, yes, Fetterman is disabled, but ackshually it’s good that he is and maybe even makes him deserve to be a U.S. Senator even more.

That’s definitely where the Washington Post is at right now:

Not sure why it’s somehow not “ableist” to tell someone who is wheelchair-bound or blind or armless or deaf that they’re disabled, but maybe we’re just not woke enough.


OK … but John Fetterman isn’t physically disabled, at least not in any way that would prevent him from serving in office. His disabilities are cognitive, and, as difficult as it may be for the Washington Post to admit, it’s those cognitive impairments that should disqualify Fetterman from serving. It sucks, but it’s the way it is. If you’re struggling to process words and to get through a single sentence without losing your train of thought, you belong under medical care; not in the U.S. Senate.

WaPo — and too many other liberal outlets — are putting their loyalty to the Democratic Party far above common sense or even basic human decency (at this point, anyone continuing to push Fetterman forward in this race is effectively guilty of abuse). And what makes that even more infuriating is that they’d die before ever going to bat this hard for a Republican with a disability.


Greg Abbott is physically — not mentally — disabled, but it’s always open season on him for the liberal media. Meanwhile, even look at Tammy Duckworth sideways and you’re a right-wing racist ableist.

But even if we totally remove politicians from the equation, when it comes to the disabled having value in society, the Washington Post doesn’t really have a leg to stand on:


Not that we’re keeping track or anything.


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