Dylan Mulvaney is a trans woman (or trans “girl,” as she seems to prefer) and unofficial adviser to President Joe Biden on not just trans issues, but women’s issues.

Here’s the thing about Dylan Mulvaney: if she were content to just be out there living her life and minding her own business, that’d be fine. The issue that we have with her is that she is out there making a mockery of women and womanhood. She is not a woman yet pretends that she understands what it truly means to be a woman. Remember this?

And what’s worse is that Mulvaney’s mockery is being championed by so many people, including women like Drew Barrymore, who is disturbingly content to sit at Mulvaney’s feet and fawn over her stunning bravery:

The only thing more disingenuous than Krassenstein’s tweet is the actual conversation between Barrymore and Mulvaney, which comes off as over-rehearsed and overproduced. Not to mention just plain creepy and weird.

At this point, that’s a fair question to ask.

It’s a free country, and as an adult in said free country, Mulvaney should have the right to live her life as a trans woman if that’s what makes her happy. But living life as a trans woman means understanding and acknowledging and accepting that you will never truly know what it’s like to be a woman and what it means to be a woman. Mulvaney is unwilling to understand or acknowledge or accept that. And Barrymore is only indulging that unwillingness.

And more than anything, that’s just sad.

Well said.



President Joe Biden’s adviser Dylan Mulvaney made her red carpet debut at the Grammys


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