What even is the ACLU now?

No, seriously. What on earth is the point of the ACLU? Because it sure as hell isn’t civil liberties. All they seem to care about these days is toeing the radical lefty line, and it’s been pretty sad  to witness.

Here they are fighting for Texas’ vagina-owning community and their “right” to abort as many unborn babies as they want to:

You hear that, politicians? The ACLU won’t let you force pregnancies anymore!

These people are not well.

They also apparently don’t know how pregnancy usually works.

Despite what pro-abortion advocates insist, only a very small percentage of abortions are performed on victims of rape or incest or on women whose for whom a full-term pregnancy would pose a serious health risk. Most are performed on women who just don’t feel like having a baby right now.

And politicians didn’t force any of those women to be pregnant. Because that’s not how pregnancy works.

Party of Science™ needs to brush up on a few things.


And it’s almost like the ACLU has forgotten their entire reason for existing in the first place.