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The Guardian's latest tribute to Dr. Anthony Fauci is real, but it is decidedly not spectacular

Dr. Anthony Fauci rose to prominence in the early days of the COVID19 pandemic by portraying himself — and being portrayed — as a levelheaded, reasonable medical authority.

In the past 18 months, Fauci has completely undermined that image.

And what makes it even worse is that he’s been more than happy to continue feeding into the cultish worship of him by people who don’t care that he’s a complete fraud. Fauci has bought into the Fauci hype.

Case in point:

How … what … why?

The Guardian is trying to make Anthony Fauci happen. And Anthony Fauci is letting the Guardian try to make him happen.

Here’s a thought: how about we not do this? We don’t have to do this, so let’s not do it. OK?

We really don’t want to do this.


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