In case you missed it, Kyle Rittenhouse trial Judge Bruce Schroeder demanded that Al Sharpton be removed from the courtroom.

At least that’s what MSNBC reported this morning:

Hmmm. Seems to have vanished. No worries. We got a screenshot:

Wow. Al Sharpton really gets around, doesn’t he? He gets around so much, that he’s evidently capable of literally being in two places at once:

A very different state:

That’s … not in Kenosha. It’s nowhere near Kenosha, in fact. It’s nowhere near Wisconsin, actually.

Or maybe they just don’t care

That’s actually a far more likely explanation than that they just weren’t paying attention.

Yeah, that’s by design.

There’s always an agenda. They just usually try a little bit harder to hide it.

The excuse is that liberal media outlets believe their cause is the righteous cause and thus the ends justify the means.

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