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Leave it to Joy Reid to find a truly insane way to insult the millions of Americans concerned about the economy

What does Joy Reid enjoy doing when she’s not busy being the worst? We’ll never know the answer to that question, because she is always the worst. She can’t help it.

OK, I know she’s not technically the worst … but she kind of is. At the very least, she is reliably terrible.

And on that note, check out what she had to say the other night:

Speaking of things that are terrifying, it’s pretty terrifying to see anyone out there nodding their heads along to anything that Joy Reid’s tiny brain vomits up. But here we are:


What an awful take. There’s some “culture war stuff,” yes, but right now, at the top of most Americans’ priorities list — at “top of mind,” as Karine Jean-Pierre might say — is the economy.



Oh, Amy … it sounds like you’ve already been fooled.

Ooo … the Biden administration should definitely run with that next: “Only feeble-minded people own cars that run on gasoline and they deserve to not be able to afford fuel.” You listening, Jennifer Granholm?

Oh, so you’re insane, is what you’re saying.

Which data show that? I would very much like to see them.

But enough about the Left.

Don’t let us stop you. We’ll even help you pack. Hell, we’ll help Joy pack.

There are, of course, plenty more like those where all those came from. I could spend the whole day just combing through the craziness, but I think you get the idea. Joy Reid is out of her mind and her fans are, too.

How stupid and how utterly self-unaware.

Like with so much of the Left, when push comes to shove, all Joy Reid’s got to offer is projection. And delusion, of course, but that goes without saying.

Good. She should be. We’d be scared if we were her.

Keep up the great work, Joy.



MSNBC’s Joy Reid compares Gov. Ron DeSantis to a segregationist after his warning for would-be looters


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