The recent deadly mass shooting at Michigan State University really brought out the grave-dancers. Well, at least until we learned that the suspect, Anthony McCrae, was known to law enforcement and had been allowed to plead guilty down to a misdemeanor from a felony and therefore was able to own a handgun when he should have been barred. Whoops.

Anyway, one of the grave-dancers who did the ugliest routines was none other than California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell. For some reason, Swalwell waited until after the pro-gun-control narrative had totally fallen apart to hit “send” on this tweet. Maybe he just wanted to make sure it was absolutely perfect before he sent it out:

Taking a page from Alan Grayson’s “Republicans Want Americans to Die Quickly” book, we see. Very nice.

That’s really the nicest thing we can call him if we’re trying to avoid profanity.

He lines up to defend Planned Parenthood, of course.

According to Eric Swalwell? Yep, pretty much.

Eric Swalwell frequently steps in it.

Seems to us that Eric Swalwell should’ve done a little more research and introspection before deciding which side he was going to come down on.

About as vile as it gets.

We’ll give the last word to BASED Politics’ Brad Polumbo, who sums up our thoughts on Swalwell quite well:

Next time Eric Swalwell decides to dance on some graves, he should watch that video.



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