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CNN political analyst is extremely offended by Florida-based journo who dared to call out national media's blatant pro-Cuomo, anti-GOP bias

Daily Beast Washington bureau chief and CNN political analyst Jackie Kucinich is very disappointed in Politico’s man in Florida, Marc Caputo. See, Caputo did something horrible: He criticized the national media for licking New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s boots while hating on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — despite the fact that Florida’s weathering the COVID19 crisis relatively well compared to the hot zone that is New York.


We’ve read Caputo’s remarks several times, and we didn’t pick up on Caputo dismissing anyone’s loss of loved ones. What we do see is a member of the media who’s not special enough to be based in New York calling out the MSM for their blatant anti-GOP bias. Cuomo has been a disaster for New York, but you’d never know that if your only yardstick is the MSM’s largely fawning coverage of him.

Exactly. Kucinich’s beef with Caputo is really rooted in his holding a mirror up to one of the MSM’s worst tendencies.


Charles C.W. Cooke pretty much nailed the root of Kucinich’s outrage:


Heh. But that’s pretty much the attitude of much of the MSM toward southern states, many of which just so happen to be red ones.

The truth hurts, Jackie. Sorry if you can’t handle it.

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