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Is he for real? Everyone point and laugh at Joe Scarborough for pretending he didn't contribute to Trump's rise

Stand back, everybody. Joe Scarborough’s got some truth bombs to throw.

Let’s start with this one:


It’s so cute when Joe pretends he’s tough on Democrats.

It’s almost as cute as Joe pretending he’s been tough on Donald Trump:


Yeah, electing Trump is Joe’s job!


OK, wait a second …


Joe helped build this. Joe helped make this happen.

And now, he wants to pretend he had nothing to do with it.







El. Oh. El.

Hold on … Seacrest is coming back in:


Apologies for all those unrendered tweets and screenshots. See, Joe deleted most of them. Not out of shame, but because he’s got his eyes on the prize or something:

Such stunning. Much brave.

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