As far as we know, as of this post being published, Elon Musk hasn’t bought Twitter just yet. But this tweet sure does make it sound like it’s all happening:


It sounds like it’s happening. Whether or not it is, in fact, happening, though, the sentiment of Musk’s tweet is the right one. Free speech means free speech for people with whom you disagree.

To be fair, aversion to free speech is not just a problem on the Left. There are those on the Right who are also content to clamp down on speech they don’t like. But the meltdowns over Musk are emanating solely from liberal leftist circles today, and Musk is not some raging right-winger.

If Musk does end up buying and taking control of Twitter, we hope that he’s serious about making it a haven for free speech.

Technically it’s not up to Elon Musk to preserve our freedom of speech; that freedom is guaranteed in our Constitution. But Elon Musk is poised to strike a huge blow in favor of free speech, and that can only be a good thing.

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