It must be so difficult to go into work at the U.N., knowing that there are so many haters out there who think your agency isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The only thing that could possibly make it even more difficult is knowing that the haters are exactly right.

As Vladimir Putin presses on with his crusade to crush Ukraine, here’s what the U.N. is contributing to global discourse:

If it’s not a war, and it’s not an invasion … what is it? A water balloon fight? A game of checkers?

So, if we’re understanding this correctly, the U.N. is taking their cues from Vladimir Putin. Great work, everyone.

Good for Ireland. At least someone at the U.N. has a problem with this.

“Amidst disruption in the Black Sea region” is certainly iconic, but not in anything remotely resembling a positive sense.

When does the crackdown on the U.N. start? Because we’ve been ready for that for a long time, and now seems like as good a time as any.

Mais oui!

It’s about as sick as a sick joke can be.


The U.N. is just not fit, period.



If you thought that the U.N. had some serious ‘splaining to do before, you’ll love these developments:

We’ve often wondered what the hell is going on at the United Nations. Now, we wonder even more.

Guess we should expect it to get weirder, just to be safe.

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