One can only assume that Dr. Anthony Fauci was a little dictator in a past life, the way he’s conducted himself in the nearly two years since the COVID19 pandemic began.

Seriously, the guy’s a power-hungry wannabe-tyrant. He’s had a sweet taste of authority and he’ll be damned if he’ll relinquish it without a fight.

Fauci will say whatever he needs to in order to ensure that we continue to require his alleged scientific expertise. And if that means that the pandemic never ends and we have to put the government in charge of our health, so be it:

Gee, where have we heard stuff like that before?

And just in case it didn’t sink in there, Fauci doubled down on the authoritarian approach to navigating the COVID19 pandemic:

Anthony Fauci doesn’t “respect” people’s reluctance to be told what to do with their bodies by government officials and bureaucrats. He has no respect for individuals, or even for the “communal” interests he claims to be looking out for. He is first and foremost looking out for the interests of Anthony Fauci, and it’s in Anthony Fauci’s best interest to be in charge.

It’s what’s best for everyone. Except for Anthony Fauci, of course. But we can live with that.