Let’s be perfectly clear about something: Twitter is a hellhole. Just a bottomless pit of flaming-hot garbage.

But once in the bluest of blue moons, it yields something so magnificent that it almost makes up for all the abject awfulness. Well, folks, the moon is an absolutely stunning shade of blue right now.

And it’s all thanks to Taylor Lorenz. We kid you not. See for yourselves:

“Finding authenticity, setting boundaries.” Yeah, Taylor Lorenz knows all about that. Who better than her to talk about that stuff?

And the “finding your audience” bit, well, that’s right in Taylor’s wheelhouse, for sure.

Don’t see it yet? Maybe you just need a slightly different angle:

Ah, yes. That’s the stuff. That’s the business right there.

Could it possibly get any better?

We’re so glad you asked! Because the answer is a resounding “HELL YES!”

Please! Our sides! They’re killing us! No more!

OK, maybe just a little bit more:

This is why we’re here. This is why we do what we do. Because every day, there’s a chance that we’ll be presented with a golden opportunity to chew Taylor Lorenz up and spit her out.

But what a way to go.