You may be able to take the Ezra Klein out of Vox, but you’ll never be able to take the Vox out of Ezra Klein.

Ezra’s a New York Times opinion columnist now, and he’s still explaining the big issues to the rest of us:

“Don’t let climate change stop you from having kids” is actually a fine message to put out there. But you might be wondering why Ezra feels like he needs to put the message out there in the first place.

According to Ezra, it’s because people can’t stop asking him if it’s OK for them to procreate while the earth is melting and the oceans are turning to blood:

We have questions. Chief among them is: “Why would anyone go to Ezra Klein for his blessing to have kids?”

We have a hard time believing that people are lining up to get Ezra Klein’s opinion on this or any subject.

Call us callous cynics, too, then.

Our hunch is that you’re correct.

We’re willing to go out on a limb and say that most people have never had that question asked to them in any setting.

Real people have better things to do with their time than worry about offending climate activists by having kids.

That’s a really important point, actually: the type of person who would earnestly seek permission to have kids is the type of person who probably isn’t all that keen on having kids to begin with.

Don’t want kids? Don’t have kids.

Just don’t try to pretend you’ve made that decision in order to save the world.

Hey, that’s fine by us.