Since being elected to U.S. Congress from North Carolina, GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s congressional career has been … interesting. He’s done some things that suggest he’s more interested in being talked about than in his actual congressional responsibilities. OK.

Basically, there are some legitimate reasons to criticize him. His handwriting is not one of them.

But that’s what über-prog editor John Aravosis decided to focus on yesterday:

We’ve posted a screenshot of Aravosis’ tweet, because he’s since deleted it. But let’s be clear: he didn’t delete it because he felt bad. He just got tired of people — from across the political spectrum — pointing out how petty and stupid he looked.

If Aravosis were truly sorry, these tweets definitely wouldn’t still be on his timeline:

One could quite convincingly make the same argument about John Aravosis.

Maybe Aravosis should try that. Otherwise we have no choice but to conclude that he’s morally deficient.