Brian Stelter’s still reeling from Chris Cuomo’s firing and desperately needs something else to talk about. This new Axios scoop is just what he’s been looking for:

Dear. God.

Seriously. When libs like Brian Stelter told the Right to go someplace else if they didn’t like the liberal bias, they weren’t actually suggesting that the Right actually go someplace else.

Plus the Right’s way too stupid to figure out their own social media platforms and publishing houses and stuff. They need liberals to steer the ship! For their own good!

It’s almost as if Brian Stelter has been too busy pontificating to pay attention.

This is what you wanted, Brian. You should be thrilled.

Unless Brian Stelter is not very smart, none of this should be shocking to him.

Which we supposed explains why this is so shocking to him,

For what it’s worth, the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank seems concerned as well:

Hard to blame him. The last thing dominant liberal media need right now is people being mean to Joe Biden.