When you think “tough on China,” what name comes immediately to mind? Nancy Pelosi, right?

It’s obviously Nancy Pelosi. Just ask … Nancy Pelosi:

Sounds totes legit.

It’s also just about as likely.

Yeah you do.

It’s difficult to deny that Donald Trump was too soft on China and that his admiration for Xi Jinping’s authoritarian might was disturbing. But in what universe is Nancy Pelosi trying to convince Donald Trump to take a bold stand against China’s abysmal human rights record? Last time we checked, it’s overwhelmingly Democrats and liberals who are determined to tiptoe around Xi in order to avoid hurting his feelings and avert their eyes to the Chinese government’s human rights abuses and open threats to the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Nancy’s no China hawk. That’s for damn sure.

C’mon, Manu. No pushback or anything? No request to see the receipts?