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Anti-DeSantis crusader and media darling (and House hopeful!) Rebekah Jones tries doxxing Max Nordau, sics followers on a totally different guy

If you followed our coverage of Rebekah Jones, you no doubt saw a lot of tweets from one Max Nordau. Nordau did a lot of fantastic and vital work to fight the media’s image of Rebekah Jones as a saintly whistleblower and data genius who exposed Ron DeSantis’ COVID death wish for Floridians and to expose Jones as the unhinged, vengeful lefty that she is.


And now, it looks like Jones has decided to return the favor by doxxing Nordau:

Here’s the thing, though: the guy she’s doxxing is not Max Nordau.

Looks like she’s just as good a private investigator as she is a data analyst.

Is your real name Nikki Barnes? Or is it actually Rebekah Jones? Because Rebekah Jones very easily could’ve tweeted that. Good Lord.


What the hell, Nikki? What the hell, Rebekah?

Max Nordau shouldn’t have to defend himself from Nikki Barnes or Rebekah Jones. Nor, for that matter, should the guy in Kokomo, Indiana, whose life is now also at risk.


Rebekah Jones definitely has a brand, and she’s committed to sticking to it.

The Florida Democratic Party has got some real shining stars.

And the national media are really excellent judges of character.

So weird that Real Journalists™ aren’t all over this story, right?


Excellent. Judges. Of. Character.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional text and tweets.



Charles C.W. Cooke thread shreds Miami Herald for spending ‘2 years laundering Rebekah Jones’ lies’


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